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‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date And Where Can You Stream In India?

It’s often speculated that a transition from source material will ruin how you look at it forever. Like Netflix ruined the movie adaptations of Bleach, FullMetal Alchemist, Death Note, and more, the list just keeps on expanding. But that’s not the case with HBO, as its adaptation of “The Last of Us” is doing everything right, from staying loyal to the source material to the proper development of its characters. 

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date

“The Last of Us” Season 1 Episode 3 (dubbed “Long Long Time”) is scheduled to hit the streaming platform on January 29, 2023, at 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, 8 p.m. Central Time, and 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The 3rd episode in the series is being helmed by Peter Hoar, the director behind “Doctor Who,” “Daredevil,” “The Umbrella Academy,” and more.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 3: Where To Stream In India?

As already established, Disney Plus Hotstar has secured the rights to stream the ongoing HBO series and will air the episodes just a day after they are aired in the United States. Fans in India can stream the third episode on January 30 at 9 a.m. on Disney Plus Hotstar. The show will introduce a fresh character, Bill (portrayed by Nick Offerman), who, like Joel, has lost someone very close to him. Just like Joel, Bill is exceedingly suspicious and distrustful of others. Bill is due to fill some big shoes, as in video games, this old and ragged survivor was among the most important characters. He also established a clandestine deal with Joel and his late partner Tess, traveling to Boston to bring necessities such as gasoline, ammo, and sometimes medication into the containment area.

‘The Last Of Us’ Season 1 Episode 2: A Brief Rundown Of The Plot

As seen in the pilot episode, Joel and Tess are forced to smuggle Ellie out of the Containment Zone in return for guns and food supplies that’ll aid their quest to locate Tommy Miller, Joel’s younger brother, which brings us to episode 2. Joel is rethinking his decision to smuggle Ellie and wants to take her back to the QZ, fearing that she’ll turn into a flesh-hungry monster sooner or later. But Tess is hesitant, believing there is more than meets the eye. According to Ellie, the group of researchers at the Firefly base is working on a cure, and she may be the key to ending all of this. There might finally be a chance for humanity and civilization to rise again. Joel is constantly on the fence and having a hard time trusting Ellie, and he will not think twice before putting a bullet in her skull if she even begins to display signs of the virus. However, Joel complies and decides to go with the usual plan. Joel has zero feelings or emotions and only cares about the supplies he’s about to receive from the fireflies after he smuggles Ellie back to their base. Tess and Tommy are the only people he cares about in this broken and mad world. Ellie is just as courageous as Joel is hostile and agressive and aggressive and even tries to break into a sealed-off mall, where no one is allowed to go in ever. Ellie snuck into the abandoned facility and was jumped by an infected, but somehow, even after days, she appeared to be immune to the cordyceps virus.

Marlene and her crew found Ellie days later, kept her under close examination, and learned that she might be the key that’ll save mankind. The world has now been infected for some twenty years, and the government has tried everything in its power to control the spread, from massacring masses to bombing cities; some efforts have worked, but many haven’t. The infected have also been involved and are connected in more ways than one. The pool’s Cordyceps fungus also grows underground, encompassing a distance of over a mile. Meaning if one steps on a patch of cordyceps in one place, you could alert multiple infected in someplace else, informing them of your location. Unfortunately, the group is attacked by a horde of “Clickers,” a highly evolved zombie species that can hear leaves falling from miles away. Once again, Ellie gets bitten, making Joel fear that this time she may finally succumb to the infection and join the ranks of flesh-hungry zombies. Tess criticizes Joel, questioning if he can take the good news. Unlike Tess, Marlene, and Ellie, Joel believes that there’s no hope for this world and that, sooner or later, the entire population will turn. The group reaches the headquarters, but to their shock, they find everyone dead. One of them got infected, and the healthy ones fought the sick ones but lost. Tess is also infected, and it’s just a matter of time before she turns and begs Joel to make things right and offer the world a chance to fight back. Tess decides to stay back and fight, offering Joel and Ellie the chance to escape before the place is overrun with the infected. Tess gave her life so others like her could have a chance at life.

Maybe the world is not at all lost.

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