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‘Kin’ Season 2, Episode 3: Recap & Ending: What Happened To Kevin Delaney?

In the previous episode of RTE’s top-rated show “Kin,” we saw Bren Kinsella plotting the murder of Ged Delaney, one of the top buyers of the Kinsella business. Eric, aka Viking, with the help of Kem, managed to kill Ged, and Amanda was left with a huge task. Her main objective, which is to pay off Nuray’s debt of 90 million dollars, took a hit since one of her top buyers is now dead. So, Amanda needs help from Frank, as he knows the buyers well because he has been in the business for a long time. But we all know that Bren will step into her ways again.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Kin’ Season 2 Episode 3: Story

The third episode starts with Frank piling up a considerable stock of cocaine as he has found a new buyer for Amanda. Amanda and Michael had scheduled a meeting with the new buyer. However, the meeting could have improved since the whole town knew about the incident with Ged Delaney. The new buyer had asked for a lower price, which Amanda and Michael disagreed with. So, they left the spot, and Amanda called up a meeting. At the same time, Jimmy, Bren, and Eric had gathered considerable cocaine to sell on their terms. They all gathered in the house, where Bren clearly showed his rejection of every proposition that Amanda had to make. Right before the meeting, Amanda and Michael had already talked to Frank about selling cocaine at a lesser price, which Frank had agreed upon.

When Amanda clarified the whole situation to Bren, Eric, and Jimmy, they seemed a bit reluctant to sell cocaine at that price. Because Bren and Eric needed more time to be ready to compromise their share of the profit, Bren even suggested to discontinue paying Nuray. Amanda and Michael tried to make him understand what Nuray was capable of and what she could do with them if they tried to avoid paying the debt. Bren needed to be more flexible to come to an understanding. So, Amanda decided to move forward with her proposal of selling drugs cheaply while ensuring that Bren, Eric, and Birdy get their share of the profit like before. In this mess of a situation, the relationship between Jimmy and Amanda broke as Jimmy started to believe that his wife was taking control of everything. Jimmy found a way to reply to Amanda by refusing her wish of not letting Anthony, their younger son, hang out with Bren and Eric.

Bren was starting to build his connection with the younger blood of the family, starting with Anthony, who started liking him very much. He even grew angry with Amanda for not including him in the meetings. He was very interested in knowing more about the business and contributing to it. But Amanda wanted him to study and stay out of all this. This created a distance between Amanda and Anthony and helped Bren get closer to his grandson. Bren also met with Michael’s daughter, Anna. Since he offered her a reasonable sum, she liked him on the spot. She even texted about this to Michael, which made him furious. He went to confront Bren with a pistol and put it on his forehead. He even pulled the trigger, but the pistol was empty. It was a threat from Michael to Bren, letting him know what would happen if Bren ever tried to revisit Anna. Knowing how Bren is, he will try to manipulate Anna against Michael. But, for the first time in “Kin” Season 2, we saw Bren trembling with fear while Michael pulled the trigger.

Meanwhile, Ged Delaney’s family was in the process of grieving. His brother Kevin was now out to seek revenge for Ged’s death. He put a stalker there, who notified him when Bren and Eric entered the pub. Kevin went in there with a gun. The job was simple. Kevin was supposed to go in, shoot one or two guys, and then run off amidst all the chaos. But the problem was the latest security system installed in the pub. One needs to enter through the front door and then press a bell. After catching a glimpse of the visitor, the bartender presses a button, and the second door opens. Kevin went into the pub wearing a balaclava, and when he pressed the button, everyone knew that he should not enter the pub. The bartender presses the second button that locks the first door from the inside. So, Kevin was trapped, and Eric found the whole situation very amusing. He started mimicking Kevin like he was a monkey in a cage. In the heat of the moment, Kevin pulled his gun and shot at Eric. The door’s glass was bulletproof, so the bullet bounced back at Kevin, and he died on the spot.

Right after this incident, Bren told Eric about Kem being the rat in the business. Jimmy had told Bren about the earlier incidents where Kem used to pass information to Eamon Cunningham. We saw that in “Kin” season 1 when Amanda caught Kem. Amanda wanted this truth about Kem to stay between her, Jimmy, and Michael. But Jimmy, since he was on a different path with Amanda as of now, Jimmy went to Bren and blabbered about Kem. From the beginning of the episode, we saw Jimmy’s discomfort about seeing Kem indulge in the business matter. He feared that Kem might rat them out again.

After a brawl with Amanda, Jimmy told Bren about Kem. When Bren learned about this, he asked Eric to take care of the situation. By this, he meant killing Kem. Bren was in disbelief since he thought Kem was one of his closest friends in recent times. Eric said he would pay anyone to kill him, but he wouldn’t do it on his own. But Bren wanted him to kill Kem. So, in the 4th episode, we may find an emotional point where Eric would have to kill Kem. But Amanda’s stronghold in the family is gradually fading as Jimmy is on the verge of joining Bren’s side. Also, Anthony discovered the romantic establishment between his mother and his uncle, Amanda, and Michael. It is only a matter of time before Anthony will rebel against Amanda as well. How she manages to solve this war within the family will be a significant thing to watch for the rest of the episodes of “Kin” Season 2.


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