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Top 7 Films Like ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ That You Should Watch

The film “All Quiet on the Western Front” follows the narrative of a platoon of inexperienced German troopers who are ordered to serve in World War I. The movie offers an emotionally gripping look at the toll conflict takes on civilians and, likewise, soldiers fighting on the front lines. Here are seven movies to try if you loved “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

The film takes place in World War Two, and it follows a squad of troops led by Captain Miller, who’s been tasked with finding and saving James Francis Ryan, an infantryman who is the only surviving son of his family after his siblings died in the war. Miller leads his squad on a perilous mission through war-torn Europe in search of Ryan, where they are met by both friends and foes. Miller and his soldiers are confronted with the brutal elements of battle as they hunt for Ryan, involving death and suffering as well as the ethical consequences of their task. Miller joins a squad of parachutists who are guarding a footbridge against Nazi forces that they encounter along the route.

The Trench (1999)

The film took place on the battlefields along the Western Line when the world is thrown into widespread chaos and war, and its protagonists are a band of officers getting ready for a big combat. In the opening scenes, a new platoon of inexperienced troops has just arrived at the frontline trenches in Marseille and has been sent to “the ditch.” The troops immediately learn about the dangers of the lines, such as the continual fear of German assault, the unclean and confined housing standards, and the persistent risk of sickness and death. Several troops were hurt or killed in the days leading up to the conflict due to a catastrophic chemical assault. It’s a chaotic scene on the battleground, and Sergeant Macfarlane is one of the wounded who must fight for their lives.

1917 (2019)

The film explores the events of the First World War and follows two inexperienced British paratroopers as they go on a perilous assignment into combat zones. In the opening sequence, a superior officer gives two corporals an assignment. In order to prevent the deaths of countless British troops, they must traverse and confront the horrors of no man’s land, manoeuvre through hostile terrain, and carry a letter to the next regiment. The stress and peril mount as they go farther into hostile areas, where assaults and surprise defeats are ever-present possibilities. When under assault, Blake loses his leg and ultimately passes away, forcing Schofield to go on without him.

The Painted Bird (2019)

The film takes place during WWII, focusing on a juvenile Jewish boy’s struggles to stay alive despite the harsh brutality and confusion of the conflict. In the opening scenes, we see the boy’s guardians abandoning him with an old lady in a rural community. Once the mother passes away, the little kid is forced to care for himself, sending him on a journey through many settlements in quest of protection. The youngster meets many individuals throughout his journey, a few of whom support him while others mistreat and capitalise on him. This masterwork depicts the violence and tragedy of battle with vivid realism, making for a terrible and incredibly painful viewing experience.

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

The film follows a class of enlistees in the American Marine Forces throughout their time in boot camp and preparation for dispatch to Vietnamese territory. There are two halves to the movie. The first part of the film portrays a battalion of trainees going through rigorous indoctrination under a violent and vicious drill sergeant. Private Joker, as well as his comrades, are sent to Vietnam in the film’s second act. As a reporter for the combat publication, Joker finally sees the brutality meted out to the Vietnamese populace and the murder of helpless villagers. As the fight continues, Joker starts to doubt the justness of his acts and those of his comrades.

Paths Of Glory (1957)

Filmed amid World War I, the movie follows Commander Dax as he is given the task of leading his soldiers on a suicide operation to capture a severely entrenched German bastion nicknamed “Ant Hill.” Despite the brave efforts of Colonel Dax and his soldiers, they are finally defeated and must flee. So, three combatants from the company are picked at random, arrested on suspicion of treachery, and thrown on trial for their lives. The film is an eviscerating critique of the defence system and a commentary on the folly and dehumanisation of warfare.

Come And See (1985)

Florya, a small kid, becomes involved in the Russian guerrilla struggle amid World War II. Florya joins the battle against the advancing Nazi forces with great zeal; however, he quickly learns the harsh reality of warfare himself. He watches as his own family is slaughtered and a little girl is raped. While he fights for his life in a harsh environment, he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and despair. The movie’s striking, surrealist cinematography and brutal depiction of conflict make it stand out from the remainder of war movies.

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