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7 Series Like Netflix Thriller Show ‘Red Rose’ That You Should Watch

In “Red Rose,” we see an application that promises dire repercussions if its users don’t comply with its requirements, which gradually takes control of the smartphones of a bunch of teenagers in the summertime following their GCSEs. If you enjoyed “Red Rose” and are looking for similar series, here are a few recommendations:

Six Feet Under

It has all the elements of horror and is morbid, with a dash of humour thrown in. The supporting cast is great, as is the progression of the characters. Comedic in tone, Alan Ball’s miniseries does not shy away from the subject of mortality. When an elderly member of a broken household dies suddenly and unexpectedly, it forces the family’s remaining members to confront loss face-to-face, something that many of them had avoided doing, despite owning a funeral parlour. The conversations are a little dramatic. Dying is a universally unsettling experience, yet humour may help us deal with it.

Black Mirror

A nightmarish sci-fi collection that looks at daily life through the prism of the ever-evolving technology we’re surrounded by, like a sophisticated Twilight Zone. There is no reliance on prior chapters, and the world shown in each chapter seems more realistic and less far-fetched than we may care to admit. Definitely not a series to watch entirely in one sitting. Several of the events left me reeling for days. I would be remiss if I didn’t remark on how fantastic the franchise’s cinematography and performances are overall. Artists always provide outstanding portrayals, and the future technology and ideas used in the show seem believable on television.

Fifteen Million Merits

In this story, a young man named Bing finds love after living a life of misery. Bing’s ultimate goal is to earn enough “merits,” a fictional commodity, by pedaling a motionless bicycle that presumably fuels the rest of the planet. Abi is the object of Bing’s affection. After accumulating sufficient merits to enter a Got Talent competition, Bing delivers everything to his love interest, which then acts before a judging committee that ultimately determines that Abi would be best off performing erotica. This show has a lot to digest. Also, a handful of the supporting players play pivotal, heart-wrenching parts.

The Haunting Of Hill House

For those of us who’re prone to get stuck in our own minds, the lack of obvious horrors in this blend of Gothic horror and tension is part of what renders it so unsettling. As a viewer, we have no way of knowing whether or not what we’re seeing is true. Do the Crains experience cognitive haunting, or are they really surrounded by spirits? Enthralled, we join them on their tour of Hill House, pondering what exactly is going on inside the Red Room. The suspense and shocks come from waiting for the CGI to finally appear, and once it does, it is eerily effective.

Alice In Borderland

With themes like compassion, equality, and finding one’s place in the world, Alice in Borderland is a well-crafted story with a lot to say. I can promise that every chapter of this show will teach you something new if you pay close enough attention. I don’t want to sing AIB’s praises too loudly since the show does have a few flaws. However, it is a really adaptable and entertaining show to stream. Strongly suggested for anybody looking for either entertainment or worth. The show’s protagonist, Arisu, came to the conclusion that the point of living is to thrive, and if you have to think hard about a reason for your existence right now, you’ll find some in the future.

Sweet Home

Imagine you were transformed into a monstrosity. When you give in to your baser urges, do you fear you’ll forfeit your grip? Or maybe you’d be able to rein in that beast of yours. These are the kinds of things residents in a residential complex ask as they attempt to protect themselves from a monstrosity lurking outside. Song Kang ran away following the tragic loss of his parents. He relocated to a tower notorious for trapping its residents. Initially, Cha Hyan-Su is despondent due to his sadness, which allows the virus to flourish inside him. But rather than turning into a purely monstrous being, he fuses with it by declaring his desire to continue living, therefore striking a harmonious balance between the human and monstrous aspects of his nature.

Archive 81

In terms of pacing, I can’t think of a better instance of a series successfully balancing terror with branching storylines than this one. The series’ initial 10 minutes are crucial in establishing a viewer’s attention for the remainder of the episode. Even when the authors pause to explore a plot point that seems tangential at best to the main story, the program rarely lets go of the audience. The atmosphere plays a big role in this as well, so props to whoever found the house where most of the action occurs. The story follows an archivist who accepts a job repairing broken recordings, where he discovers himself embroiled in a riddle concerning a disappeared filmmaker and the enigmatic sect they were studying.


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