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‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained

The new anime series “Dead Mount Death Play” is based on a manga and tells the story of the characters from the “Other World” and how one character crosses over to Earth. The first episode is out now, and it lays the premise for an awesome anime series.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 1: The Reincarnation

The episode begins with the battle between the forces representing good and evil in the “Other World.” Necromancer, the Corpse God, unleashes his army of the dead, and evil seems to be winning the battle until Shagrua Edith Lugrid, aka the Calamity Crusher, shows up and puts up a fight against him. Shagrua tries to reason with the Necromancer not to play with dead souls. The Necromancer declines, and Shagrua imagines all the people he has killed in his lifetime. After an intense battle, Shagrua finally manages to attack the Necromancer’s true form, a brain kept in a glass jar behind his ribs. Shagrua succeeds in landing a fatal blow. The battle ends, and Shagrua’s remaining army breathes a sigh of relief.

Next, we see a 16-year-old boy named Polka Shinoyama waking up from the dead. We learn it is the Corpse God who has reincarnated using Polka’s body in modern-day Shinjuku, a city in Japan. Unable to recognize the surroundings around him, he gets up and gets out of an alley onto the populous city crossing. He has trouble speaking as Polka died after having his throat slit. We see a man in front of a computer, monitoring the alley Polka died in. He gets surprised to see Polka alive. He calls the hitman to confirm Polka’s death; otherwise, nobody will receive the payment for the murder.

The Necromancer roams aimlessly around the city, trying to figure out where he is. He starts to retrieve some information from the host’s body. He sees a giant billboard playing an advertisement. Necromancer is confused about whether it’s a projection spell he uses in a battle or a mirage. He does not sense any magic around it and concludes that it is definitely not a spell. He decides to sit down and just look at the people walking around. He sees a child walking with a smile on her face. He deduces that she is happy and healthy. He comes to the conclusion that whatever this place might be, it seems peaceful. He suddenly goes into a trance and starts to think about his native country in the “Other World” and worries about its future now that he isn’t sure he will ever be able to go back.

His trance is broken by two police officers who inquire about his safety and well-being. Necromancer doesn’t understand their language at first but starts retrieving linguistic information from Polka’s brain. He figures out that the language spoken is Japanese. The two police officers get concerned after finding that the wound on his neck is real and not just a tattoo. Before the officers take hold of the Necromancer, they are stumped by a girl who comes out of nowhere and snatches him away. She takes the Necromancer away from the police officers and into a deserted alley. She checks for his body temperature and says things only Polka would have understood. Necromancer tries to deduce who she is by her facial cues and gestures. Seeing her smile, he wrongly concluded that she was Polka’s friend. It turns out she was Polka’s assassin. The memory of her slitting Polka’s throat is retrieved by the Necromancer, and he tries running away. The assassin, Misaki Sakimiya, runs after him in order to kill him for good and get the job done. The Necromancer, finding the host body to be extremely frail, hides in an abandoned building. He is unable to use his magic to play with dead spirits or even heal the host body’s bleeding neck. He fears another fatal attack, and without his magical powers, he wouldn’t be able to reincarnate, and his existence would come to an end.

His fears get close to becoming a reality as Misaki finds his hiding place. She attacks him and wounds his leg. She gets him into a room and plans to kill and dissolve Polka’s body there. The Necromancer uses his spell, conjures up dead spirits, and kills Misaki. A drone camera records this. Back in the “Other World,” Shagura senses Necromancer, the Corpse God is still alive.

‘Dead Mount Death Play’ Episode 1: Ending: How Did The Necromancer Use His Powers To Kill Misaki?

Away from the dead souls, the Necromancer felt powerless. He keeps running from Misaki and tires himself further. Luckily, the room Misaki takes her in is the same room where the Yakuza gang had killed hundreds of men. Necromancer feels their powerful presence and wields it to summon dead souls and is finally able to use his magic spells to kill Misaki.

“Dead Mount Death Play” is based on a popular manga, and the first episode of the anime series is now available. Do catch it.


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