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Features In Focus: MIUI 14 – Everything You Need To Know About The Xiaomi Android OS

Xiaomi has already launched the MIUI 14 based on Android 13 in conjunction with the Xiaomi 13 series on December 11, 2022. The new version of their operating system promises to improve and stabilize the performance of the devices, along with solving the problems that users were facing with MIUI 13. MIUI 14 will include the Photon Engine, which helps third-party apps not only run faster (by 88%) but also consume less power (16% less) than MIUI 13. The size of the operating system, OTA updates, recovery ROM, and fastboot ROM has also been shrunk, and the new version will also come with better memory management to keep things tidy. The new high-speed bus will allow the system to enjoy 50% faster headphone plug-in detection and a 77% increase in image transmission speed when streaming. Along with these refurbishments, there are many other cool features and updates that MIUI 14 promises.

Top Features Of MIUI 14

The MIUI 14 will come with a bagful of new features. Some of them include:

Super Icons: Customize your folders or stacked icons to large or small sizes using this “super icon” feature. The feature in the initial stage will come with 4 layout options for icons and 2 layout options for folders, which you can use to rearrange your home screen to make it look more polished. This feature will help you to access important folders instantly without wasting time on random searches and will also allow you to get suggestions for the app based on usage by enabling the “suggest highlighted apps” option.

Pets And Plants: Many people around the world love to put a plant in a pot for decoration or aesthetics. Pets are as important to their owners as children. But what if you could put them on your home screen? Yes, you heard it right. MIUI 14’s “Pets and Plants” feature allows you to put an animated character like a dog, a cat, or a cactus on your home screen, and it reacts when the user taps the animation.

Anti-Fraud Protection Filters: Xiaomi has always faced strong criticism when it comes to security. But reports from various sources suggest the MIUI 14 is expected to bring a new “anti-fraud protection” feature. It is still not clear with whom Xiaomi is partnering to offer this service, but the feature will be able to scan and filter SMS messages, voice calls, and even installed apps. Given the global angle, chances are it will partner with various cybersecurity firms for better services.

Bluetooth LE Audio Support And Auracast Broadcasting: Qualcomm Bluetooth LE audio support is a boon not only for audiophiles but for all MI users. This feature will help harness superior-quality wireless audio streams with its cutting-edge audio codec. Bluetooth LE audio can also reduce the latency, which will save a few milliseconds and support multi-stream. Auracast is a service where a user can listen to private FM radio transmissions with compatible headsets. Though this feature is also included in the MIUI 14 update, all countries will not get this option due to legal regulations.

Gallery Update (Text Recognition And On This Day): Text recognition was already available in Apple iOS 15, which allows extracting text from images. This comes in handy when someone needs to read important information from an image file. With the MIUI 14 update, such text recognition features will be available on MI devices. “On This Day” is also similar to the iOS version of Memories, where a throwback will be shown based on the stored images in a date-wise manner in the gallery.

Notifications Removal: The removal of unnecessary apps and regular cleanup of notifications are very important for the smooth running of a smartphone. The MIUI 14 update will help in doing so by asking you to declutter your phone on a regular basis, which can also help with better RAM management.

Improved Voice Assistant: The Xiao AI will come in a more refined version with the MIUI 14 update that can offer more than just voice assistance. It can be used as a translator, where intelligent translation tools will help to tackle any language barrier, a scanner for recognizing any unknown object or scanning important documents, and even a spam call detector. All countries will not receive this voice assistant, as many of them prefer using Google Assistant.

Miscellaneous Features

Some other expected features that can enhance the user experiences are:

  • The clock UI is going to get a new interface that will align more with the new MIUI 14 update.
  • The MI Smart Hub has been groomed with updates to support more devices and run faster.
  • For sharing information or photos, you can now create groups with up to 8 people through Family Services.
  • When the WiFi signal is weak, mobile data can be used to increase connection speed.
  • Options for parental control have been added for limiting their children’s app usage and screen timing.


The MIUI 14 update is expected to be rolled out in a phased manner from January 2023 onward. As the MI devices begin to receive updates, many other features, in addition to those mentioned in the blog, will become visible. Rather than adding more features, MI has concentrated on refining its operating system with MIUI 14 which is a smart step.

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