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‘Fast X’ Latest Trailer, Plot, And Role Of Jason Momoa, Explained

Fans recently had the chance to watch the trailer for the much anticipated “Fast X,” which features a superb star cast that includes actors Vin Diesel from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and John Cena from “Peacemaker,” among others. Watchers of the Fast and Furious saga now have higher expectations thanks to the action thriller film from Universal Studios. Louis Leterrier, a well-known French director, is in charge of directing the film. Justin Lin was the director of earlier Fast and Furious movies like “Fast Five,” “Fast and Furious 6,” “F9,” and others. So, in contrast to the other films in the franchise, the new edition will take a different tack. The audience will see a brand new environment where several fresh relationships will develop.

In order to defeat the villain, Jason Momoa, as seen in the trailer, new family members will have to trust each other and band together. With such an impressive ensemble, the film is likely to keep fans interested. It has attracted an all round interest from spectators across the globe. The production company was successfully promoting the movie, which has devoted followers’, and they did not want to let anyone down. So, on the anticipated dates, the movie poster and teaser were made available. Dante, portrayed by actor Momoa from “Aquaman,” is the most alluring element in the movie.

Release Date And Production

The film will be the tenth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise of films. It will pick up where the “F9” film left off and continue the revenge saga. Vin Diesel, who starred in “The Chronicles of Riddick,” will play the lead character Dominic Toretto in the film. He will be on a journey to save his loved ones from the formidable enemy that is Momoa. Fans around the world will see the movie on the big screen on May 19, 2023.


The movie has Vin Diesel from “The Pacifier” in the main role. He is known to the audience as a speed racer who has been involved in several criminal activities but has been able to escape the police’s arrest. In order to protect his family all of his actions throughout his life have led to the creation of enemies who are standing at his door with arms in their hands, he lives with his family, including his wife, “Smurfs: The Lost Village” actress Michelle Rodrigues. Moreover, an actress from “Avengers: The Endgame,” Brie Larson, will play the role of Tess.

In addition, “I Wanna Go There” actor Tyrese Gibson will play another criminal mastermind, Roman Pearce. Moreover, there is “Ludacris: The Southern Smoke: Unauthorized,” starring Chris Ludacris, who will be seen as Tej Parker. He is a member of the Dom family or team who plans various trips or robberies together. His expertise as a mechanic has been used in several other “Fast & Furious” films.

Also, there is Nathalie Emmanuel from “Maze Runner: The Death Cure,” who is a member of Dom’s team. There is Jordana Brewster, who plays the role of Dom’s sister and is seen in “The Integrity of Joseph Chambers.”

Other famous stars to be part of the 10th edition of the franchise are “Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” star John Cena and Jason Statham from “Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre.” Sung Kang, the famous drifter from the film’s other series, also appears in the film.

Additionally, in the much-feared “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Jason Momoa’s Dante is shown as an enemy to Dom and his teammates. It is still unknown which games these rivals will participate in. It is clear that Momoa cannot forget the death of his father and will take revenge on him in this edition. Last but not least is Charlize Theron, who will play the villain Cipher in the film. Her role and Momoa’s character could be somehow connected, but it is yet to be known how.

Latest Trailer And Plot Of The Film

The family is shown in the film talking about their experiences and lifestyles as they sit around a dining table. They discuss their past experiences and the members who were lost in the process of battling for survival and speed. Moreover, there is a sinister force that has been created by the actions of the team members.

Dom will face an opponent he is not aware of. Momoa’s voice is all over the place as he demands retribution from the street racer for the murder of Dante’s drug dealer father, Reyes. The gang is told by Dante to prepare themselves for suffering.

The action, excitement, and emotional connections amongst the former Dom team members will now be the main reasons why people will watch the film. They also trust one another to overcome the bad energy, which is represented by a huge Momoa, by working together. Expectations will increase for this movie, which could end up being one of the year’s biggest hits.


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