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Top 7 Series Like ‘Liaison’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

“Liaison” is the latest spy thriller released on Apple TV+ and stars Daniel Francis, Vincent Cassel, and Eva Green, among others. Created by Virginie Brac, previously known for his work in shows such as “Cannabis (2016)” and “Cheyenne & Lola (2020-2021),” the French-British show follows several spies and their terrorist adversaries. The show has been released to mixed reviews, with some criticizing its uninspired and formulaic plot while others welcomed the chemistry between Eva Green and Vincent Cassel. If you are looking for shows like Liaison, then check out seven shows similar to it here.

Red Election (2021-)

“Red Election” follows Danish Secret Service agent Katrine Paulson (Vic Carmen Sonne) and British intelligence agent Beatrice Ogilvy (Lydia Leonard) as they gang up together in a race against time to prevent a terrorist attack in Britain. The story starts right before the Scottish referendum, with tensions running high on both sides of the country. The show draws inspiration from real political power dynamics and features a slew of flawed and corrupt characters on both sides that keeps the story interesting.

The Honourable Woman (2014)

After inheriting a major arms manufacturing corporation from her late father, Anglo-Jewish business woman Nessa Stein (Maggie Gyllenhaal) shifted the focus of her company to promote peace in the Middle East. She gets mixed up in an international conflict after the mysterious death of her new business partner. The show has a gripping script that manages to make the audience wonder who the good guys are while simultaneously amplifying the suspense. “The Honourable Woman” is clever in its approach as it steers clear of the cliches and usual tropes we have come to expect from a spy thriller; instead, we are treated with a well-written, well-acted serious drama involving characters from all parts of the political spectrum.

Informer (2018)

This thriller miniseries follows Raza Shar (Nabhaan Rizwan), an east Londoner of Pakistani origin who gets coerced into working as an informer for the counterterrorism unit after a chance encounter with officers Gabe Waters (Paddy Considine) and Holly Morten (Bel Powley). The show is praised for its well-developed characters and its focus on a character-driven approach. Along with some great performances by Paddy Considine and newcomer Nabhaan Rizwan and a briskly paced script, “Informer” is a binge-worthy series.

Traitors (2019)

It is 1945, and the war is essentially over. Feef Symonds (Emma Appleton), a British civil servant bored at her desk job, decides to help the US government by spying on her own government to make sure that it is devoid of any Russian moles. The plot is fine here, but the screenwriting and directing are way off, as the show finds a difficult time maintaining its lengthy array of characters while also struggling to establish a smooth-flowing continuity. That being said, “Traitors” does have some nice performances and occasional humor. And the setting of the 1940s is portrayed in a refreshingly new way.

The Little Drummer Girl (2018)

Adapted from John Le Carre’s novel of the same name and directed by the legendary South Korean director Park Chan-Wook, this miniseries follows English theatre actress Charlie (Florence Pugh) when she is seduced by a mysterious man and eventually coerced to work for Mossad to infiltrate the inner ring of a terrorist organization. The show seamlessly blends intrigue, drama, and tension. It is not dependent on explosive action like other spy thrillers but relies on the suspenseful drama that unfolds slowly but in positively exciting ways. Chan-Wook showcases his mastery of the craft here as he creates an immersive atmosphere filled with colors from all ends of the spectrum. Florence Pugh gives justice to Charlie’s complex character with her multi-layered performance. She’s backed by some note-worthy performances by Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgard, and Simona Brown, among others.

The Game (2014-2015)

Set in 1972 London at the height of the cold war, this British Spy thriller tells the tale of a team of MI5 operatives on a mission to thwart soviet plans that threaten the stability of the nation. “The Game” features a strikingly complex plot with multiple points of view, allegiances, and personal agendas. As an audience, it takes a couple of episodes for one to hop onto this train of mystery, intrigue, and double-crosses. Along with that, a compelling plot, an array of great characters, and stunning cinematography make this miniseries a binge-worthy one.

The Looming Tower (2018)

Inspired by Lawrence Wright’s book of the same name, this American miniseries chronicles the rise of Al-Qaeda and the eventual bombing on September 11, 2001. The show follows several officials from counterterrorism divisions of both the FBI and CIA and how their rivalry at that time may have failed them in preventing the fateful attack. The show stands as one of the most comprehensive retellings of the whole incident while also executing it maturely and compellingly. The show steers clear of any political agenda and instead focuses on staying concise and factual. “The Looming Tower” is a brutal reminder that the eventual attack and the following war on terror could have been avoided were it not for the government’s shortcomings.

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