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‘The Colors Of Fire’ Ending, Explained: To Understand The Depth Of ‘The Colors Of Fire’

“The Colors of Fire” is based on the international bestseller novel by Pierre Lemaitre and tells the story of the vengeance taken by a woman named Madeleine Pericourt, who was wronged by her surrounding male figures once her father dies. Madeleine’s father had left a large amount of money for Madeleine and her son Paul. The film is a dramatic story about how one woman took revenge on all the trusted men in her life who had ruined her life. In 1920s France, we see the film starts with the death of a wealthy banker, Mr. Pericourt and is immediately followed by the scene where his grandson jumps from the window on his coffin in an attempt to take his life. In the next few moments of the film, we get to see how Madeleine is wronged by her father’s accountant, brother, Paul’s tutor, and her personal maid as they all create a plot together to drain all the wealth from Pericourt. Mr. Pericourt had left her and his grandson a financial empire, and Madeleine, being too trusting, put her trust in the wrong men to guide her with all the wealth.

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Colors Of Fire’ Story

As Madeleine was grieving her father’s death, her son tried to commit suicide because of a particular reason, which gets unfolded later in the film, and hell broke loose for Madeleine. Fortunately, Paul survived the fall but is permanently paralyzed, and after finding a permanent caregiver for her son, things start to change for Madeleine. The most trusted men in her life, her uncle Charles and her accountant Gustave took advantage of her new-found wealth and drained her very cleverly. Madeleine had to sell her mansion, let go of her staff, and move to a small apartment with her son and his caregiver. They made the most of their new life. Madeleine still thought Andre, Paul’s tutor, to be a friend of theirs, but soon she got to know how he had harassed her son, and Mr. Pericourt was aware of it, hence Paul’s attempt to die when his grandfather died. Madeleine decided to take revenge for all the wrong doings and sought out her old driver, Mr. Dupre, to assist her in getting information about the three people who had victimized her. Gustave had married Madeleine’s old maid, Leonce, and swindled from Madeleine whatever was left. Mr. Dupre agrees to assist Madeleine in her wish to avenge these people. Mr. Dupre managed to gather information about these people, and then Madeleine plotted a plan to destroy them. Madeleine had hatched an extravagant, elaborate plan that included a lot of people’s participation. In one of the sequences in the narrative, her plan starts with blackmailing her old maid Leonce into spying on Gustave and his activities in and outside the house and making her believe that Gustave is using her wealth to build his own automobile industry. In one sequence towards the climax, Madeleine frames Gustave’s wife by using her identity as disguise, throwing dust in the eyes of German police, and fleeing the country. The story of the film comes from the writer himself, and the scenes have enough gravitas to portray its roots, that is, those of the novel itself. In the end, the character of Madeleine is given a proper, just character arc that shows her journey in winning everything that she had lost at the hands of the powerful men. Madeleine took her revenge by staying in the shadows; her dangerous plan included Hitler and the political climate of 1930s Germany, which she used to her fullest capacity to bring down Gustave.

‘The Colors Of Fire’ Ending Explained – Did Madeleine Win?

In the end, Madeleine succeeds in taking revenge by punishing the men. The film captured the era when women did not know what it meant to stand up for themselves, and their social existence always was to follow men. The story manages to provide power for Madeleine in a very delicate, unpredictable way. While working with Mr. Dupre, Madeleine falls in love with him and lives happily with her son, his caregiver. The director Clovis Cornillac created the world around Madeleine, where initially she was wrong, but she took her sweet time in taking revenge on the men who wronged her in her life. The film is a period drama that is filled with 20s film elements, with big mansions, fur coats, and big cars. The story started in France and journeyed all the way to Germany, where Hitler was disturbed by a performance and left the auditorium because the singer sang a pro-Jewish song. This all came together in establishing the time period as a film component in the narrative. The narrative has lots of little stories in it to get one hooked on the screen, and each detail gives life to the film. The small storylines kept us wanting more, and thus the sequences were full of suspense and unpredictability.


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