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‘The Siege’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To The Boss?

Walker is an international assassin who kills for money but gets compromised on a mission. His handler sends him to a reassignment center for a new identity, and during this time, the center gets hit by a ruthless assault team that storms the campus searching for someone asked by their boss. Walker gets in touch with Elda and Juliet forcefully, (Juliet is the woman that other assassins came to kill) , and the film deals with the story of these three surviving the night against the killers. “The Siege” starts with Walker entering a hostage situation and killing almost everyone in the scenario. However, one person fled the scene of the crime, and Walker got compromised. Since Walker’s identity is compromised, he calls his handler for a new identity and visits the facility or Reassignment Center to get new paperwork for his new identity. The center had other residents while Walker stayed and got massively hit after the lockdown hours because a hitman sent his ruthless troop to kill a woman called Juliet. Before the facility got breached and hit, Juliet was taken in as a ward by another skilled hitwoman, Elda, who then sought the help of Walker in dealing with the killers in order to save Juliet. The film is directed by Brad Watson.

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Siege’ Story

In the course of events, it is seen that Juliet is heavily pregnant, and the man wants to kill both the woman and her child, so he has sent a team of trained killers. Walker, in the beginning, did not want to get involved in saving Juliet, but he has always been fighting for the innocent, and in this scenario, Juliet was innocent. Elda had another story when she saved Juliet. She was kidnapped as a girl from the streets of Naples and then became a skilled assassin to save all those women who were wronged the way she was. The group was sent to kill Juliet because she got impregnated by their boss, and the boss wanted to get rid of both the woman and the child. The film has a simple story of the survival of Juliet, who seems to be called a ‘little one.” The two guards of Juliet share a bittersweet relationship throughout the night. The names of the characters are not presented to us directly, as they had all come to the center to change and get a new identity, yet the characters’ names are given because of their importance in their placements. The story also tries to feature a cute, momentary love story between two employees of the center, yet one of the characters dies accidentally. The film belongs to the adventure genre with the story of surviving through the night by killing highly trained assassins. There is little dialogue between each character in the film as everyone is busy killing and surviving throughout the story. The story hints that the three characters, Walker, Elda, and Juliet, are going to get saved at the end of the film, yet the suspense is a nail-biting experience. The story can be predicted; we know what happens in the end, but the experience of watching the film is something else. Nobody can deny the thrill that the film projects to the audience, and that is what makes the film stand apart in the adventure genre of films.

Do They Survive?

The story runs like a roller coaster with a whirlwind of exciting events. Both Walker and Elda get injured in the process of killing the assassins, and there is some comic relief that brings out the life in all the killings and deaths. Even though some innocent people working at the center got killed, their fight was a larger one, and they kept on fighting till the end of the night. In the end, two of the best assassins are left to be killed after encountering Walker, Elda, and Juliet, and their deaths were also surprising. One gets stabbed, and the other gets run over by the car, courtesy of Juliet. In the end, two rescue cars provided by the handler, Walker, reach the center and take them on different routes as they part for life.

‘The Siege’ Ending Explained – What Happens To The Boss?

Even though Juliet gets momentarily rescued by Elda and Walker, her mind is divided into fear as the boss might not stop hunting her. People like ‘the boss’ take pleasure from the fear that they create in innocent people, and in the end, our question remains: who would take care of Juliet if Elda and Walker had not been there? Elda had to leave for her mission which is to save women who were wronged, like Juliet and her, and Walker did not seem to like having personal attachment issues with anyone. At the absolute end of the film, we get to see that Walker storms into the boss’s office and kills him after having explained the whole scenario and thus ending it in a complete circle. In the sequence, Walker speaks to the boss and explains the reason for killing him, as he did not wish for Juliet to look over her shoulders and always be anxious about getting killed, and to confirm that the boss had to die. This was the price Walker was willing to pay to save another innocent, and Juliet could have her life without having to worry about her unborn child in the world, which is better and not infiltrated with people like the boss.


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