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‘A Royal Christmas Match’ Ending, Explained: Did Princess Camille Save Morgana University?

Movies that include princesses are often loved by audiences of all ages. These movies typically feature a young, beautiful, and often strong-willed princess who is facing some kind of challenge or adversity. The stories often revolve around the princess’s journey to overcome obstacles and find true love, all the while navigating complex social and political relationships. “A Royal Christmas Match” is one such movie. Let’s find out more about the movie.

Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In ‘A Royal Christmas Match’?

The movie starts by introducing us to the protagonist of the movie, Princess Camille. She is the princess of Morgana and goes to America to propose a college exchange program to save Morgana University. We see that Camille is very passionate about her job and wants to prove to her dad that she is worthy of the crown she wears. Also, she wants to prove to her dad that she can be a good leader. She has had her moments of embarrassment in public, because of which she hates going to crowded places. However, being a princess, she has to interact with the people of the world.

We see her going to a university called “Pine University” for a tour; however, the college’s president, Angela, signs her up for numerous events. We then get to know that Morgana’s economy is in jeopardy, and the king of Morgana has to close Morgana University. However, Camille does not want that to happen. She wants to save the university because she has been a part of it and because the university is 500 years old, which she respects.

During her tour in America, she gets close to a professor named Ben. She also teaches diplomacy at the university to make the students more familiar with Morgana and its history. She shows the students various documents that are as old as the university and explains to them their importance. Since the movie is set during the Christmas period, the movie also showcases a lot of Christmas activities happening around the university.

Soon, Ben and Camille grow close, and she tells Ben about the student exchange program she has in mind. However, Ben thinks that Angela would not support the idea since her mind is on the donations for Pine University. This upsets Camille, and she refuses to talk to Ben. Now, Camille goes to America with a friend called Teodora, who is a linguist. But she was not fluent in Middle French. In the movie, we see that Ben is a person who is fluent in many languages, including Middle French. Camille has some documents she needs to translate, and they are written in Middle French. Ben comes to Camille’s room, apologizes for not believing in her student exchange program, and offers to help translate the documents. He also offers help with her presentation in front of Angela. Meanwhile, we get to know that Ben is also appointed to take care of Camille by her father. We see Ben talking to Camille’s father, who notices that Ben has feelings for her. However, he tells Ben that Camille should be with someone who would benefit her country, and Ben, being a mere teacher, would not be a good fit for a princess. It is hard for Ben to come to terms with his feelings; however, he decides to just be around Camille and help her.

‘A Royal Christmas Match’ Ending Explained – Does Camille Save Morgana University?

We see that Angela is very fond of Camille throughout the movie. She not only fangirls around Camille but also listens to everything she says. Also, by the looks of it, a student exchange program seems beneficial for both universities. Camille is very confident about her speech and presentation. On the day of the presentation, Camille’s father, the king, also comes to America. Camille explains the benefits of a student exchange program to Angela, who seems very excited about the whole plan. However, she refuses to go ahead with the student exchange program. This leaves Camille devastated, and she goes back to her hotel.

We then get to know that the king does not own the land where the university was built. It was owned by a duchess named Vinnie. She made an anonymous donation and asked Angela to refuse the student exchange program. Camille refuses to give up and asks Ben to translate a few documents that were found in the archive of Morgan State University. When Ben translates the documents, it is revealed that the ancestors of the duchess donated the land to the crown, which meant that the land was never Vinnie’s, to begin with. This destroys her plan of ruining the economy, and she has to take her donation back. With that, Angela agrees with the student exchange program, and the University of Morgana is saved. It was because of the help that Ben provided that Camille’s father approved of their relationship.

The ending of the movie is happy; however, it fails to keep the audience glued to the screens. Most of the scenes are unnecessary, and the dialogues are weak. In short, the movie fails to deliver on almost every level. From the start, the plot is confusing and poorly developed, leaving the audience struggling to understand what is going on.


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