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‘Slasher’ Season 5, Episodes 1 And 2: Cast And Character Guide, Explained

Horror-slasher movies and series have risen in popularity in the past few years, and for a good reason: the genre’s tense narrative and graphic killings make for riveting entertainment. “Slasher,” a horror anthology series, has become a fan favorite. This Canadian anthology show has a rotating ensemble, with a new perpetrator and set of victims featured in every season. It’s easy to become confused amid all the chaos when there are so many characters to remember. We hope our cast and character guide for “Slasher Season 5” will help you keep track of all the characters as the plot thickens and thins throughout the series.

Shaun Benson As Alister Sinclair

Alister Sinclair, alias Jack, in the guise of an upstanding citizen, was a sick and perverted sadist who used to roam the ill-reputed streets of Devil’s Elbow in pursuit of sexual gratification once dusk had fallen. Alister had a bad reputation and was banned by multiple pleasure houses after making incisions in girls’ faces after bedding them. Alister made cuts and incisions in the faces of the women he slept with, earning him an unfavorable image and the moniker of a “ripper,” including his expulsion from many pleasure establishments. Alister was one of Toronto’s richest and wealthiest aristocrats and was betrothed to Regina Simcoe, who also happens to be one of the most respected entities in the town. Regrettably, if he were to mistreat his legally married spouse, it would damage his reputation in the eyes of the public. Therefore, he opted to have his illicit affairs at the Devil’s Elbow instead. However, his pleasure spree is cut short when, one night, while returning from the Devil’s elbow, Alister is attacked and brutally killed by the “Widow,” a woman donning a black robe. What Alister thought would be a quick pleasure session turned into his worst nightmare, and before he could make sense of the situation, he was tied, castrated, and brutally murdered.

The Widow

At nightfall, the Widow would prowl the alleys of Devil’s Elbow, looking for people who’d wronged Margaret to exact her revenge. The reason for the Widow’s moniker is her attire, which consists of a black veil traditionally worn by widows. Widow’s first victim was Alister Sinclair, whom she chained and castrated as a punishment for his lust. After that, the Widow sets her sights on Horatio Dixon, the owner of an illicit pleasure dome, and decapitates his head to strike fear into the hearts of those who’d wronged her. Unlike what is being advertised in the newspapers, Widow isn’t a mindless killer who is prowling on people just to satisfy her sadist urges, but in reality, she wants the citizens of Toronto to learn the truth about some of the most powerful aristocrats responsible for running the city. The Widow also approached Enid, a journalist working for the local newspaper, owned by none other than Mr. Garvy, to publish the truth rather than spitting lies.

Eric McCormack As Basil Garvey

Basil Garvey was another renowned aristocrat in town and likewise shared Alister Sinclair’s lusty nature, but unlike the latter, he found sexual satisfaction in being subjugated and shamed by a dominatrix. Despite being betrothed to Venetia, Garvey tried to seduce her younger sister, Verdi, by promising her more riches than she could handle. In his defense, Garvey justifies that he has promised Venetia no such thing and that the latter is angling for something she can never have. Garvey had hired ABC as his right-hand man to talk sense into the lowlings at Devil’s Elbow and take care of the dirty work that Garvey refused to do himself. Basil Garvey also owned the newspaper and utilized it as a medium to spread lies and deter the truth. Several years ago, when Margeret’s mutilated remains were found in the backstreets of Devil’s Elbow, Basil Garvey enlisted the help of a dishonest journalist named Enid to fabricate stories and wrongfully accuse an innocent man of the crime. Basil Garvey’s clout and sway aren’t limited to the press. Due to his money and personal connections with the police commissioner, he is able to influence law enforcement to do his bidding. This indicates that he has a firm grasp of the town’s power structures, allowing him to act freely and escape punishment for whatever crime he indulges himself in.

Paula Brancati And Sabrina Grdevich As Venetia Botticelli And Veviana Botticelli

Both Venetia and Viviana Botticelli are unmarried and want to marry into the aristocracy so that they may maintain their opulent lifestyles. They convinced their naive stepsister, Verdi Botticelli, to leave Boston and join them in Toronto. However, once in Toronto, Verdi quickly realizes that her main duty is to act as a maid while her stepsisters spend their time socializing at balls and events in hopes of finding wealthy suitors. Venetia and Viviana have the same aim in mind when it comes to finding a spouse, but their methods couldn’t be more dissimilar. Venetia is gregarious and cheerful, and she uses her elegance and charisma to attract the attention of suitable men. However, Viviana is more restrained and cautious, picking her battles deliberately and utilizing her wit and knowledge to prevail over her suitors. Viviana sets her eyes on Garvey, an influential and wealthy aristocrat, and does all in her power to earn his love. She seems confident and assured, but her sense of self-worth fades when she witnesses Garvey flirting with her stepsister, Verdi. The sibling, seething with rage, throws themselves upon Verdi, revealing to her their true nature.

Gabriel Darku As Detective Kenneth Rijkers

Detective Kenneth Rijkers was the officer entrusted to stop the violent killings and bring the Widow to justice. Rijkers, with his years of police expertise, immediately realized that the killings in progress were not random acts of violence but rather the work of a calculated killer who was out for revenge. He was also the one who discovered the hidden note embedded in Alister’s hand, which the coroner had overlooked. Rijkers, alongside Horatio and Daisy, was among the many who wanted to see Garvey face trials for all his crimes; unfortunately, he’s often forced by his superiors to free suspects without proper questioning. One such instance was when he brought in Garvey’s right-hand man, Eddie Jacobs, as a suspect in Horatio Dixon’s murder but was forced to let him walk free because of his superior, Superintendent Issac Kashtinsky. But, despite Garvey’s best efforts, Rijkers refuses to do his bidding and is adamant about uncovering his connection to the murders.


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