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‘True Spirit’ Plot, Cast, Release Date, And Everything You Need To Know

In 1999, Jesse Martin became the youngest man to sail solo around the world endlessly, day in and day out, without any support. This is from where “True Spirit” seems to have emerged. This is not the voyage of Vasco da Gama nor of Copernicus; Netflix is bringing a jaw-droppingly thrilling adventure by Jessica Watson, who pulled it off with her time, efforts, and abundant courage. Not just a journey, but she will be seen exploring the whales and dolphins all around her boat, with folks of birds and albatross. An encounter with the equator in the trailer must be an eye-opener to all the viewers.

‘True Spirit’ Plot

“True Spirit” reveals the journey of Jessica Watson, a sixteen-year-old teen who endangers everything in her life to satiate her desire to sail all across the seas on her own. In the trailer, we get a glimpse of Jessica with her “Pink Feet” yacht hovering in the middle of an ocean. Jessica Watson promulgated a book titled “True Spirit: The Aussie Girl Who Took the World,” describing the episodes and accomplishments she experienced during her voyage. So the movie is an adaptation of her memoir. She spent more than 200 days on her small boat, traveling 18,852 nautical miles and venturing into the most remote areas of the marine world. With her indomitable determination, all her preparations and hard work finally paid off at such a young age. The film is voiced in first-person narrative.

Jessica was so busy chasing her dreams that she could go to any extent to achieve her goals. It is time to dig into how much encouragement and support she received from her loved ones. How did she manage to gain the trust of her family members? If she did, would the authorities be watching her dive into the turbulent sea all alone? The trailer shows how she is fighting the bad weather and strong winds while also keeping herself protected in her 33.6-foot small boat. The constant phone calls, surveillance, and concerns of her family are enough to make your eyes fill up with tears. Another question that might roam around your mind is if Jessica is dyslexic, as mentioned by her father in the clip. But, all the wait is worth it as the tenacious teen returns from her voyage with a hell lot of experiences. She figured out all her struggles alone, battled, and came back becoming tough and stronger- fingers crossed!

‘True Spirit’ Cast

The inspiring real-life story casts Teagan Croft as the protagonist of the film. Croft will portray the life of Jessica Watson, who is known as the youngest sailor in the world. Alyla Browne has appeared in the role of the younger Jessica Watson.

At the age of nine, the Australian actress Teagan Croft had her first acting debut in “To Kill a Mockingbird” (2014) as Scout Finch. She has appeared in several shows like “Home and Away,” “The Osiris Child” (2016), etc. Croft emerged onto the scene as Rachel, a DC comics character in the HBO Max series Titans. On the other hand, the cast is embraced by Anna Paquin, who will play the role of Julie Watson. Her film credits include “A Friend of the Family” (2022), “American Underdog” (2021), “The Irishman” (2019), “Tell It to the Bees” (2018), “True Blood” (2008), etc. At the age of 11, Anna received widespread acclaim, along with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, for her acting in “The Piano,” a 1993 romantic drama. Josh Lawson, the popular figure from “House of Lies” (2012), will be portrayed as Roger Watson. Anna and Josh are represented as the parents of Jessica Watson in the movie. The cast will include the Asia Pacific Screen Award winner star Cliff Curtis who received appreciation for his role in “Whale Rider” (2002), “The Dark Horse” (2014), “Collateral Damage” (2002), “Training Day” (2001), and a few more. Curtis, renowned for his “Avatar: The Way of Water,” will be depicting the role of Ben Bryant, the sailing coach of Jessica. The supporting cast is followed by Stacy Clausen (Tom Watson) and Bridget Webb (Emily Watson), siblings of Jessica. Alice Tate, Mezi Atwood, Rachel Sinclair, Todd Lasance, Shanyn Asmar, Freya Callaghan, Molly Belle Wright, Tim Appleton, Joey Vieira, and Hayley Wills are also members of the casting team.

‘True Spirits’ Crew

“True Spirit” is helmed by Sarah Spillane, familiar with her film “Around the Block,” which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival (2013). Sarah has mastery over her artistic capabilities. She is the author and director of top-notch short films such as “This Life,” “The Manual,” “Blackground,” “The Millenium Men,” and “Australian Tails.” While Susan Cartsonis, Debra Martin Chase, and Andrew Fraser served as producers, Sarah Spillane, Shahen Mekertichian, and Georgina Marquis were the executive producers. The script was magnificently designed by Sarah, alongside the screenplay writers Rebecca Banner and Cathay Randall. “True Spirit” has been made in collaboration with Sunstar Entertainment, Resonate Entertainment, and Martin Chase Productions. Ella Baché, the French skincare brand, endorsed the boat used in the film and named it so.

Release Date

The filming of the movie started back in July 2021, on the Gold Coast of Australia, in Sydney, and in Queensland. Before it hits the OTT platform, the movie will have a special screening in selected theaters in Australia on January 26, as per the source. “True Spirit” will bow on Netflix on February 3, featuring the thrilling journey of Jessica overseas. Loaded with amusement, adventures, and achievements, the upcoming film will run for 109 minutes, giving you an ultimate sense of joy and satisfaction.

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