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Best Films Like ‘Kill Boksoon’ That You Can Add To Your Watchlist

A gripping new thriller from Netflix, “Kill Boksoon” is a heart-pounding tale of a mother who is forced to balance her dual life as a caring parent and a ruthless assassin. Boksoon is a highly skilled killer who struggles to keep her work hidden from her daughter and maintain a normal family life. But when she breaks the only unbreakable rule of her company, she must fight to protect her own life and her daughter’s while facing dangerous enemies at every turn. With intense action sequences and powerful emotional drama, “Kill Boksoon” will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. 

If you’re yearning for more movies like “Kill Boksoon,” why not give these a try? These films will have you on the edge of your seat with their thrilling sequences, gripping plots, and memorable protagonists.

The Villainess (2017)

Jung Byung-gil’s works have become a staple of Korean action movies, and this film is no exception. In the heart-pumping action film “The Villainess,” Kim Ok-bin delivers a tour de force performance as Sook-hee, a young woman who is trained to become a deadly assassin by a clandestine military organization. But when she realizes that her trust has been betrayed by those who raised her, Sook-hee unleashes her own brand of justice while also protecting her precious daughter.

With stunning visuals and expertly choreographed combat scenes, “The Villainess” is sure to captivate audiences. Kim Ok-bin’s breathtaking athleticism and martial arts skills make her a force to be reckoned with on screen. While the story may not be entirely groundbreaking, unexpected twists and turns keep viewers yearning for more. Overall, “The Villainess” is a thrilling and action-packed ride that is sure to earn top marks from any moviegoer.

Oldboy (2003)

Step into the twisted world of “Oldboy,” a gripping 2003 South Korean film by the visionary director Park Chan-wook. 

The movie follows the harrowing journey of Oh Dae-su, who is inexplicably abducted and held captive for fifteen long years in a hotel room. Suddenly released, he embarks on a perilous quest for answers, with only five days to uncover the sinister truth behind his ordeal. Along the way, he crosses paths with Mi-do, a young woman who becomes an indispensable ally in his search for retribution. “Oldboy” is a haunting and multi-layered story of vengeance, deceit, and redemption that will leave you wanting more. With its gritty and violent themes, the film is not for the faint of heart, but Choi Min-sik’s captivating performance as the tormented and wrathful protagonist will leave you spellbound. This is the kind of movie that stays with you after the end credits have rolled, the kind of dark and riveting drama that makes you rethink your own principles.

Illang: The Wolf Brigade (2018)

Helmed by legendary filmmaker, Kim-Jee-Woon, “Illang: The Wolf Brigade” is one of the best Korean-action movies ever released. The story is set in a world where the two Koreas have united under a single government, but unrest still simmers beneath the surface. To maintain control, the government has created the Wolf Brigade, a specialized police unit tasked with keeping the peace at any cost. Enter Lim Cheol-Ryeong, a skilled soldier in the Wolf Brigade who is given the important duty of safeguarding a high-ranking government official. But as he carries out his mission, he stumbles upon a dangerous conspiracy that could shatter the fragile peace of the nation. 

The movie, however, is more than simply an action flick. It’s a fascinating tale that delves deep into questions of loyalty, selflessness, and the toll of warfare. Lim Cheol-ryeong, the story’s main character, is a complex person who faces challenging ethical dilemmas as he strives to do his job and sustain peace in his country.

Take Point (2018)

Released in 2018, this Kim-Byung-Woo masterpiece chronicles a group of hardened mercenaries who are tasked with a daring mission to infiltrate a heavily fortified compound in a war-torn country. Led by the enigmatic and fearless Captain Raven, the team must navigate a dangerous landscape fraught with peril and treachery as they seek to kill an HVT and retrieve a valuable piece of intel that could turn their entire life around. As the mission unfolds, the mercenaries find themselves facing unexpected challenges and hidden agendas and must make use of their brains and combat skills to survive. Along the way, they confront their own personal demons and past traumas as they grapple with questions of loyalty, sacrifice, and the true meaning of honor.

Ha Jung-woo delivers a standout performance as Captain Ahab, capturing the character’s complex mix of determination, vulnerability, and trauma. The supporting ensemble also delivers powerful portrayals, bringing chasm and nuance to their roles. 

The Man From Nowhere (2010)

Step into the exhilarating realm of “The Man from Nowhere,” a mesmerizing South Korean action flick directed by Lee Jeong Beom that unveils the enigmatic life of Cha Tae-sik, a solitary pawnbroker with a veiled history. When So-mi, a young girl who lives in the same apartment as Cha, is snatched by a merciless human trafficking cartel, Cha embarks on a treacherous quest to rescue her. Along the way, he plunges into the depths of the underworld, where he must draw upon his unparalleled combat skills and astute wit to stay alive and save So-mi. 

The movie boasts a gripping plot and well-rounded characters, in addition to jaw-dropping action scenes and mind-blowing parkour stunts. Won Bin’s performance as the enigmatic Cha is nothing short of commanding, infusing his character with a brooding intensity that is at once terrifying and endearing. In sum, it is an excellent action movie that you should definitely see. 


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