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‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3’ Adam Warlock Character, Explained

In the closing moments of Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” fans were finally offered their much-awaited glimpse of Adam Warlock, and now the latest official trailer for the movie suggests that the character would be played by “The Maze Runner” alum Will Poulter. Sadly, he won’t be the big bad of the third installment, as a major villain dubbed “The High Revolutionary” is due to fill those shoes. However, this in no way diminishes his significance, as in Marvel comics, Adam is hailed as one of the strongest characters in the universe, having even gone toe-to-toe with Mad Titan. So, without further ado, here’s a full character breakdown of Adam Warlock, aka Master of All Souls.

Adam Warlock: Origin And Role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Adam Warlock was the product of a lab experiment carried out by a band of brilliant scientists obsessed with the idea of creating an ideal human specimen whose abilities and intellect are far superior to others. The research went well, and they created Adam, but unfortunately, Adam was too strong and potent for them to control and subdue. After waking up, Adam almost instantly grasped that his progenitors intended to utilize him to carry out their sinister plans. He lost his temper, injured his progenitors, and then bolted from the facility. But it’s common knowledge that the movie plots often deviate from being canon, so there’s a chance that after breaking out of Enclave’s grasp, Adam somehow made it to space and encountered the High Revolutionary, who blessed him with the powers of the soul stone. Adam was dispatched to the Counter-Earth by the High Revolutionary to protect its citizens from the terror of an all-mighty creature named Man-Beast.

Adam was tempted because of the soul gem, which amplified his malicious and vindictive tendencies. And while this is terrible news for any character trying to find serenity inside, it was especially troubling for Adam since he routinely battled Magus, a twisted futuristic counterpart of himself sporting a ludicrously violet hairstyle.

During his journey, Adam encountered Magus, a sinister version of himself. Like Adam, Magnus is extremely dangerous and mad. Magnus ruled over the Universal Church of Truth and had crushed trillions of beings from every corner of the universe beneath his mighty boot. Owing to his immense power, Magnus emerged victorious in their first battle but was eventually crushed when Warlock and his entourage triumphed in erasing the continuum from which the Magus originated, thereby deleting his existence retrospectively across the passage of time.

The Roster Of Extraordinary Powers

Adam’s extraordinary talents stem in large part from his extraordinary genetics. Even more subtly, these abilities alter with every resurrection and maturation from his regenerating capsule, and he may acquire new ones as needed. The Infinity Gem has created a voluntary, synergistic link with Adam as a result of his interaction with the Soul Gem, allowing him to detect its presence whenever he chooses. Soul Gem claims Adam is its most formidable carrier since he allowed it to continue to exert influence over his thoughts even after bonding with other people. Adam can protect himself against and even neutralize the effects of powerful tools like the Soul Gem, thanks to this connection. Adam Warlock’s molecular makeup was established scientifically, giving him a multitude of extraordinary abilities owing to his flawless genetic blueprint. The High Evolutionary marveled at his flawlessness, saying that there was some aspect of his nature that no one could duplicate. 

The innards of Adam are significantly tougher and more resistant to damage compared to those of a regular mortal. He is immune to the effects of high-velocity impacts, free-falling from enormous altitudes, freezing cold temperatures, sweltering heat, the strain of interstellar space, and blindingly dazzling radiation discharges. His physical makeup is likewise tailored to resist the physically draining repercussions of continuous high-velocity mobility and to sprint without breaking down. In comparison to sentient muscle, warlock muscle produces fewer exhaustion chemicals after exercise. Warlock can practically push himself at his maximum potential for many hours before exhaustion sets in, and that’s without using his energies to augment his inherent physical power.

As an added bonus, Adam Warlock may use stellar radiation to cancel out the gravitational pull and allow him to take to the air. Warlock may effortlessly travel at the velocity of sound in an environment similar to Earth’s. This equates to around 770 miles an hour. Warlock, on the other hand, has been proven to have achieved supraluminal speeds in spacetime. Adam may be mortally wounded, but he will never be destroyed. The strength of his spirit prevents even Death from claiming it. Thus, he will be resurrected every time.

Gunn Had Already Planned His Arrival

If you recall, The MCU had already teased his advent in Thor: The Dark World in the scene where Sif and her friends meet with the Collector to help them hide the Eather. In the background, we see a giant cocoon housed in a glass box, which was later confirmed to be Adam’s cocoon. James Gunn, the man behind the Guardians of the Galaxy, had planned to include Warlock in the second installment but later decided to leave him out. Gunn eventually teased Adam in the post-credit scene of the same movie. This brings us to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. 

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