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Top 7 Series Like ‘Will Trent’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

“Will Trent” has just debuted on streaming services with a whopping 81% Rotten Tomatoes rating and follows the story of Will Trent, a federal agent with the highest clearing rate in the bureau who dedicates himself to ensuring that justice is delivered to everyone. Here are a few suggestions to try if you’re scouring the internet for shows like “Will Trent.”

Criminal Minds (2018-)

The series chronicles the FBI’s Behavioral Assessment Division as it consults with regional law enforcement agencies on crimes generally involving psychotic killers. The difference is that BAU operatives don’t merely focus on the way a tragedy occurred to identify criminals; they also consider how the homicide in question shapes the character of the person who committed the act. The first few seasons were really gloomy and chilling. The work became more important than anything else for the protagonists, and themes of isolation and hopelessness began to overshadow the show’s moments of levity in the following seasons. But don’t let my opinion deter you from putting theirs on your watch list.

Mare Of Easttwon (2021-)

You probably know that streaming a crime thriller on television would make you feel a little down. As it is, the protagonists often find themselves deep in the investigation of a crime. But “Mare of Easttown” goes above and beyond by providing a solid basis for the individuals’ backgrounds within the context of a whodunit. It succeeds by relying heavily on the tragedy that befalls its protagonists and antagonists. After that, you’ll be getting to the point in the concert when things start to become a little bit downbeat. Everybody in Easttown is struggling with something, whether it’s alcoholism, despair, or the death of a loved one.

Quantico (2015-2018)

The series centres on a group of people who are all enrolled in an identical course at the FBI Academy in Virginia (Quantico). Sounds very dull, doesn’t it? To put it simply, Quantico is one of the narratives that take place in the past and then abruptly transports you to the present. The series takes a darker turn when one of the agents is found to be responsible for carrying out the bloodiest attack on America. Alex Parrish, the protagonist, is the woman rescued from the rubble of a destroyed Grand Central Terminal and then interrogated by the agents to extract whatever she knows about her classmate. The series is one of the best crime thrillers out there; the plot is solid, and the acting is superb, but the third season might put you off the track.

Person Of Interest (2011-2016)

The series chronicles the exploits of a former CIA operative who, with a smouldering look and a dishevelled haircut, now strolls the sidewalks of Manhattan. Mr. Finch, a rich computer programmer who developed surveillance technology for the authorities in the wake of 9/11 with the unintended consequence of anticipating lawbreakers’ gruesome deeds, recruits him. Now the genius software developer intends to utilise his software and John’s experience in the field to prevent crimes before they unfold in the rough neighbourhoods of New York City. Notwithstanding its witless plot, in which two vigilantes who are both presumed deceased by the authorities prevent crimes before they ever occur, it is ridiculous but entertaining.

The Enemy Within (2019)

The series puts the audience into the shoes of Erica Shepherd, who used to be a legendary CIA operative until she is thrown into a maximum-security prison after being branded as a traitor. Having ruined the career of Federal investigator Will Keaton, Erica must now partner with him to find a deadly and evasive terrorist as well as his army of operatives in order to rescue her daughter. Although it goes against everything in Keaton’s nature to cooperate with Erica, he is aware that trusting a spy is sometimes necessary for catching one.

A Million Little Things (2018-)

This show is quite different and unique compared to other entries in our ranking, thanks to its more comedic bent. The story opens with the death of John Dixon, a wealthy entrepreneur, loving partner, and devoted father of a couple of beautiful kids. That is to say; he was the type of guy who, materially speaking, needed nothing else to keep him going. As if that weren’t enough, Rome, a happy director, took his own life after getting the phone call informing him of his friend’s passing.

The Wire (2002-)

There’s really no debating that this series is an outstanding triumph in the history of television criminal fiction; it’s intricately planned, well-portrayed, and so realistically polished that it seems almost like a crime movie. However, there is little explanation or direction given to the audience, making it a pretty tricky jet-pack joyride. The story introduces the audience to James McNulty as well as his investigative squad, who oscillate their hours solving crimes and bridging the gap between the drug cartels and the police.

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