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Characters Like ‘Luther’ That You Should Know Of

“Luther: The Fallen Sun” is a crime and thriller series from Britain that ran successfully for five seasons. The show was launched in 2010, and the final series of the show premiered in 2019. It has Idris Elba from “Three Thousand Years of Summer” and “Mountain Between Us” in the lead role of John Luther. Luther is a police detective and chief inspector, and he is keen on finding the criminals in the area. He can be aggressive and rash at times, forgetting about the rules to catch the killers. Moreover, because of his work and temperament, he is unable to maintain a stable relationship with his wife and others. The show is fast and interesting and can be watched by lovers of crime fiction. You can check out the physically and mentally strong characters in the “Actions” series from the list below.

Dexter In ‘Dexter’

The character Dexter from the American thriller series “Dexter” has a painful past. He witnessed the cruel murder of his mother. This set of events made him choose the life of a fighter who works in the police department. Though there is his hidden lifestyle where he punishes those who go unpunished by the law. The titular role of “Dexter” was played by Michael Hall from “Six Feet Under,” “In the Shadow of the Moon,” and other films. Dexter’s adopted father has nurtured him to become a vigilante who kills criminals or those who have escaped prison time. He works as a forensic expert with the police and understands the details of cleaning the crime scene. He juggles his life carefully so that he does not get caught. He is like Luther in a way that both of them are in the police and searches for criminals in the area.

James Reece In ‘The Terminal List’

Chris Pratt from “Jurassic Park” and “Path of Destruction” plays the role of Reece in the thriller series “The Terminal List.” Reece is a navy officer who is unable to believe the fact that his friend had committed suicide. He goes on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the killing of his team and his family. Some astonishing facts are disclosed in the process, and he takes the law into his hands to bring corrupt people to justice. Reece and Luther are similar in that they are both rash and would do anything to reveal the truth.

Perry In ‘Perry Mason’

“Perry Mason” is a historical show that reveals a private detective’s life as he tries to solve cases involving his clients. Perry is into the investigation of crime and criminals, just like John Luther. He is honest and brave, and he fights against corrupt cops who try to help criminals hide the facts from the public. Perry does not care about money or luxury but about justice and the truth, like John Luther.

Jack Reacher In ‘Reacher’

“Reacher” is a suspense thriller available on Amazon Prime Videos for spectators around the world. Alan Ritchson from “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows” plays the role of Jack Reacher in the thriller series. Reacher is a strong and heavily built army man who is in search of his brother’s killers. He is successful in unraveling many facts about the counterfeit incidents happening in the country because of gang activities. The first season of the action series was released in February last year.

Harry Bosch In ‘Bosch’

“Sons of Anarchy” actor Titus Welliver plays the titular role of Harry Bosch in the action-drama series “Bosch.” The series is available on Amazon Prime Video for its seven seasons, which ran from 2014 to 2021. Bosch is a police officer in the Los Angeles area. He is an army veteran and has seen the Gulf and Afghanistan wars. He is an upright and honest officer, which makes him similar to John Luther.

Mickey Haller In ‘Lincoln Lawyer’

One of the most fascinating attorneys in the legal drama “Lincoln Lawyer” is Mickey Haller. The character is played by actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo from “Dusk Till Dawn.” The show has been available on Netflix since 2022 for audiences around the world. Haller is an interesting character; he works as a defense attorney and is dealing with his addiction to drugs. His determination gets him back to work even after his scandal with the drugs.

Jack In ‘Jack Ryan’

“Jack Ryan” is a successful thriller franchise of films and has made millions at the box office. The character Jack is phenomenal, as he works for the central intelligence agency to collect and analyze data from around the world. He goes on numerous missions to safeguard his country and family from unknown assailants and terrorists. Jack has been persistently able to track and kill the enemies. His level of understanding and endurance matches that of John Luther. The films are action-packed and can be watched with family and friends.

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