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‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Release Window And More Spinoff Possibilities Revealed By HBO Max Boss

“House of the Dragon” shook the internet when it was airing. Fans chose the side of the Blacks or the Greens, and seemingly every “Game of Thrones” fan and more joined in to watch the war for succession every week. However, every Team Green or Team Black fan is eagerly waiting for season 2. Now, there’s finally an official update on when the next season will be streamed. But a fair warning before proceeding- the wait is going to be long. 

When Will ‘House Of The Dragon’ Season 2 Drop On HBO Max?

In an interview with Variety, Casey Bloys, the content CEO for HBO Max, revealed the release window for season 2 of “House of the Dragon.” As per the executive, the show will return in 2024, but regretfully, it won’t be eligible for the 2024 Emmy season. Now, the eligibility period for the Emmys ends on May 31, 2024. So this means that season 2 of the “Game of Thrones” prequel show will be released after that. Speculation right now is that the show will return during the summer. So this means that fans will have to wait for over a year to see the action pick back up.

Bloys also talked about other spin offs of “Game of Thrones” that might be in the works at HBO Max. The executive said that for him, a good script is of the utmost priority. He then explained that to make “House of the Dragon,” they had to develop multiple shows that then got canned, shoot a pilot episode, and then develop more scripts before anyone was even cast. The HBO Max boss said that it was going to take the same amount of time and effort to develop any other spinoff of the gargantuan hit fantasy show.

However, he also said that they are currently deep in the process of doing exactly that. This means that they are now testing out scripts and doing the necessary research to see which ideas can ultimately be developed. As for how many spin offs there can be, Bloys says that he’s neither myopic nor has limited his vision for G.R.R. Martin’s universe. He thinks that there’s a lot in the “Game of Thrones” universe that can be explored further. After all, there are multiple battles, wars, and families that can be expanded upon.

But he thinks that there’s going to be a limit to how many fans the fantasy show can attract. In the end, he brought the conversation back to scripts and how important it is to have a solid basis for a show.

What ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoffs Are in Development?

In January 2023, G.R.R. Martin updated his “Not A Blog” website and let fans know about the status of the various “Game of Thrones” spinoff shows in development. He said that the development on some shows are moving faster compared to others, but nothing has been greenlit. The author of the globally popular fantasy series also said that a couple of projects had been shelved. But he immediately followed that up by saying that they aren’t completely dead since it’s easy to bring a shelved project back into development. In the end, Martin said that the changes at HBO Max had changed a lot of things.

Previously, spinoffs like “The Sea Snake” (helmed by Bruno Heller), “10,000 ships” (helmed by Amanda Segel), “Tales of Dunk and Egg,” and “Jon Snow” were said to be in various stages of development. As of now, we only know that “The Sea Snake” is going to be about Corlys Verlaryon’s sea journeys; “10,000 Ships” is set a millennia before the original series and will follow the Rhoynar and Princess Nymeria; and “Tales of Dunk and Egg” is about Ser Duncan the Tail and Aegon V Targaryen’s adventures.

In a previous blog post, made in mid-2022, the author said that HBO Max is developing animated shows as well. However, no such project has been announced, and there have been no updates regarding any of the above-mentioned shows. However, fans hope that the “Jon Snow” show will move forward because it will be a sequel to the original show with most of the main cast returning, especially fan favorite Kit Harington as the titular character. But that’s not all. Fans are especially interested in seeing Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen to be resurrected as well.

As for whether Clarke is open to returning, the actress was asked exactly that during a BBC interview. But she said that she’s done with the “Game of Thrones” world. However, she has expressed support for the “Jon Snow” show since her co-star Kit Harington is the major force behind its development. While this will certainly disappoint Clarke’s fans, if the “Jon Snow” show indeed gets up and running, we could very well see Daenerys Targaryen and her dragon Drogon return. After all, what is “Game of Thrones” without magic and dragons? However, realistically, it remains to be seen which other “Game of Thrones” spinoffs ultimately get made.


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