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The Best Netflix TV Series To Stream This Weekend

The Streaming Giant is a goldmine for entertainment, and its infinite scroll rarely disappoints cinephiles. The weekend is looming, and along with it comes the dire need for shows to binge-watch. And if you’re someone like us, your quest has come to an end. Our suggestions for the best Netflix TV series to stream this weekend will leave you craving for more. So, without further ado, let’s dig in, and yes!! Bring Your Own Popcorns. 

Unorthodox (2020)

The captivating drama “Unorthodox” follows an aspiring lady named Esty Shapiro (portrayed by Shira Haas) as she leaves her ultra-Orthodox family in the United States to join her mom in Germany and begin a fresh life. I would rank it as one of the best shows I’ve ever watched because of how completely it immerses its audience in a culture with which most have only passing familiarity. Esty’s relatives back home are understandably worried when she comes to Germany, dazed but liberated, in search of a new community and someplace to call home. While her heartbroken spouse starts looking for Esty, she is experiencing the fresh breaths of freedom beyond the walls of her traditional Satmar enclave. More of the protagonist’s backstory is exposed as the narrative progresses, and her prospects for a career at a school of music tends to become more uncertain.

Breaking Bad (2008)

There’s no denying that “Breaking Bad,” starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, is one of the most highly-celebrated series ever been released on the streaming platform, even more obsessive than the methamphetamine sold by Walt and Jessie. The premise is straightforward: a brilliant and disciplined school teacher learns he has a terminal illness and resorts to the methamphetamine business to provide for his wife and disabled son. It turns out he was really excellent at it, earning him millions of dollars and, likewise, enemies. Vince Gilligan is presently exploring the very same universe again in the ongoing “Better Call Saul” since he has established such a terrific ensemble. However, it still lacks the emotional depth of its predecessor.

Wednesday (2022)

Involuntarily, Wednesday enrolls in an institution for oddities, where she is immediately confronted with the tragedy of a classmate’s suicide. From that point on, she attempts to piece together the reality while encountering a growing number of casualties as she does so. I like the element of suspense they included. Wednesday as an investigator is not something I ever pictured, but I suppose it’s possible. Her work is excellent, although it sometimes seems too simple. The performance is superb. However, the show’s other strengths fall flat. Everything from the cosmetics to the costumes to the sets looked fantastic, thanks to the hard work of the team. The soundtrack is fantastic, the personalities are entertaining, Jenna Ortega portrays a fantastic Wednesday, and the production design is so appealing and convincing that I could just pack my bags and move in there there. Imagine a darker version of Oz located in Stars Hollow.

Love Death Robots (2019)

One might have to travel an extra mile for this one, as the streaming giant is often hailed for concealing its masterpieces where none could find them. The series spans three seasons and consists of short animated tales aimed at exploring human nature, from faith and compassion to greed and ambition. Each one has some kind of science fiction element to it, and a lot of them have a darkly comic tone. It’s not possible to talk about every single chapter, owing to their huge numbers. The visuals are on par with Hollywood-quality computerised cutscenes, whether lifelike or manga-inspired. The segment “Three Robots” is a hilariously satirical look at three robots wandering around a human wasteland and speaking about the origins of humanity and its ultimate demise. The plot is hilarious, even down to the final second, the question of what people consume and the animations are gorgeous to boot.

Making A Murderer (2015)

Real-life murder mysteries have never been more popular or talked about than they are right now. If you recall “Serial,” a podcast that investigates crimes with a focus on forensics, it has returned for a second season. “Making a Murderer” follows an identical path. In this 10-episode documentary, we follow Steven Avery as he faces additional charges after serving 18 years in jail for a homicide he was not involved in. This documentary highlights the flaws in the American justice structure. There is absolutely no debate about that. It treats the helpless like it would any other victim of bullying. Since it believes it is too large to collapse, it repeatedly preys on such folks. In this case, the prosecution is looking for Brandon Dassey. The man is questioned vigorously without an adult present until he makes a confession about a gruesome assault, killing, and interment. Also, Dassey is a juvenile and has significant developmental delays.

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