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‘Shazam 2’ Reviews Tout It As A Fun Film, DC Fans Breath A Sign Of Relief

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is an interesting movie. Not just because of its plot or characters but simply because of its place in the DC universe. The first film grossed more than $360 million on a budget of approximately $80 to $100 million. So even though it didn’t set the box office on fire, like “Aquaman” or “Wonder Woman,” it was a well-received film and made decent enough profits to get a sequel.

However, recent rumors about the movie have been troubling. There has been speculation that the sequel is not only a downgrade from the first one but also a total mess. However, the first batch of critic reviews coming in for “Shazam 2” signal a cloudless, clear sky.

‘Shazam 2’ Gets Positive Critic Reviews

Various critics have largely positively reviewed the film. CinemaBlend said that the movie is a “worthy sequel” and wins one over with its energy, characters, and action scenes. However, the site mentions that it isn’t a game-changing comic book film. Variety reports that the sequel is fun and solid, with a blend of heroics and heart. The outlet also praised the action of the film. The Movie Podcast described it as captivating due to its family-friendly storyline. Out of the actors, Helen Mirren, Jack Dylan Grazer, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler have been praised the most.

Other sites, like Black Girl Nerds and Geeks of Color, also praised the action and humor of the movie. The former even emphasized the villains by calling them “compelling” and “complicated.” Illuminerdy stated that “Shazam 2” perfectly balanced its large cast, while Comicbook expressed that the film had a childish charm even though it presented us plenty of horror and emotional beats.

However, the outlet, CinemaBlend, also said that the movie was nothing extraordinary. The co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn, tweeted that the movie is a blast and he loves it. But not every reviewer has been positive about the film. Digital Spy reported that the film is bogged down by the final mushy CGI battle. The site also mentioned that the lead star, Zachary Levi, has an uncanny sense of humor. However, the site still praised the movie as an enjoyable buddy comedy.

What Are DC Fans Feeling After The Positive Reviews?

Most DC fans are ecstatic after reputable reviewers called the movie fun with compelling villains. It’s also on par with the reviews the first movie received. However, not everyone is so positive about the film. Many fans think that a majority of the reviews seem generic and filled with buzzwords like fun and enjoyable. There isn’t any well-known reviewer who has praised the plot of the movie, and to make matters worse, some are calling the film upto the standard but not extraordinary.

This doesn’t bode well for the movie because while the general audience is forgiving of substandard Marvel films, the same can’t be said for DC ones. However, many are unbothered by the fate of the movie. After all, “Shazam 2” isn’t going to change James Gunn’s plans about his vision of the DCU, and going by the reviews, it isn’t looking like it will make much more than its predecessor did. So many DC worshippers are going through the motions till “Creature Commandos” and then ultimately “Superman: Legacy” restart the DC universe.

Will Shazam Or Billy Batson Be In James Gunn’s DCU?

In the 10 projects announced by James Gunn and Peter Safran as part of the DCU slate, there’s no mention of any Shazam movie or show. However, it isn’t surprising. After all, while Shazam is a notable DC Comics character, he has already received two films. So maybe Gunn is waiting for Zachary Levi’s version to fade from public memory before reintroducing the character again.

After all, it doesn’t look like Levi will be becoming DCU’s Shazam. But he isn’t the only one. Almost no one from the DCEU or Snyderverse is rumored to reprise their roles in Gunn’s DC universe. While some departures have been confirmed, like those of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, others have not, like those of Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot, and Jason Momoa. However, many assumed that there had been no announcement because all three of them would be on screen in various DC films to be released in 2023, and Gunn doesn’t want the general audience to forgo seeing those films.

Ezra Miller will lead “The Flash,” while Jason Momoa will be in “Aquaman 2.” Gal Gadot is rumored to appear in cameo roles in “Shazam 2” and “The Flash.” Even if Levi doesn’t make the jump to the DCU, there are plenty of chances that his character will. After all, Gunn announced that less than half of the first chapter of the DCU had been announced. So, there are at least 11 more projects in the first chapter of Gunn’s universe. It’s speculated that Gunn and Safran will announce the rest of the projects at the 2023 SDCC, along with some casting news. So it will be interesting to see if Shazam finds a spot among those projects.

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