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Five Movies With Unexpected Endings And A Twist That Will Make You Awe

There are some that leave you baffled; there are some that leave you entertained, whereas there are some that leave you wondering, “Wow! “I didn’t expect that.” Many films now boast that their stories are the product of masterful manipulation. Nevertheless, very few films manage to shock critics and other film buffs who have developed a nuanced taste for the art. With that being said, here are five movies that completely leave you baffled with their unexpected twist and ending.

Parasite (2019)

This movie became the talk of the town a couple of years ago. It was not just one of the finest conceptually striking films to surface in the last few years, but it also paved the path for foreign filmmaking to prosper in a primarily Western milieu. “Parasite” is a stunning film, with each individual shot functioning as a little masterpiece. The movie is, to a large extent, a tale of plenty and squalor. This shows how those who are financially privileged may lose touch with the realities of society around them. The characters are members of a household that are barely getting by until they get the chance to earn substantial money from a rich family. Seeing how desperate they are to escape destitution is a sobering look at the status of people’s wallets in today’s world.

Shutter Island (2010)

When a colleague originally suggested I see this movie, I didn’t give it much consideration. The unusually melancholy music and oversaturated colours first scared me away. However, I soon realised they served a greater artistic goal. In this case, a U.S. Marshal named Teddy Daniels, as well as his colleague, are called to probe the absence of a genius killer who vanished without a sign from the psychiatric facility. Nobody on the peninsula where the institution is located knows exactly how she managed to disappear from a secure chamber. As Marshall learns more about the facility’s buried secrets, he realises that he has to face many horrific scars from his own history if he ever wants to escape the institution unscathed. It’s grimy, spooky, and baffling in a way that works here.

Donnie Darko (2001)

In retrospect, the events preceding the premiere of Donnie Darko make it appear like the picture was gone forever. No matter the case, it has aged well into classic cult status. It’s a contemporary picture, yet the protagonists seem more real and realistic than in others. The characters have unique and believable personalities, which is a relief given how out-of-control things go. The protagonist, Donnie, is a teenager who is diagnosed with psychotic symptoms. His night terrors ended when he returned home to discover a fighter jet had fallen through his ceiling. He might have been murdered if the big guy in the bunny outfit, who’s only visible to him, hadn’t lured him out. Donnie is the protagonist, and the narrative follows him as he navigates junior high, a burgeoning love, and home life, all while grappling with this bunny guy’s terrible prophecy regarding the impending doom of the world.

The Signal (2014)

When I first saw The Signal, I knew I was in for a mind-bending journey, and I’ve since suggested it to others. As much as I appreciated it, I couldn’t predict how it would end. The foggy, dreamlike atmosphere transports viewers into the story with the protagonists. We share their sense of being dazed, disoriented, and medicated. This made for fantastic watching because it was easy to relate to the characters and put oneself in their position. The movie puts audiences into the shoes of teenage boys and girls who follow a mysterious signal they’ve been picking up to a home in the middle of nowhere. It’s a foolish, reckless effort to enjoy the moment that transforms into a disaster when they begin waking up in a spooky, clinical environment.

Se7en (1995)

This movie is no doubt among the biggest plot-driven releases of all time. It’s mysterious and stylish, scripted expertly, and packed to the gills with terrific portrayals by a stellar ensemble. The narrative is told with both intensity and elegance and will leave you spooked the whole time. Even if it may turn off some viewers, I like a film that doesn’t shy away from graphic scenes. Here, we tag along with two cops as they investigate a serial murderer who seems to be drawing inspiration from the seven deadly sins listed in the Bible. Even worse is the fact that he makes his captives perish in the manner in which he thinks they deserve to perish because of their sins. This serial murderer is unlike any of the characters the audience has ever come across since he is manifestly mad and misled by the sense of prophesied splendour. The climax of the narrative is when the protagonists achieve a psychological peak that will leave them shivering, and the denouement is anything but foreseeable, as is the case with many thrillers.

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