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‘The Man In The Guesthouse’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Is Ashley Dead Or Alive?

In my opinion, the title The Man in the Guesthouse is creepy enough to expect a mystery, or maybe even better, a horror movie. The movie started with a cute couple sipping wine, which made me feel ugh. Is this a rom-com again? But as it moved ahead, I was taken aback. You are not going to guess the ending, but I will leave you with your guesses. Buckle up, because we’re about to make things crystal clear for you!!

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Movie? 

The Man in the Guesthouse is about a beautiful couple who are high school lovers. The movie takes a lot of twists and turns in their lives and is built on pillars of mystery. It also deals with various aspects of marriage like jealousy, infidelity, and transparent communication, which is enough to keep you engaged throughout. The climax is pretty good to blow your mind. We are going to discuss every part of it. 

Who Is Ashley, And How Is She Related To Brandon Burke?

Ashley is a young woman who has been married to Brandon Burke for 10 years. She is currently not working as she had to leave her job because of her pervert boss, Clay Morris. But as adults, we all have to pay our bills, and so does Ashely. Hence, she decides to take up a new project, and what could have been better than renovating her guesthouse? She refers to it as an ADU, or Additional Developing Unit. (Man, passionate women can make anything into a project; I mean anything.) She convinces Brandon with her persuasive attitude and ends up converting the place into a cute little space. Ashley and her best friend Shelly are all set to find her a tenant and let the extra money roll, baby!!!

Who Is Dan Hansen?

Dan Hansen is a 24-year-old, charming tenant who also happens to be pursuing an MBA. (I mean beauty with brains.) Ashley and Brandon are happy to have Dan as their tenant. But until when? Happiness doesn’t last forever. Ashley is all set to get another job and stay productive, while Brandon is doing pretty well at the gym. Dan tries to get involved in the lives of Brandon and Ashley, which makes them a little uncomfortable. But they decide to invite him and Shelly to dinner and be nice to him. Dan is giving me kind of bipolar vibes, but the dinner has peeled a few layers, and asking Shelly out has brought him closer to everyone. Dan is coming out as a person who has some altered motives for Mr. and Mrs. Burke’s marriage. 

Was Dan Hansen An Accidental Tenant? 

Dan is trying to get close to Shelly and know more about Ashley and Brandon’s relationship. He is keeping an eye on both of them. Dan makes a call to make sure Ashley does not get her job and joins Brandon’s gym to keep an eye on him. Ashley and Brandon have lost their privacy, and it looks like Dan is persistent in making both of them cheat on each other and supposedly breaking their 10-year-old relationship. (It looks like somebody has mommy and daddy issues.). 

On the other hand, he is trying to win Shelly by being a gentleman. But Shelly and Ashley, being best friends, both addressed the elephant in the room, or should I say the creep? Oh, this gets better. Ashley reaches home and finds Dan in her living room. Chilling and watching a football game creeps her out, and she is also a bit scared of him now. Brandon, being the man, decides to confront Dan. But it turns out Dan slams the door in Brandon’s face. 

Ashley and Brandon have figured out that Dan is causing them problems on purpose, not to mention being a jerk. He is using Shelly to get back at Ashley and Brandon. Ashley catches Dan fighting with his mom and figures he could be a possible drug dealer (all those shady looks do make sense). Ashley and Brandon had enough, and they decided to ask Dan to move out. But Dan has shown his crazy side to both of them, and he is not going to move out anytime soon! (God, this is getting interesting.)

What Are Ashley And Brandon Going To Do About Dan? 

Brandon has started his private investigation into Dan. He finds out that Dan was just fooling around with his MBA; it turns out he is not even enrolled in the course. Meanwhile, Ashley figures out that Shelly has blocked her text messages, and now they need to get help from outside regarding Dan. They go to the police to seek help, but they need solid evidence to prove that Dan is up to something mischievous. Mr. and Mrs. Burke are really smart; they are all about to set the camera. 

Dan is a student, but he is a student of Joe Goldberg. As soon as Brandon succeeds in setting up a camera at his house. Dan gets to know about it immediately because he has a camera in his house already. He crushes the camera with his feet and gives it a vicious smile. Ashley is panicking because she is not able to reach out to Shelley, as she feels Shelley might be in danger because of Dan. They finally meet up with Shelley, and all of them take a sigh of relief. Ashley and Brandon are cooking up different theories in their minds about Dan and planning how they can reach him through Shelley. 

Dan has surprisingly brought Ashley and Brandon together as a team. The next morning looks pretty fine when, all of a sudden, Ashley receives a video of her and Brandon’s lovemaking last night. Ashley panics and destroys the camera on which they have been filmed. The creepy tenant ‘Dan’ calls her and blackmails her. She is not allowed to say a word about it. 

What Does Dan Really Want From Ashley? 

Ashley calls a goldsmith to change the locks on her house and notices something weird. A woman is watching her from the other side of the road; she goes closer and spots it as Dan’s mother. She chases the car to find a clue about Dan. She confronts his mother and tells him everything about Dan. In return, her mother sings a lullaby about her sad divorce and how she is against infidelity. Ashley returns home to discuss this with Shelley, and it turns out Ashley has some secrets that she has buried deep down to save her marriage. Ashley decides to tell Brandon about the video, and they both decide to go confront him.

Dan is not home, and the guesthouse smells awful. Ashley and Brandon decide to break in, and they find a dog lying on the floor, dead. Dan is gone with his stuff, and they both feel they got rid of him. Dan decides to suddenly drop the secret that Ashley has been hiding. Oh, my God, you will not believe it. Ashley had an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Clay Morris. So it turns out he was not a pervert boss but just an ex-lover. 

Things are pretty heated between Ashley and Brandon. Brandon takes his car out like a classic man in every movie and overthinks everything while driving. Ashley feels Shelley was the snitch who told Dan about her secret. But we are all wrong here. Dan Hansen is the son of Myrna Hansen and Clay Morris. All this time, Dan is trying to take revenge on Ashley because she is the one from whom his parents got separated. She destroyed their marriage and gave him trauma. We have hit the climax!!

Is Ashley Going To Make It Alive? 

Dan and his mother have sneaked into Ashley’s house and are trying to kill her. Finally, Ashley has realized why Dan was behind her. Thank God, Brandon has entered the house, but he is absolutely clueless. Brandon is trying to convince them to let go of Ashley. But there seems to be a lot of conflict between the four people in the room. Dan accidentally stabs his mother in the fight between four people. Ashley and Brandon are checking on Shelley. Ashley decides to call the police and inform them about the incident. Cut the crap. Dan has lost his mother, and what happened to him we surely don’t know. 

During The Man In The Guesthouse‘s ending, Brandon surprises Ashley by converting her ‘ADU’ into a private gym for both of them. Did Brandon forgive Ashley? Yes, he did, and Ashley and Brandon have been happily married for 11 years now. But what if there comes a sequel where Dan is going to make a comeback to take revenge for his mother? That would be a banger. Maybe this time Brandon cheats on Ashley and takes his revenge? Or maybe Dan contacts Brandon to take an act of revenge altogether?? Say less; the sky is the limit!


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