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Top 7 Films Like ‘The Whale’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

“The Whale,” starring Brendan Fraser, is the latest movie that has garnered a lot of praise and admiration from critics and audiences alike. If you enjoyed the 2023 film “Whale” and are searching for something akin to streaming, you’ll be happy to know that there are a number of excellent films available that deal with similar themes. Here are a few creams of the crop below.

Ikiru (1952)

The film follows Watanabe, a public servant who has devoted his whole career to being confined to a single, isolated cubicle, where he has grown increasingly dissatisfied with both his career and personal life. Watanabe starts to contemplate his existence and search for a reason to be alive after he is stricken with a terminal disease and is handed just a few weeks of remaining life. In an effort to create a lasting impression that will continue to benefit the neighborhood even after he is dead, he sets out on a mission to construct a park in a blighted area of the city. Watanabe’s internal conflicts throughout the movie revolve around his own death, his feelings of solitude, and his drive to create an impact.

Igby Goes Down (2002)

The film chronicles the coming-of-age of a disenchanted and defiant kid called Igby Slocumb while he attempts to make peace with his own chaotic household and find the meaning of his own existence. Igby is a pampered young kid hailing from a rich family; however, he resents his mom’s domineering ways and his dad’s erratic behavior. Igby’s elder brother is a prosperous entrepreneur, but he doesn’t like him since he’s always played by his family’s rules. This film explores elements of defiance, isolation, and inner torment through the lens of a parody of the rich and entitled elite. The whole ensemble is excellent, but Kieran Culkin really stands out as the conflicted and complicated main character.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

The film follows the life of Will Hunting, a cleaner at an acclaimed university who hails from a humble background yet is a mathematical prodigy. Will’s aptitude is recognized when he solves a difficult mathematical equation written on the blackboard by a scholar, Gerald Lambeau, who then endeavors to assist him in reaching his full potential. Will has a lot of potential as a thinker, but he has problems fully realizing it because of his rough history and restless temperament. As the plot develops, Will is divided between his old buddies and his new academic interests while simultaneously juggling his budding romance with Skylar. Being a masterpiece that has stood the test of time, this film has not lost any of its power or popularity. It’s a moving illustration of the value of human relationships and the need to overcome one’s flaws in pursuit of lasting contentment and success.

Precious (2009)

The film depicts the life of a little African-American teenager called Precious, who is abused, neglected, and endures hardships in Harlem. At the tender age of 16, the girl is expecting her second baby with her own dad. She discontinued her education when she was pregnant; therefore, she is uneducated as well. Precious is a strong woman who, notwithstanding her unfortunate upbringing, is determined to leave her violent father and build a better future for herself as well as her toddlers. Helped along by her kind schoolteacher as well as a counsellor, Precious is able to face the tragedies of her life and develop a feeling of agency and personality. 

The Father (2020)

The film puts the audience in the shoes of an old guy named Anthony, who’s going through the first phase of dementia. Anthony’s cognitive decline and growing dependency on others are shown as the plot progresses. He loses his bearings and starts to grow bewildered, to the point that he often forgets his own name and his way home. His daughter does her best to assist him in fighting his illness and seeks measures to ensure his safety and well-being; however, she also has to confront the mental toll of seeing her father’s deterioration. Filmmaker Florian Zeller’s “The Father” succeeds on many levels, offering a fresh look at the effects of dementia on those afflicted as well as their family members. It’s a brilliant work of cinematic art that will stay with viewers long after they’ve seen it.

The Squid And The Whale (2005)

The film follows a Brooklyn household as they deal with the fallout of separation and the complicated dynamics among the adult members of the household and their young kids. The two siblings, Frank and Walt, are thrown into the crossfire of their parents’ deteriorating relationship and must make difficult decisions and face up to the bleak reality of their domestic life. Their father is self-centered and egotistical; he constantly puts down his family and refuses to accept any accountability for his own actions. On the contrary, Joan is not only dissatisfied with her relationship but also finds it difficult to form meaningful relationships with her kids and provide them with the time and affection they deserve.

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