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Tech Wonders Unveiled At CES 2023: Part 2

The CES 2023 ended on January 8 with a final attendance count of over 115,000, exceeding the CTA’s estimate. Tech giants and startups from every corner of the world were present and showcased a range of products, from wireless displaceable TVs to breathing pillows. On “Tech Wonders Unveiled at CES 2023 Part 1,” you can check out the names of some of the useful and out-of-the-box gadgets and technologies. Here in this blog, you will see what else CES 2023 offered to consumers, and then it will be a wrap-up for this year. 

Pedal For Energy 

In this hectic work schedule, we often forget to take care of our health. Acer, the computer tech giant, wants to change that by introducing the eKinekt BD3. The unique device combines the concept of a smart desk and a fitness bike, which the users can pedal to generate electricity for charging their smartphones and laptops. The company has promised that the device can generate 75 watts of power if the user constantly pedals at 60 RPM for 1 hour. To further support this, there is an LCD display and a dedicated app that provides all the important information like calories burned, distance, real-time progress, and speed. The bike desk is made from recycled plastic, and the seat, height, and resistance of the bike can be adjusted according to one’s own comfort. The eKinekt BD3 comes with two modes, working mode and sports mode, and will be available at a price of $999.

All-In-One Audio Device

Naim Audio, celebrating its 50th year, surprised audiophiles with something of a unique preamplifier that has multiple functions. The Naim NSC 222 has a simple yet timeless design with magnificent sound quality. The preamplifier supports various streaming platforms, starting from Spotify to Apple Music, and has a large database of online radio stations. If you are a vinyl lover, the NSC 222 has also got you covered with its MM phono input. The device can be controlled either from your smartphone via the Naim app or by the smart remote that comes with the package. The 5.5-inch color display on the device shows the track that is playing and also has backlit volume buttons. For solo enjoyment of music, the NSC 222 has ports for headphones and features like wireless updates, multiroom readiness, and USB connection, among many others.

Folding E-Bike

Made from a one-piece frame of magnesium alloy, the Heybike Tyson folding e-bike is one of the most practical and compact equipment seen at CES 2023. The maximum weight the e-bike can carry is around 181 kg, and it takes 4-5 hours to get fully charged. The bike is a bit bulky, weighing 35 kg, but is durable and can be folded in such a manner that it can be put inside your car without any hassle. The 750 W motor is extremely efficient and can provide a range of around 88 km on a single charge. The Heybike Tyson is classified as a Class 2 motorcycle and has both front and rear hydraulic suspension systems. The 4-inch-thick tires and hydraulic disc brakes can help you ride the bike in any terrain and have solid control.

Multifunctional Translation Glass

TCL is known worldwide for creating value-for-money television sets and smartphones, but last year it surprised everyone by entering the wearable market. This year at CES, they introduced the Ray Neo X2 glasses, which come with AR technology and a touch of practicality. Though the glass is a bit chunky, it can be easily worn as prescription glasses as the projecting micro-LED display is embedded in the frames. The eyeglass has a camera on the bridge, which takes decent photos and has image stabilization support. The stems of the glass have speakers and a microphone, which allow you to talk as well as listen to music. The device’s most distinguishing feature is its ability to translate various languages in real-time and display them as subtitles. You can also use the GPS built into the device to navigate using SLAM technology (simultaneous localization and mapping). The company is even inviting other developers to tinker with this product to expand on its features.

Self Driving Stroller

Imagine a scenario where you have taken your child outside in a stroller and suddenly the child feels he or she does not want to sit in it. You have to carry the child and also move the stroller, which seems like a bit of a hassle. Keeping this in mind, Gluxkind, a Canadian company, has developed a smart stroller by the name of Ella that can automatically move along with the user who is carrying the child by using its 360-degree sensors and also avoid obstacles. Going uphill or downhill is not worrisome anymore with Ella’s electric boost for uphill and brake assist function for downhill. When the user wants to take a break, they can put Ella in Rock-My-Baby mode, where the stroller will gently move forward and backward with a lulling sound coming from the in-built noise generator. The other features that Ella has are a lower storage box for keeping essentials, car seat compatibility, a retractable vented sunshade, and a dedicated app to know the whereabouts of the stroller.

