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List Of The Hollywood Blockbusters That Never Won Oscars

The Academy Awards, or Oscars, are widely regarded as the industry’s highest honour. The event is held annually to recognize the year’s finest motion picture works, performers, producers, and technological accomplishments. Many classic blockbusters have secured numerous Academy Awards, but there are also many great flicks that were overlooked. Here are a few masterpieces of modern cinema that should’ve won Oscars.

It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

The movie depicts George Bailey, a kind and selfless gentleman who has spent his whole life caring for someone else but is now bankrupt and contemplating to kill himself on Christmas night. We open on a council of angels debating Bailey’s predicament and ultimately agreeing to dispatch Bailey’s guardian angel, Clarence, to assist the mortal. The angel meets Bailey and offers him a glimpse of the world where he didn’t exist. In this parallel dimension, George’s hometown of Bedford Falls has developed into a gloomy and unpleasant location, and the individuals he has assisted over the course of his career are unhappier and dead. Faced with the prospect of life without his existence, Bailey discovers the role he played in the lives of those closest to him and is inspired to continue making a difference. Now that he’s had this experience, he values his family and close companions more than ever and is more determined than ever to make a difference in the world.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

The movie features a gang of thieves as they plot and attempt to pull off a jewellery heist, only to have their plans thwarted by the arrival of the authorities. The storytelling style of the movie, which involves a number of non-chronological flashbacks, is both innovative and intricate. The narrative starts out with a pre-heist gathering of the gang of crooks, who all go by nicknames corresponding to different colours. The viewer can tell that the team members do not share the same walk, which causes friction. Everything goes wrong during the robbery, and the crooks immediately begin turning on one another; among them walks an undercover cop. Every individual reveals more about themselves through the argument and fighting that ensues. The film’s use of time jumps helps flesh out its cast and plot, revealing previously unseen ties between the protagonists.

Frankenstein (1931)

In the narrative, protagonist Dr. Henry Frankenstein gets fixated on the concept of reanimating a corpse. He puts together a monster from dismembered bodies and gives it breath. Frankenstein’s monster isn’t the angelic creature the scientist had envisioned. Because of its disorientation and lack of interaction, the demon ends up in a catastrophic situation. The creature grows more deadly and vicious as it searches for its place among humanity. After killing many people, including a baby child, the outraged crowd sets out to capture or kill it. Frankenstein, meanwhile, is captivated by his monster and begins to exhibit psychotic behaviour. Ultimately, it’s a timeless horror picture that’s still effective today. Its warnings against arrogance and the perils of trying to be deities still ring true in the modern world.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Inspired by Annie Proulx’s story of the same name, the movie follows two ranchers in Wyoming as they engage in an illicit infatuation. Beginning in 1963, the movie features Jack Twist as well as Ennis Del Mar as they spend the summertime working as cattle herders on Brokeback Mountain. Throughout the course of the movie, both guys create a strong, intimate attachment that eventually blossoms into an intense, secluded romance. On the other hand, after summertime is through, Jack and Ennis go back to their separate families and daily routines. Notwithstanding their attraction to one another, they are both troubled by the societal pressures they face because of their sexual preference. The film deftly and poignantly examines the knotty issues of romantic attachment and personal discovery. Its depiction of an illicit romance involving two ranchers has struck a chord with viewers all around the globe and shined a spotlight on the challenges endured by the queer community.

Fargo (1996)

The movie’s protagonist, Jerry, is a down-on-his-luck auto dealer in Minnesota who resorts to extortion by hiring two thugs to abduct his spouse and hold her ransom from his rich in-laws. As Carl Showalter as well as Gaear Grimsrud depart from their strategy and execute many homicides, they catch the eye of the town’s sheriff, Marge Gunderson, and everything swiftly gets worse from there. Marge discovers Jerry and his plot when she digs deeper into the murders and discovers a series of deceptions and treachery. On the other hand, the crooks are frantically trying to hide their participation from the police as they get rid of the dead. The movie’s gloomy picture of a lonely existence and its oddball personalities are the film’s most memorable aspects. The film is a clever and delightful artistic endeavour that successfully combines comedic and dramatic elements. It’s a masterpiece of American film and a landmark in the criminal thriller genre because of its distinctive protagonists, scenery, and plot.


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