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‘Married By Mistake’ Ending, Explained: A Fairytale Love Story

Romantic films have a way of making our hearts smile. However little logic they have, the essence of love covers every flaw. People who have been in love will often agree that love fixes a lot of things. Of course, since time immemorial, we have been preaching it like a mantra: “Love conquers all.” No matter how practical we are in real life, sometimes we do want to escape it all and be hopelessly in love. Undoubtedly, romantic films rarely fail us. All these need to be told to announce the latest romantic film, “Married by Mistake.” It is a comfort film that will lighten your mood on the day you want to rain on everything. Undeniably, the logic in the film is so illogical that it makes no sense. But you get to explore the fantasies of love striking you when you least expect it. Also, there is a very interesting first meet of the lovers and, obviously, a secret that makes the love story a little complicated. Without further delay, let’s talk about director Michael Rohl’s “Married by Mistake.”

Spoilers Ahead

Absurdly Romantic Plot

Two business school friends, Nate and Riley, got drunk at their graduation party and then get married in Vegas. Well, every bad decision that ever happens in Hollywood mostly centers around Vegas. Both of them wake up with terrible hangovers to find out what a disaster they’ve caused. However, before their drunken nuptials, Nate had offered Riley a job at his father’s company after Riley’s dream company was accused of embezzling funds, leading to an indefinite pause for any new recruitment. Riley was in two minds about taking the job in Tennessee. But her friend, Liela, convinced her to take the job. Riley did not want to shift back to her parent’s house, for she wanted to do something big for them and also pay off her debts. Being an excellent MBA graduate, Riley decides to take up the challenge. On her arrival, she went to the cute little cafe and met a handsome man who won Riley’s heart. Riley, whose motto was not to be with a man for she is capable enough to find her happiness, receives the jolt of love from the blue. Upon reaching the destination of her friend and cum husband Nate’s company, she understood he was the biggie. For his company, BuyRite has been one of the most popular department stores for over 60 years. Unfortunately, Riley hates the company, for they have zero ethics when it comes to their employees. Also, the handsome guy that Riley fell head over heels for is the elder son of the family, Rhys. Nate decides that he and Riley will keep the facade of marriage, for that will help Riley get into business and make the necessary changes that will help the company restore its former glory. Another important character in the film is Nate and Rhys’s grandma Feye. She is a strong woman with business acumen and definitely knows how to read people inside and out. The film is about Riley’s journey to make big changes in the company while she was juggling between her love for Rhys and her fake marriage with Nate. Also, Buck (Nate and Rhys’s dad) didn’t leave any stone unturned to cause trouble for Riley. However, everything eventually gets sorted out, and the beautiful couple can finally be together (all thanks to granny).

Vasovagal—Response To Any Fight Or Flight

Riley suffers from vasovagal syncope, which means her body overreacts to any trigger situation, and she faints. The first time we see her faint is when she realizes that she and Nate are married. The second time it happened was when she found out BuyRite was Nate’s family business. The third was while she was chopping lettuce while talking to her pet turtle Herb about her messed up romantic situation and accidentally cut her finger. Finally, it was when Rhys took her to the most beautiful office area that his mom had made for the employees if they wanted an escape. The duo was nostalgic and couldn’t resist but have their first kiss. The moment Riley realized what she had done, she fainted again. All her flight or fight responses were hilarious, but the last one with Rhys was mindlessly and hopelessly romantic.

‘Married By Mistake’ Ending Explained – A Fairytale Love Story

After Riley’s success in turning around the image of BuyRite, she got things up and running. It was when the grandmother, Faye, confronted her and said Rhys would never confess his love for Riley if she remained married to Nate. Rhys surprises Nate and Riley with a surprise reception where he flies Riley’s parents in first class and gives them a warm welcome. Riley’s mom, who initially came forth as a strong woman who believes in tough love, says how she is proud of Riley and how Riley should not miss the chance of love. In the meantime, Emily, Nate’s one true girlfriend since they were children (but who broke off due to long-distance relationship issues), could not bear to witness the couple together at the reception. As she prepares to leave, Nate confesses his love for her, and Emily confesses that she had broken up with the guy with whom she was going out during Nate’s absence. Rhys gets immensely mad at Nate for hurting Riley’s feelings and punches him. Riley comes clean to Rhys, but he gets infuriated and leaves. Faye acts as if she is having a major health issue (Rhys had earlier mentioned that his grandmother had her smart ways of blackmailing). As soon as Faye is released from the hospital and brought back home, Riley visits her. Faye drops her act and asks Riley to run to Rhys and stop him from leaving town. Riley runs to the place where she and Rhys had kissed before and finds him waiting for her there (of course, Faye had asked Rhys to be there). The duo confess their love and passionately kiss as Rhys holds two chocolate shake glasses from the cafe where they first met.

The film has a feel-good factor throughout. It is more like the Christmas movies without Santa and the snow. But the grandma undeniably gave off a strong Santa vibe. If you are down or exhausted someday, “Married by Mistake” is where you can happily stumble upon and enjoy the eccentricities of being in love once again!


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