Compact AR Glasses Supporting MR

It is really commanding how HTC is going toe-to-toe against Meta Quest Pro with its release of the Vive XR Elite. Priced at $1,099, the device comes with a 2K resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate in each eye. The glasses look incredibly sleek and are easily portable, weighing only 650 g. The device’s echo cancellation is done using dual microphones, and for a seamless audio experience, it has embedded speakers. The battery pack is put around the back and can provide two hours of use with a single charge, and the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip is powerful enough to provide an immersive AR, VR, and MR experience. Because the Vive XR Elite is standalone compatible, there is no need for tethering or connecting via wires or PCs to play games or watch movies. 

Hands-Off Cleaning Robots

Roborock has finally developed a robot vacuum cleaner that not only cleans your desired area but also cleans itself. The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra, after self-washing, dries the mop and the lower side of the dock itself using warm air. It can run for 7 weeks without changing the dirt bag and empties dirt and dust automatically. It refills water for cleaning on its own and has a maximum mopping range of 300 sqm. The device has a two-fold brush and VibraRise 2.0 mopping system, which not only enhances dirt collection but also avoids tangling. The device has 6000 Pa suction power, greater than 6N mop pressure, and 5 mm mop lifting capability. With its infrared imaging technology and 3D structured light, the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra also has a top-of-the-line, reactive 3D obstacle avoidance system.

Suggestion Providing Smartwatch 

It has now become a standard for smartwatches to measure blood oxygen levels, heart rates, step counts, and many other fitness-related activities. But what if your smartwatch could suggest “Power Fixes” to reduce fatigue and increase alertness? Citizen’s CZ Smart Watch, by utilizing the YouQ app, not only understands perfectly how your body is performing but also provides recommendations to perk you up. The app combines NASA research with machine intelligence from IBM Watson Studio to help you track your daily activity and predict how you might feel tomorrow. The device establishes a baseline by tracking the heart rate and sleep, and then it offers a gamified alertness test to determine the chronotype throughout the day. The watch not only provides biometric data but also solutions to maintain a healthy body.

Cool Router

Bored with your traditional router, which often sparks new problems with connection and range? Get TP Link’s Archer BE900, which is simply a work of art. The design itself is unique, and the router comes with an LED touch screen that is capable of showing all practical things, ranging from system information to weather. Where other routers use WiFi 5 and 6, the Archer BE900 comes with WiFi 7 and supports high-capacity channels up to 320 MHz. The device is mesh compatible, so you can combine it with extenders for further range or with other routers. The Archer BE900 has two USB ports, a 10 Gbps combination Ethernet, four 2.5 Gbps LAN ports, and a fiber port, among many others. The device also supports a private IoT network and OpenVPN and will cost $699 in the USA.

Smart Skylight

Nanoleaf has taken smart lighting to a new height and raised the bar for other competitors. The WiFi-enabled modular ceiling light comes with both regular and advanced features, where the first includes adjustable dimming and brightness, whereas the latter offers Rhythm Music Visualization technology, more than 16 million colors with a tunable white option, dynamic animated scenes, and screen mirror, among many others. But what makes the lighting system unique is its Sense+Controls, a type of built-in sensor that helps you connect the light with Nala (Nano Autonomous Learning Assistant), which has the ability to create personalized lighting routines by monitoring the user’s habits and moods. The skylight also has a Thread Border Router and is Matter 1.0 compatible.


There were many more gadgets and technologies that were showcased at the event, but the ones mentioned in the list can find their use in any corner of the world. CES 2023 has been extremely successful in bringing in all the futuristic technology in a single space, which has helped the manufacturer showcase the potential of the future technology while helping the consumer understand it.

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