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‘Thunivu’ Plot Summary And Ending: The Case Of 25000 Cr.

“Thunivu” is the latest movie directed by H. Vinoth and features the likes of Ajit Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, John Kokken, Ajay, and more. The movie follows the story of the “Dark Devil,” who takes an unconventional route to punish those who’ve stolen the lives of innocent, hard-working people. Here’s a detailed recap of the 2023 movie, “Thunivu.”

Spoilers Ahead

A Robbery Gone Wrong

“Thunivu” kicks off with “Dark Devil” (played by Ajit Kumar) foiling a heist on a prestigious bank that has been secretly stashing away millions of dollars so that he may pull out the heist himself. The Dark Devil effortlessly shoots his way through the robbers, incapacitating them within minutes. To our shock, Dark Devil convinces the robbers to join in on the bandwagon for a humongous prize of 5000 crores. The bank administrator had locked the bank codes, making sure no transaction went through. However, the bank is holding 500 crores more than the standard RBI limit, meaning if the sum is stolen, it can’t be reimbursed by insurance. “Your bank” was the treasure trove of cash, but the Dark Devil was looking for something specific and ordered his newfound men to look for anything that shouldn’t be in the bank in the first place.

Dark Devil has also placed explosives around the bank and has forced Inspector Ramachandran and his men to push back, forcing Commissioner Dayalan to take charge of the situation. Dark Devil communicates his demands to the authorities and asks for a “submarine” to make sure the cops don’t follow him. Upon digging further, Dark Devil discovered that someone had masked explosives in the guise of fire extinguishers, implying there was also another party at play. Ramachandran was leaving no stone unturned to catch and kill Dark Devil, but the latter blew the whistle on him, saying that he was first approached by Ramachandran but had turned him down. Ramachandran was working for Sam, the regional head of “Your Bank” and the original mastermind of the plan. However, Dark Devil’s intentions for not leaving the bank is still a secret. On the other hand, Commissioner Dayalan learns that Dark Devil and his team have been dead for years, so who is inside the bank?

The Motive

A second gang of criminals, who were posing all this time as bank employees and working on the orders of the bank’s chairman, Krish, manages to incapacitate Dark Devil. Krish was the one who had his men plant explosives in the bank, aiming to blow the vault, but after seeing the situation spiral out of control, he decided to kill all the hostages with the explosive and frame Dark Devil for the impending carnage. 

At last, Krish learns of the Devil’s motivation. The Devil’s team meant everything to him, including Kamini, Jijo, Acharya, and more. Jijo and Acharya finally decided to settle down and spend the rest of their lives together. Unfortunately, the day before their marriage, they were both shot and killed. The Devil and Kamini barely managed to survive. In reality, the hit was ordered by the chairman of “Your Bank,” and Dark Devil is back again to take his revenge. The Devil breaks free from his shackles and cripples everyone without even breaking a sweat. Devil sends an exclusive video to the press revealing “Your Bank’s” history of customer abuse via their mutual friend and credit card offers. The bank then declared itself “bankrupt,” gulping down the savings for the poor and working class. When the honest Kevin attempted to raise his voice, Krish brutally silenced him, and corrupt Ramchandran pinned the blame on the crowd gathered around the bank for answers. Since there wasn’t any proof, Krish and his bank had walked free. But the Devil is back and is forcing Krish to give an explanation to the hard-working people whom he had scammed 25000 crores.’ 

The Case Of 25000 Cr.

The Devil forces Chris, Harsh, the chairman and CEO of the mutual fund, and Sunil, the owner of the fraud brokerage company, to go live in front of the media and confess their crime. Chris’ bank exploits the uninformed with a high-interest rate and unethical loan recovery tactics. The public has grown a liking for the Dark Devil, and many are singing his praises for carrying out what the police and administration have failed to do. The bank also used to set unrealistic targets, forcing them to rob and lie to the public. Chris’ bank and Harsh’s firm have employed Sunil’s brokerage company to squander the money on the companies that belonged to Chris. The above-mentioned $25,000 is hidden inside a secret vault inside “Your Bank.” Now Krish plans to murder everyone inside the bank except him and walk out unscathed with money. He has offered 50% of his reward to the chief minister for his help. The corrupt officials labeled Devil and his team as terrorists and transferred the command to the military. But in reality, the money was on the ship, heading towards international waters.

The Devil manages to escape, ensuring what seems to be a never-ending chase, but succumbs after crossing into international waters. “Thunivu” ends with Commissioner Dayalan boarding the ship and securing all the cash.


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