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‘On A Wing And A Prayer’ Story Recap: How Doug Save A Family While Flying On Easter Sunday?

“On a Wing and a Prayer” is a biographical drama about Doug White, who had to safely land a plane after the pilot unexpectedly died mid-flight. The film is directed by Sean McNamara and is about Doug’s family getting stuck in mid-air after the pilot dies unexpectedly. The plane was a private one, a kind of King Air, as mentioned in the film.

How Did Doug And His Family Land On The King Air Aircraft?

The film starts with the main protagonist, Doug, trying to fly a plane with his brother and co-pilot but having difficulty landing. But the co-pilot helped Doug to land the plane, and his brother kept mocking him, telling him to find a new hobby. As the narrative progresses, in the next scene, we get to see that Doug, along with his brother, run for a barbeque contest, where the brothers win the championship. In the next sequence, Doug got the news of his brother’s demise, and they flew back to Naples for the funeral. Doug seemed to be quite shaken about his brother’s death; in one conversation with his wife, he seemed to question God’s existence as he had lost three important men, his father, uncle, and brother, in his life. He questioned that if God existed, would he have taken all those important people from his life who had been doing everything right all their lives? However, Doug and his family decided to return on an Easter Sunday, and they could not manage any flight other than a small private plane called King Air of one kind. The main story of the film begins when Doug and his family board the plane.

How Did Doug Become The Pilot Of The Aircraft?

In the story, Doug seemed to be familiar with the pilot of the plane, whose name was Joe. Joe was an old white man who seemed to have enough experience handling a King Air and had asked to join Doug in the cockpit. Within a few minutes of its departure, Joe unexpectedly got an attack and died on his seat, leaving Doug and his family stranded up in the air. Doug had no experience in flying, and the one he was in had a very difficult cockpit board that was much more confusing and complicated. With some skill, somehow, they could manage to establish contact with the base, and the directions were coming in from the air traffic control, but everybody had already given up on them as it was impossible for Doug and his family to land safely. The aircraft was flying from one base to another, and the communications between Doug and air control had to be shifted. From the first base, Doug got the directions to fly straight and ahead and the landing instructions for the airport they were headed to in Louisiana. Doug’s wife became the co-pilot and assisted Doug to whatever extent by reading out the manual and taking care of the girls. All of them were panicking, but Doug’s wife tried to keep her cool and prayed to God to keep them alive and safe.

How Did Kari End Up Helping Doug?

Meanwhile, a guy named Kari had been put on the phone in Louisiana’s air traffic control room because he had the experience of flying King Air and had been instructing Doug over the phone. Kari had made a mini DIY cockpit in his garage with the help of his girlfriend and was confident he could guide Doug to land safely. Kari’s family went through a similar incident, and he couldn’t save them, so he was hell-bent on saving Doug and his family. While Doug was dealing with the flying situation, one of her daughters got an allergy attack from eating peanut chocolate and became unconscious. Since Dough’s wife was assisting in the cockpit, she could not help much. After much struggle amidst the panic, the other daughter got the Epipen for her sister’s allergies and got her consciousness back, while their parents were struggling to keep the aircraft steady and running for their lives.

Did Doug And His Family Survive The Landing?

In the midst of this debacle, a storm was approaching where the plane was headed, and the aircraft had to be landed before the storm could hit land. Only a skilled pilot could do that, unlike Doug. When he tried to land the plane, he missed the landing on the first try, and the storm hit the plane as well as the airport, making it more difficult for them to survive. Doug had lost all his faith in God, and they were sure of death. But through the course of events, the guy named Kari established contact with Doug and guided him to land efficiently. Doug followed the instructions very carefully and listened to every word that Kari said. Doug’s wife and daughters were praying for their lives so they could land safely. Nobody at the airbase could have anticipated that they could have landed safely, but in the end, they did. And Doug thanked God as he had questioned his faith, but it was back once again as they could survive.


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