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Best First-Person Shooter Video Games To Check Out

The first-person shooter genre is by far one of the most popular and beloved across all of gaming. Spawning game after game and taking us to different eras, parts of the world, and whole new universes, even first-person shooters come in all shapes and sizes and transport us to whole new worlds and into our past sometimes. Immersive action is what most, if not all, of these games, bring to the table, as being in first person means you are right in the middle of all this action. While each game varies in terms of fluidity, movement, storytelling, reflexes, and twitchiness, overall, the principles remain the same: you are the gun, and you shoot everything that moves. These games are an incredible way to let loose and blow off some steam or to party up with your friends and compete in online matches against other players. Let’s take a look at some of the best first-person shooters you can play right now.

Halo Infinite

This is the 6th installment in the beloved “Halo” series by Xbox. “Halo Infinite” puts you once again in the shoes of Master Chief, this time facing a new but familiar threat. Master Chief has saved humanity time and again since the first game came out in 2002, and the stakes are still as high. Drifting in space after an ambush from the Banished that destroyed all UNSC forces in the area, Master Chief is awakened by a guy simply known as The Pilot and is dropped on the Zeta Halo ring occupied by Banished forces. For the first time in the series, “Halo Infinite” is an open-world game where you are free to roam the ring and complete objectives to progress through the story. There are linear levels here, too, just like in the previous games, but the emphasis is on the freeform, open-ended gameplay. There’s also a very good story to follow; as is the case with most “Halo” games, it’s full of moments that are badass and tear-jerking. Just like any other tale with Master Chief, this is also one to be remembered, and while the story/single-player part of the game is great and fun, it’s multiplayer where the game truly shines. The offering here is a little light, unfortunately, but what’s available is fun, addictive, and very well-designed. 4v4 competitive arena game modes run alongside 12v12 big team battles. Each mode on offer brings with it the most refined gameplay the “Halo” series has ever seen. Fast-paced action, good TTK, balanced weapons and vehicles, and new gadgets like a grappling hook or the repulsor make the multiplayer of “Halo Infinite” the perfect candidate for you and your friends to party up and blow off some steam. “Halo Infinite” has its issues, but it is a fun package that can be enjoyed solo, in co-op, or in competitive multiplayer with your friends and is well worth your time.

Call Of Duty Series

Picking one game from this yearly series won’t be an easy task as everyone has their own favorite here, but to say “Call of Duty” is an industry-leading behemoth would be an understatement. It’s the most popular I.P. in all of gaming, garnering billions of dollars in sales per release, and it shows no signs of slowing down. “Call of Duty” is a military shooter, with each game focusing on different types and eras of war. If you’d like to get an idea of what modern-day wars will look like, look no further than “Modern Warfare,” or how about a taste of future warfare? They’ve got you covered with games like “Advanced Warfare” and “Infinite Warfare.” Have an itch for the past? Then a portion of the “Black Ops” series or other games like “WW2” and “Vanguard” will cover that for you. There are so many games in this series covering such a wide range of first-person shooting that it can get hard to keep track sometimes. Almost every game ships with a campaign that is well worth playing and then offers a crazy suite of multiplayer modes and maps that you’ll be spending most of your time in. The bread and butter of “Call of Duty” are its multiplayer options with classic game modes like deathmatches, dominance, kill confirm, and their foray into the battle royale genre with “Call of Duty Warzone.” Each game brings with it improvements to movement, TTK values, and weapon tweaking, among other things, to try and make your experience more fun and well-balanced. “Call of Duty” is a monster in the world of video games, and with so many games under their belt, you are bound to find one that becomes your favorite if you choose to spend time with this series.

Battlefield Series

“Battlefield” is another series that has been around for almost as long as “Call of Duty” and is incredibly fun to play and a jolly good time. The thing that separates “Battlefield” from its peers is its emphasis on large-scale combat with anywhere between 64 and 128 players on a map alongside fully destructible environments. Most “Battlefield” games also come with a campaign, but they are nothing to write home about; it’s multiplayer where this series truly shines. Planes are flying overhead, tanks are shooting each other, ships are battling it out, and 10s, if not 100s, of people charging at each other, are what makes these games stand out. With boots on the ground and next to no fancy tech aiding you, “Battlefield” focuses fully on war, with destructible buildings that come crumbling down, explosions that make a hole in the ground, and gunplay that is fast and has some weight to it. The games have also showcased different eras like modern-day conflict, near-future conflict, or even WW2 and even WW1, with each game being similar but looking, sounding, and feeling completely different from the other. If a large-scale foot and vehicle battle with no place to hide and the sound of gunfire and explosions surrounding you is your cup of tea, then look no further than what “Battlefield” games have to offer. 

DOOM Eternal

“DOOM” came out in the 90s originally and is responsible for bringing the first-person genre into the spotlight. Often referred to as the “granddaddy” of shooters, “DOOM” offered fast gunplay and demon-slaying action. While the original games were great for their time, it was in 2016, with the modern reboot of the franchise, that the game amplified its success and popularity. In 2020, they released its sequel, “DOOM Eternal,” and boy is it a game to be remembered. The “DOOM” reboot popularized the idea of the “push forward” mentality, where you are not supposed to be scared of enemies, but they are supposed to be scared of you. Throwing you in the arena after arena full of demons to slay, “DOOM Eternal” added to that formula with a few platforming sections, even faster gunplay, and fun new tools aiding you in your crusade against demons. Where most games start you with a pistol, “DOOM Eternal” puts a shotgun in your hands from the beginning, and the arsenal you find after that just gets crazier. There’s no need to worry about reloading your guns. If you run out of ammo, you can use your chainsaw on the nearest foe to get more. Health can be gained from “glory kills” that come with slick animations ripping demons apart. Every decision made during the development of this game was to ensure players have the most fun killing demons in crazy-looking environments and not worry about ammo count or reloading, among other game-y mechanics. To top this all off is the score for this game, done by Mick Gordon. The music elevates this experience from a 10 to a 20, with incredible metal tracks that make you feel unstoppable and like a true badass. The game even has a tacked-on multiplayer mode that is fun and unique. “DOOM Eternal” is the pinnacle of first-person shooting games and a masterclass that you should check out.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

