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Movies To Watch While You Wait For ‘Fast X’

The tenth instalment of the Fast and Furious action series will surely be a box office smash. Fans have been anticipating its debut for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why: the film features exciting, adrenaline-pumping supercar combat, as well as a roster full of Hollywood hotshots. Instead of sitting around waiting for “Fast X” to come out, why not see one of the many other excellent films that will get your blood pumping and sate your craving for supercars in the meantime?

Baby Driver (2017)

The film chronicles the exploits of Baby, a youthful and gifted breakaway driver who listens to 90s classics to keep him alert and focused throughout high-octane pursuits. Baby owes money to the crime boss Doc, who uses the former as a driver in exchange for repayments. The music in the film was also carefully selected to fit the ambiance of every scenario, adding to the film’s overall aesthetics. The film has a predictable premise; however, it’s carried with a remarkable, unique flair that it’s hard to complain about. The action sequences are thrilling, and the score ups the tension even further. A beautiful server named Debora catches Baby’s eye, and the two soon become romantically involved. Baby hopes to leave his criminal past behind and spend the rest of his life with his paramour. After being ordered by his boss to partake in a high-stakes robbery, Baby must utilise every inch of his racing prowess to flee the crime syndicate and defend the ones he cares about.

Bullitt (1968)

The film follows Bullitt as he investigates the killing of a whistleblower who had trusted his life to him. In a high-stakes trial involving criminal organisation, Bullitt is tasked with safeguarding Johnny Ross, a crucial eyewitness. Bullitt decides to conduct his own inquiry to determine who planned the assassination when the mobster tracks down and kills Ross. When Bullitt investigates more, he finds there is more than what meets the eye. Along the way, he discovers the awful reality of the case after encountering crooked authorities and a labyrinth of falsehoods. The vehicle chase through the neighborhoods of San Francisco is the film’s highlight. The car chase between Bullitt and the assassins over the town’s hilly terrain and twisting alleys has grown into an iconic scene in film annals. The pursuit is an exciting high point of the film, perfectly handled to heighten the tension and anxiety.

Days Of Thunder (1990)

Cole, a young driver with ambitious dreams, gets his chance to compete in  major tournaments but faces a plethora of obstacles along the way that he must conquer in order to accomplish his dream. Tim Daland, impressed by Cole’s bold and uncompromising flair for racing, employs him to pilot his stock vehicle. Crew leader Harry Hogge recognizes Cole’s potential and decides to train him to help him develop his talents. The film is a thrilling triumph that brilliantly captures the thrill and peril of motorsports competition. The maneuvers and cinematography in high-speed chases are so well choreographed that the fans feel like they’re actually participating. Robert Duvall’s performance as Cole’s rough-around-the-edges but insightful tutor, Harry, is only one example of the film’s stellar supporting ensemble. Nicole Kidman’s turn as Claire is particularly worth mentioning for the depth and nuance she offers to the character.

Dirty Mary And Crazy Larry (1974)

Larry, the protagonist, is a skilled racer who’s in urgent need of funds to continue his dream. The protagonist and his handyman come up with a scheme to rob a grocery store. Larry also enlists the help of his lover, Mary. The trio makes off with a sizable amount; however, the authorities, led by the dogged Sergeant Franklin, were on their tail in no time. The group faces a number of difficulties on their journey to the Mexican border as they try to evade being caught by the police. As the cops approach, the pressure mounts on the three as they try to outrun them. It’s a thrilling film that perfectly depicts the adrenaline rush of high-speed chases. The film’s battle scenes are well staged, with enough thrilling exploits and dramatic pauses to keep viewers biting on their nails.

Overdrive (2017)

The film centres on the Forster siblings, a pair of expert automobile smugglers. The duo is asked by Jacomo Morie, a ruthless mafia lord, to hijack a priceless Bugatti. The siblings decide to take the job, only to figure out that their employer has hidden agendas and gets them into a sticky situation. The siblings attempt to carry out the robbery, but they run into trouble with other criminals and crooked law enforcement officers along the way. They’ll need all the racing talent and ingenuity they can muster to outmanoeuvre their foes and finish the task. The movie features intense supercar pursuits and dangerous stunt driving. The exotic settings and well-choreographed vehicle chases in this film provide a thrilling viewing experience. The warmth and elegance of Freddie Thorp, as well as Scott Eastwood, help make the siblings likeable and relatable.


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