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‘The Last Of Us’ Episode 1: Everything You Need To Know About The Character Sarah Miller

In a world where half the population is infected by a deadly parasite, the flesh-hungry zombies aren’t the only villains. A place where the reality isn’t black and white and harbors tons of unsavory characters; we have Sarah Miller, a brilliant 12-year-old kid, in the series “The Last Of Us,” who puts everyone else’s needs above her own constantly. The casting directors have done a tremendous job of choosing Nico Parker to portray the role of Sarah Miller, and even though it might sound like an understatement, I’m sticking with it. With that out on the table, here’s a detailed character breakdown of Sarah Miller.

Sarah was Joel’s daughter and the reason behind his smile and happiness. It’s unclear what happened to Joel’s wife: are they divorced and separated, or is she dead? Both Joel and his daughter never seem to talk about Sarah’s mother, which vaguely suggests that maybe the couple weren’t that close. Sarah was a brilliant kid, dividing her hours between school, taking care of her father, and spending time with her old neighbors. She loved making pancakes for Joel and was the only person other than her uncle Tommy to appreciate Joel’s weird sense of humor. As strange as it might sound, Sarah never asks Joel about her mother, maybe because she knows that Joel’s love and affection for her are more than enough.

Neither Joel nor Tommy had a lot of formal education, but Sarah was brilliant and had a bright future ahead of her if things hadn’t gone bad. She knew that her father was doing everything he could to provide for her and would think twice before spending a dollar on himself. She decided to surprise Joel on his 36th birthday and stole a couple of dollars from his drawer to repair and gift him his watch. She even borrowed the DVD of his favorite movie from her next-door neighbor. Sarah, who seems to have inherited Joel’s wry sense of humor, spars with her dad throughout the prologue. She obviously adores him since she goes to great lengths to get him a gift that will blow his mind on his birthday. Joel arrives home, but he fails to bring the promised cake. Sarah presses him to promise to bring one the very next day. Sarah rests her head on Joel’s shoulders, falls asleep in the middle of the movie, and is woken by the sounds of police sirens and military choppers above Austin, Texas. She finds herself alone in the house, as Joel left to bail his brother out of jail after tucking Sarah into her bed. To get a sense of the situation, Sarah ventures outside her house and enters their neighbor’s house after hearing strange noises. Sarah finds that the Adlers have turned into flesh-hungry zombies. Sarah paces outside the house and is saved by Jeol, who hits the old woman with a wrench, killing her on the spot.

Unlike Joel, Sarah is having a hard time trying to make sense of the situation and is scared to death after seeing why people are going berserk and killing one another. However, even in the face of adversity, she’s quick to deduce that the Adlers may have been infected by the virus owing to their constant visits to the city’s hospital. She even begged her father to help a stranded couple asking for a lift on the highway as they were trying to leave town. She rejects the notion of “necessary evil,” in contrast to her father, and is willing to put others before herself. But Joel is different and sees Sarah as his only priority, and he will do anything he can to protect her. Unfortunately, Sarah meets an untimely end. Sarah, Joel, and Tommy were met with an accident while they were trying to cross the border to safety. Tommy is separated from the group, and Sarah breaks her ankle, leaving Joel with no choice but to carry her. Joel and Sarah come across a soldier who points a gun at them, threatening them. The soldier contacts his superiors and is ordered to take them out. Joel begs the soldier to spare them, constantly wailing that he and Sarah aren’t infected. But his cries go in vain, and the soldier opens fire. Nevertheless, the soldier is killed after Tommy intervenes.

Sarah was crying with pain, and even though she never put it in words, she hated leaving Joel, realizing that her father would be left alone in this broken world. Even though Joel always blamed himself for Sarah’s death, but the latter never held him responsible. Some might say the bullet was meant for Joel, but he survived because he has bigger shoes to fill in the coming years. If Sarah had survived, she would have preserved Joel’s humanity, and the reality would be much different. Joel would still take up odd jobs to provide for Sarah and, without a doubt, would’ve tried to smuggle her out of the quarantine zone, but without bargaining with his morals and principles.

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