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Top 7 Claustrophobic Films To Trigger Your Fear Of Enclosed Spaces

The fear of being suffocated, often known as claustrophobia, is experienced by a significant number of individuals all over the globe. It’s the worry and terror that occur when you’re in a small, restricted environment. Films that deal with the dread of being confined may be exhilarating and horrifying because the viewer feels as though they, too, are locked in the room with the protagonists. If you’re a fan of the genre, why not give these movies a try?

Panic Room (2002)

The recently separated Meg, along with her daughter, relocate to a beautiful apartment at the beginning of the film. The property is equipped with a “panic room,” or reinforced secure room, to keep its residents protected in the event of an invasion. Three thieves sneak into the home one evening with the intention of stealing a large sum of money that is hidden inside the secure room. Once the thieves see the mother-daughter duo retreating to the safe room, they grow more determined to break in and steal the money. When the aggression of the intruders rises, Meg must utilize her craftiness and deviousness to protect herself and her kid from any harm.

Cube (1997)

The plot of the film centers on six anonymous individuals who find themselves imprisoned within the “Cube,” a bizarre and lethal construct. There is a potentially nasty death trap in every chamber of the cube. They encounter lethal pitfalls and interpersonal issues as they make their way through the cube. Upon entering the cube, they notice that it is an enormous, apparently infinite edifice and also that their odds of staying alive are low. The party has to cooperate to figure out the cube’s puzzles and escape before they’re sliced, shot, decapitated, or crushed. The film’s cramped setting and production contribute to the film’s intensity and help it stick out from others of its kind.

Escape Room (2019)

The plot centres on six random people who are offered the opportunity to win a significant sum of money if they participate in a sinister game. As the movie advances, the group learns that there is more than meets the eye, and they’ll soon be dead if they don’t manage to escape the room in time. They’ll need to utilise their intellect and talents to complete each task before the clock runs out, as the stakes grow higher and the dangers increase with every new puzzle. The gamers quickly understand that they are in a life-or-death struggle rather than a game.

As Above, So Below (2014)

The movie puts the audience in the shoes of Scarlet, a young explorer fascinated with locating the Philosopher’s Stone, a fabled magical element said to provide perpetual life or, in layman’s terms, immortality. She thinks the rock is buried somewhere in ruins under Paris. Scarlett, her buddy George, and several tour experts set off to investigate the tunnels. Odd occurrences start happening to them as they go further into the tombs, and they soon discover that something sinister dwells underneath Paris. They suffer from delusions, anxiety, and strange experiences in rapid succession. As they proceed deeper into the dungeons, they learn that the underground caverns are more than just a historic location; they are a metaphysical world, and their quest is about more than simply finding some rock that grants immortality.

127 Hours (2010)

The film is inspired by the inspiring ordeal of Aron Ralston, an expert mountaineer who became stuck beneath a rock during his time in Utah. The film chronicles Ralston’s ordeal of staying alive for five days with his hand trapped beneath the rock. The film depicts Ralston’s background prior to the tragedy as well as his subsequent quest to know who he is via hallucinations and nightmares. Ralston must manage his resources carefully in order to survive. In an effort to escape, Ralston eventually decides to cut his hand with a rusty Swiss Army knife. Ralston’s journey ends with his retrieval and transport to the medical centre, where he starts his recuperation and gains a fresh outlook on life and death.

Room (2015)

The film chronicles the ordeal of a mother and her kid, Jack, as they spend years imprisoned in a confined space. The whole film is narrated from Jack’s point of view, who hasn’t been anywhere except this one bedroom. Anything outside this room, even what he watches on the TV, is fiction to him. Inside the limits of the bedroom, Joy has fashioned a universe for Jack, one in which he is educated about maths and art. As Jack gets older, Joy knows they have to get out of the chamber and away from the guy detaining them. Their struggles to overcome the depression and difficulties of their past are explored as they make their way through the world. 

Buried (2010)

The movie chronicles the exploits of Paul, an honest trucker operating in Iraq, who is assaulted and kidnapped and is shocked to find himself encased in a hardwood box with just a torch and a phone for company. Paul learns he’s been captured, and his kidnappers are holding him for a price while he initiates frantic phone calls for help. Despite his best efforts, his predicament only worsens as time goes on, notwithstanding his attempts at negotiation. The film has a sharp and well-crafted storyline that progressively reveals Paul’s history and the reasons for his kidnappers’ actions. The filmmaking is top-notch, with excellent use of close-ups and lighting to heighten the film’s intensity.

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