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Top 7 Anime Similar To ‘Pokemon’ That You Can Watch At Your Will

Millions of people all over the world have fallen in love with anime, and one of the most popular and enduring series is Pokémon. Generations of people have been captivated by the exploits of Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, and their friends, and the series is still expanding with new video games, films, and TV shows. The following seven anime series are worth seeing if you enjoy Pokémon and are looking for more like them.


A group of kids is transported to a digital realm where they encounter creatures known as Digimon in the anime series “Digimon.” These creatures have special abilities and can develop into stronger forms, which makes them comparable to Pokémon. In order to fight evil forces and save the digital world, the characters in Digimon build close relationships with their “Digimon” partners. The show tackles themes of personal development and self-discovery and places a significant focus on the value of friendship and teamwork. Digimon is a favorite anime series for viewers of all ages due to its compelling characters and action-packed combat.


“Beyblade” is an anime series that revolves around the world of battling tops, known as Beyblades. The characters in Beyblade use their customized Beyblades to compete in tournaments and battles to become the best. Each Beyblade has its own unique abilities and powers, and the characters must master their skills to become champions. This series also features villains who seek to use the power of Beyblades for their own purposes, and the characters must band together to save the world from their evil plans. With its exciting battles and colorful characters, “Beyblade” is a thrilling anime series for fans of action and competition.


A little kid named Yugi becomes an expert at the card game Duel Monsters in the anime series “Yu-Gi-Oh!” The monsters on the players’ cards are used in battles between the characters when the game’s cards come to life. To overcome other players and learn the ancient game’s mysteries, Yugi must use his all of  abilities and in-depth understanding of the game. The show covers themes of friendship and devotion, in addition to placing a major focus on strategy and critical thinking. “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is a well-liked anime series for enthusiasts of card games and adventure, thanks to its intricate characters and thrilling combat.


A group of young people with customizable robots known as Medabots is the subject of the anime series “Medabots.” Similar to Pokémon creatures, these robots have distinctive abilities and may be modified with various pieces to improve their powers. In “Medabots”, the characters fight in battles and tournaments to become the best while simultaneously joining together to defend the globe from bad powers. As each character’s “Medabot” represents their individuality and strengths, the series recognizes the significance of both teamwork and individualism. Fans of robots and customization will enjoy the entertaining anime series “Medabots” with its exciting combat and endearing characters.


“Bakugan” is an anime series that centers around a group of kids who use creatures called “Bakugan” in a game that combines strategy, skill, and a touch of luck. The Bakugan are small spheres that transform into powerful creatures when rolled onto special metal cards. The series follows the story of Dan Kuso and his friends as they compete in battles against other “Bakugan” players and work together to save the “Bakugan” world from dark forces. With its fast-paced battles and complex characters, “Bakugan” is a thrilling anime series for fans of competition and adventure.

Monster Rancher

A child named Genki and his friends explore the world of Monster Rancher in the anime series “Monster Rancher,” which follows their adventures. The characters in this realm train and engage in combat with numerous creatures to improve their fighting skills. In “Monster Rancher,” different goods, like CDs or books, can be scanned to summon numerous monsters, and each item yields a different monster. As the protagonists cooperate to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, the story examines themes of friendship and tenacity. “Monster Rancher” is an entertaining anime series for fans of exploration and adventure, thanks to its endearing monsters and gripping combat.

Zatch Bell!

“Zatch Bell!” is an anime series that follows the story of a young boy named Zatch who has been sent to Earth to participate in a battle to determine the king of the demon world. Zatch has a unique ability to shoot lightning from his mouth and has to team up with a human partner to defeat other demon teams in battles. “Zatch Bell!” has a similar structure to Pokémon in that the characters travel to different locations and battle other players to become the best.

In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Pokémon, there are plenty of similar anime series to explore. From battling creatures to customized robots and card games, these series offer unique adventures and battles that will keep you entertained for hours.

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