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‘Last Dance’ Plot Synopsis And Ending, Explained: Is The Secret Out Of The Bag?

After losing his wife at the age of 75, Germain joins a contemporary dance group in memory of his wife and to fulfill a sacred promise he made to her. Without much time to process his wife’s death and constant intervention by his family members and neighbors, who try to force their way into his daily life, he finds peace at the dance group but keeps it a secret from his family members. He soon becomes the center of the dance group, with a whole act based on him. The film is directed by Delphine Lehericey.

Spoilers Ahead

A Widowed, Disoriented Man Or A Secret Dance Group Member?

Germain finds himself at peace and comfort in the heart of the contemporary dance group. He feels the presence of his wife when he dances; he still writes letters to her, telling her how much he misses her every day and how the dancing makes him feel like she is still with him. On the other hand, Germain’s family is concerned about him; his daughter-in-law catches him dancing in the kitchen and asks her husband to consult a doctor. He sees a doctor who tells him that his son Mathieu has asked her to recommend Germain to a neurologist. Germain finds it funny, as he thinks his son should be the one who needs to see a neurologist.

Even though he is annoyed by the intervention, he moves on, thinking that after that, his family won’t intrude on his daily activities. His daughter-in-law decides to accompany him to the neurologist, and on their way there, they listen to the radio where La Ribot, Germain’s dance group teacher, is talking about her new play and how it is centered around a widowed old man. Germain is worried about his daughter-in-law finding out, so he tries to muffle the sound and distract her. Outside the hospital, he asks his daughter-in-law to leave so he can go alone, but he has other plans. He befriended Samir at the dance group, and they became really close friends. Germain asked Samir to accompany him to his appointment and explained to the doctor that he was actually part of a dance group and that Samir was proof that he had not gone crazy or disoriented.

Never-ending Troubles For The Poor Guy

One day Germain is almost about to get caught, and his secret is on the verge of rupturing when his family members are waiting outside his house for a dinner plan that Germain misunderstood the timing for after being questioned about his whereabouts. Germain lies to Mathieu, his son, telling him that he was at the graveyard, and introduces Samir as well. But soon, Germain is going to fall short of lies to support his absence.

Germain’s granddaughter asks him to help her stay out with her boyfriend by helping her lie that she was at his place, where he tutored her for her exams. He is doubtful at first but he agrees to support her only if she doesn’t actually visit his place. Later, he finds himself trapped in his own lie as his family signs him up for social services to tutor a student on weekends, thinking that it would help him distract himself. He isn’t comfortable but, unfortunately, has to agree to his family’s demands and starts tutoring a middle school girl on weekends. He asks the student to support his secret and drags her along at his dance rehearsals, and tutors her simultaneously. 

In contrast, La Romain finds a unique element in Germain’s dance moves and tends to feel his grief as he performs. She decides to change the whole play and make Germain the central character. Germain finds La Romain to be exactly as his wife described her. She can see through his pain and grief and finds it to be a unique character in his dance.

‘Last Dance’ Ending Explained – Is The Secret Out Of The Bag?

Germain’s student starts recording his dance sessions, but his only fear is the internet and his family finding out about the dance group. He tries his best to hide the secret, Until his granddaughter catches him doing warm-up exercises with Samir; as the performance day progresses, the rehearsals are extended, and worried about the late hours, Germain decides to hold the extra rehearsals at his house. He and Samir set up the room together for practice and were doing some warm-up exercises when suddenly, his granddaughter surprised him. Germain tries explaining to her about the dance group, but he then realizes that she thinks that he is gay, leaving the audience laughing from their stomach. Germain clears up the confusion and gains the support of his granddaughter.

On the day of the performance, Germain’s whole family is sitting in the audience, showing their support and love for Germain and paying respect to their mother’s wishes. The performance is inexplicable, and Germain is the star of the night but also sad, as this will be ” Last Dance,” and he might never feel alive again.”Last Dance” will make you laugh and make you cry at the same time. 


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