“Wolfenstein” is another series that shares “DOOM’s” history and came alongside it. Here, instead of killing demons, you kill Nazis. The original games were, again, fun for their time, but where the series really took off was with the 2014 reboot, “Wolfenstein: The New Order.” Its sequel, “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus,” came out in 2017 and showcased how fun and cathartic killing Nazis can be. You play as BJ Blazkowicz, an American soldier and hero in these games, on the warpath to hunt down and kill every single Nazi he can find. One thing that the reboot series added that was missing from the originals was a well-written narrative with loveable characters and incredible voice acting. You follow said tale through the eyes of Blazko, and man, it is as emotional as it is badass. The game is set in an alternate future where the Nazis won World War 2 and took you across different parts of America in an attempt to liberate it and make it free again. You’ll encounter regular foot soldiers, cyborgs, Nazis in meaty exosuits, and also crazy, giant mechanical contraptions that are terrifyingly cool. Your arsenal of weapons here is also very commendable, with meaty, mechanical-looking guns that pack a punch and rip your enemies to shreds. The gunplay is fast and responsive, and it does a perfect job of showcasing what a force of nature B.J. is. “Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus” and the series as a whole are games any first-person enthusiast should definitely check out.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Have an itch for tactical shooting? “Rainbow Six Siege” sort of has a monopoly on that market. A 5v5 online shooter where you only have one life per round that can end quickly with a single headshot, and your mission is to kill the enemy team or play the objective within the time you are given. Rounds are split into attacking and defending the site with a multitude of characters to choose from, each with its own special ability that can help you throughout the rounds. “Siege” is not your average shooter, as matches run quickly, are very intense, and demand skill. Peeking around corners, using your drone for reconnaissance, pinpointing any sound you hear, and making little to no noise are all things you can expect in any given match. Running in like an ape, guns blazing, won’t get you far here as the TTK is rather quick with guns that pack a meaty punch, and as mentioned before, a single headshot can end your life. “Rainbow Six: Siege” is the best tactical, competitive online shooter you can play right now, and while there is a skill ceiling that comes with this game, you can climb it and reach the top in no time.

Far Cry Series

“Far Cry” is another series that deserves a lot of credit in the first-person market. An open-world, story-driven action shooter set in exotic lands with some of the most menacing and crazy villains you’ll ever meet in any video game. Picking one game from this series would be doing it a disservice, as each game, though similar, brings with it carnage and freedom that are unparalleled in any game of this type. The remote islands of “Far Cry 3” and the “definition of insanity” that Vaas talks about make that game a must-play in this series. While the mountainous region of Kyrat and Pagan Min ruling it with an iron fist in “Far Cry 4” is another similar but worthy of playing experience. “Far Cry 5”, on the other hand, takes place in Montana, where you dispose of a crazy cult run by the Seed family, and finally, “Far Cry 6,” where you are tasked with liberating the nation of Yara from the clutches of a crazy dictator played by none other than Giancarlo Esposito. There are even spin-off titles in the mix here, like “Far Cry Primal,” which takes place in 10,000 B.C., and “Far Cry New Dawn,” set in a post-nuclear war world. Each game comes with action-packed gameplay that is as chaotic as it is fun. The “Far Cry” series may get some slack for its lack of innovation, but my God, it is a series you should experience.

Destiny 2

Finally, I’d like to talk a bit about “Destiny 2,” a game I spent four years playing with more than 4000 hours logged in. Personally, this game is a banger in every sense of the word and yet I still can’t recommend it to new players on account of the terrible new player experience, the community not being so welcoming, the way the content is handled and removed from the game, and how pricey this entire experience can be. “Destiny 2” demands your time being a pseudo MMO with repeated content that you have to play a lot to grind levels and gear, but the gameplay, on the other hand, is some of the best the first-person genre offers. Set far in the human future, you take on the role of a Guardian, resurrected to save the last city and protect humanity. There’s a ton of lore here, which is awesome and well worth reading, so diving into it would be a complicated and unnecessary waste of time. Just know this: you have powers, and you kill aliens. That’s it. The game is unlike anything available to this date as it is a social shooter experience; you get to enjoy everything here with your friends or random people, and the amount of content available, though repetitive, is staggering. Solo/co-op campaigns, 3-player strikes, 4v4 PvPvE game mode Gambit, 6v6 and 3v3 multiplayer, 6-player raids, and MORE! The game is packed with stuff to do in gorgeous environments, all serenaded by amazing music. “Destiny 2” held a special place in my heart, and while I do not recommend it to new players, I have to say the experience is unlike anything you can have. Eyes up, Guardian.

There are tons, and I mean tons, of other shooters that are available for you to play with games like “Crysis,” “Overwatch,” “Insurgency Sandstorm,” “Counter-Strike,” and “Escape From Tarkov,” among a million more, but the reason I didn’t talk about them is that I don’t personally have much experience with them. This genre, as I said in the beginning, is beloved by many and features some of the best and most fun-to-play games that are out there. If you are a first-person enthusiast, then you already have your favorites; if not, jump in, and I am sure you’ll quickly find your favorite to sink 100s of hours into.

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