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5 Best Found Footage Horror Movies To Try This Weekend

The realm of found-footage horror films is a terrible one, and you’ve just entered it. Over the course of many years, these movies have terrorized and likewise entertained audiences all across the world. Found footage films stand out from the crowd due to their unusual filming technique and ambiance. Found-footage flicks, in contrast to traditional horror features, are filmed in a documentary style, making the audience feel like they’re part of the action. Want to get your blood pumping? Why not try these found-footage masterpieces? From exorcisms to paranormal happenings, these films will have you chewing on your nails and begging for mercy.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

The film is structured like a collection of cassettes the authorities found detailing the horrific killings committed by a prolific murderer dubbed the Butcher. Apart from transcripts of the killings themselves, the cassettes also feature conversations with the perpetrator and videos of his captives. A criminologist narrates the film and explains the significance of the recordings as well as Butcher’s intentions. When criminologists and investigative officers strive to locate the perpetrator and put him on trial for all the atrocities committed, people who see the videos grow obsessed with them. The movie’s vivid depiction of carnage and violent themes have earned it a reputation for being among the most unsettling horror flicks ever created.

The Grave Encounters (2011)

The movie depicts the members of the Grave Encounters TV series as they hole up in a closed mental institution to shoot an issue. The squad is eager to examine the allegedly cursed institution and record any ghostly phenomena they may encounter. However, odd things start happening to them, and they see things that can’t be explained; they start to suspect that they might not be able to get out alive. When the sun goes down, the team realizes they are hopelessly lost in the facility’s labyrinthine hallways and chambers. As they become more aware of the gravity of their position, they start to crumble under the pursuit of the facility’s malignant ghosts. The film has been lauded for its innovative utilization of found footage as well as its proficiency in creating suspenseful scenes. The film’s uncanny happenings keep the audience chewing on their nails, and the cramped location makes for a tense viewing experience.

The Last Exorcism (2010)

The protagonist, Marcus, is an orthodox preacher who has abandoned confidence in his talents after performing several religious rites and exorcisms. Marcus, believing that these faith healings are fraudulent, decides to have a movie camera accompany him as he conducts his last deliverance on a little girl named Nell, who is said to be inhabited by a demonic spirit. Marcus and the group travel to Nell’s rural Louisiana ranch just in time to meet her devout dad, who is sure that cleansing is the only thing that will deliver his daughter from the demon’s captivity. Yet as Marcus starts the process, weird and incomprehensible things start to unfold around him, prompting him to doubt his own convictions as well as whether Nell is really cursed or is just pretending. The film has received high marks for its novel approach to the horror genre, its excellent cast, and its nuanced presentation of religious belief and skepticism. The film’s use of found footage contributes to its air of reality and depth as it gradually increases the stakes.

The Taking Of Deborah Logan (2014)

The movie chronicles an investigative television team as they accompany an old lady named Deborah Logan as she deals with the effects of Alzheimer’s illness. When the team starts filming the woman and her kid, they experience a series of bizarre and disturbing incidents that make them wonder if something sinister and malevolent is at play. The team begins to suspect paranormal activity as Deborah’s behavior grows more unpredictable and aggressive. The film was hailed for its faithful depiction of Alzheimer’s disease and its creative utilization of found footage. The film’s tension and unease come from its gradual crescendo and eerie ambiance, as well as the ensemble’s compelling portrayals, especially Jill Larson, who donned the persona of Deborah Logan and helped bring the film to life.

REC (2007)

In the film, we tag along with TV journalist Angela and her videographer Pablo as they capture the arrival of firemen to a burning housing complex. In a tragic twist of fate, the duo learns that the property’s inhabitants have been afflicted with a mystery disease that has transformed everyone into mindless killers. The news reporting duo has no choice but to fend for their lives as they are cornered within the apartment as the corrupted people chase them down. The film’s dramatic as well as suffocating ambiance, in addition to its adept execution of the found footage style, have both garnered critical acclaim. The use of portable cameras in the film makes the audience feel as if they are a part of the crisis. The film has a straightforward storyline, but it succeeds in keeping the audience on the edge of their seats as the survivors’ plight worsens and the sick grow more hostile.


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