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Rohan And Chirag In Netflix’s ‘IRL: In Real Love’

Netflix’s new Indian reality series, “IRL: In Real Love” (2023), is a dating show that features four young and single people, Rohan, Sakshi, Chiragg, and Ananya, and their quest to find love. The show, hosted by Rannvijay Singha and Gauahar Khan, mixes together the two concepts of online and offline dating, as the singles are arranged to go out on offline dates as well as chat with other eligible bachelors and bachelorettes via Meet Cute, an online dating app. The whole purpose of the show revolves around the quest to find the best match for the four participants, giving them a lot of options to choose from.

Even if dating shows may not be their cup of tea, owing mainly to the scripted nature of most such shows, this new series promises to keep things unscripted and spontaneous as the participants are not given any clues beforehand as to what their journey on the show would look like. They are each tasked with narrowing down their list of choices as the dates begin getting serious, and there are definitely some emotional moments to note when it comes to dating and heartbreak in the show. The four participants have been chosen from very different fields of life, with Rohan being the musician of the group and Chiragg being a fitness enthusiast and Crossfit athlete.

‘In Real Love’ The Boys: Rohan And Chirag

A shy and introverted personality, Rohan is a musician and self-proclaimed rockstar who is very understanding in his approach and a good listener. He definitely has the charm and looks of a rock star, with a hidden, softer side to him. Although, at times, due to his quiet personality, he appears to be at a loss for words, he makes up for it with his character. Like all the other participants, Rohan also has a Meet Cute account, where his profile name is ‘Bread Pitt,’ and like any other dating app, it allows its users to connect with their perfect match via text and video.

As the participants start dating, one thing becomes clear: they will not be dating amongst themselves but with other single men and women that they meet either on a physical date or through the app. While chatting with a potential date on Meet Cute, Rohan reveals certain aspects of his life, such as the fact that he plays the guitar, is a professional musician, and is also a song composer who is associated with several bands where he plays as a freelance guitarist. Being a musician gives him an edge with the ladies, as he has a certain aura of intrigue surrounding him, and his introversion certainly adds to his charm. He admits on a date that he is still trying to figure out what the concept of romance actually is and doesn’t believe in wishing someone “good morning” and “good night” every day to show his love for that person. For him, the vibe that a person’s aura generates on a first date is important for getting to know that person. That is exactly what he looks for in the girls he dates, especially Sakshi and Jagriti, both of whom have left a mark on his heart after the first couple of dates.

On the other hand, we have Chirag, a flamboyant, happy-go-lucky kind of guy who takes everything in life as a sport, even dating, which he relates to “the first round of a boxing match.” Being an athlete, he is quite conscious of his physique and health and takes pride in showing it. Hailing from a diverse family background, he is quite confident in handling tricky situations in both life and dating, flirting and teasing his way out of awkward conversations like a pro. When it comes to speed dating, which isn’t everyone’s forte, he appears way ahead of everyone, asking all the right questions and using all the right words that are sure to impress anyone in a short amount of time.

Dating, as it seems, comes naturally to this guy, whose effortless flamboyance and charm make the girls he dates fall for him. He is an ardent Marvel fan, as he so vehemently proclaims to an online date when she drops a ‘Thanos reference’ during a flirtatious conversation on Meet Cute. On the show, he goes on offline dates primarily with the two single bachelorettes who are chosen for him, Vidushi and Ashita, both of whom develop feelings for him after going on a couple of dates with him and both of whom feel jealous when the other one is out on a date with him. There is constant competition between them to get his attention and affection, but somehow Ashita feels insecure with the fact that Chirag may be more attracted to Vidushi than her.

An experienced romantic, he doesn’t hesitate to share his dating tips with the other participants, especially Sakshi, who has a hard time deciding which one of her online dates she would break up with before moving forward with her journey on the show. Although of different personalities, both of these guys have one thing in common: their quest to find their one true love, and for that, they must discover the truest connections that they form, either through offline dates or online platforms, even if they have to break a few hearts. Therefore, Rohan and Chirag, along with their two other co-participants, Sakshi and Ananya, embark on a passionate journey on the screen to find love in real life.


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