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‘Blood’ Character Analysis: Everything You Need To Know About The Characters

“Blood” is the latest horror thriller directed by Brad Anderson and puts the audience into the shoes of Jess, whose already troubled life takes a downward spiral when her son, Owen, develops a strange and sinister craving. The character performances are just as intriguing and multi-layered as the film’s narrative. With that being said, here’s a complete rundown of every major character in the “Blood” movie.

Spoilers Ahead


Jess is the protagonist of the movie “Blood.” She serves as a nurse in a nearby medical centre and is going through a rough divorce after she caught her husband, Patrick, having an affair with her kid’s nanny. After everything settled, Jess moved into a house near the woods, where she used to spend her childhood. Jess used to be a drug addict, dividing her hours between consuming drugs and looking after patients in the hospital. After the divorce, Jess decides to wipe the slate and start afresh. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for her. Jess’s son Owen caught a serious infection after a dog bite, which caused a shift in his usual diet. Owen began craving blood, and his vitals begin dropping critically low, posing a threat to his well-being. Jess wasn’t ready to lose his son and began stealing plasma from her hospital to quench Owen’s hunger. She also tried to replace the human blood she was feeding Owen with animal blood but had to stop as it constantly sent Owen into shock. Jess felt it was necessary at that time to kidnap Helen, a lady who was dying of malignant cancer.

It is ironic, as she was the one who told Helen never to lose hope, but now she has become the one who’s stealing that away from her. Jess abducted Helen and held her captive in the old garage. Jess knew that what she was doing was wrong and even tried to justify her reasons to Helen, saying she was not ready to lose her son and that she would never understand because she was all alone and had no kids or family. For her, it was a necessary evil; Jess fed Helen so that she could regenerate blood after the transfusion. Eventually, Jess realised that her son was long gone and there was someone or something else in his guise, but it was too late. To save her daughter’s life, Jess drowns Owen in the swamps and torches the tree.


Patrick(played by ) was Jess’s husband, who was sleeping with his kid’s babysitter behind everyone’s back. He rationalised his infidelity by arguing that his wife was longer fit to love and take care of him and his kids. Due to her drug addiction, Patrick had nothing but contempt for Jess. He was sickened to find her knocked out on the sofa while the kids stood outside the school, waiting for their mother to pick them up. Though he hated his wife, Patrick loved his kids and was heartbroken to see Owen fighting for his life in the hospital. He was even pushing his lawyers to secure sole custody of Owen and Tyler, as seeing his kids only twice a week was too much for him to bear.


Owen is Jess and Patrick’s kid, an inquisitive boy for whom caring for his pet, Pippin, has become his biggest nightmare. Owen loved Pippin, the dog his father bought for him on his birthday. Owen misses his father and is too young to understand why their parents have to split up and why he is forced to live in an old, raggedy house near the woods. Owen’s life is changed when he was attacked by his otherwise peaceful dog and was taken to the hospital, wherein upon waking up, he finds himself developing a craving for human blood. This newfound condition even healed him and likewise changed him. When Jess fed Owen with Helen’s blood, he formed an appetite for her blood, and as time passed, he became more hungry. And when Helen somehow managed to break out of captivity, Owen tracked down and killed her like it was a simple walk in the park for him. Owen had developed a new personality, and for him, feeding himself became more than an innocent’s life. He even tried to kill Patrick’s newborn baby but was stopped by his elder sister. 


Tyler was a young teenager who often questioned and greatly disapproved of her mom’s decision to move out of the house. Like Owen, she’s also having a hard time wrapping her head around the reason for her parent’s divorce. Like many, she was kept in the dark about Owen’s newfound craving until she came across Helen, gagged and bound to a chair in the garage. After learning everything, she decides to help her mother to keep this secret from his father, who already thinks that Jess is a bad influence on their kids and shouldn’t be granted custody. Also, she’s a true braveheart and decides to bring Owen to the swamps to burn down the sinister tree after seeing her brother trying to kill a baby to quench his thirst for blood.

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