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‘Sky High: The Series’ Cast And Character Guide, Explained: Everything About The Major Casts

The new gangster thriller about a woman named Sole and her tryst with heists and heartbreaks, titled “Sky High: The Series,” just dropped on Netflix. The series picks up from the ending of the 2021 film “Sky High.” Both directed by Daniel Calparsoro, the series has seven episodes, each expanding on the universe of the film, which was set in Madrid, Spain.

The plot has Sole trying to manage a lifestyle that got disrupted after the death of her husband Angel, who had made a name for himself in the world of crime. Sole is herself the daughter of a crime boss, but in the series, she comes into her own as she navigates the ins and outs of the business, all the while handling her son alongside encounters with cops and gangsters.

Spoilers Ahead

Asia Ortega As Sole

Asia Ortega plays Sole, the newly widowed mother who, after losing her husband Angel, takes the road to independence against her father, the head of a trafficking syndicate, willing to manage her own gang, teaming up with her late husband’s crew. Asia shines in the show and plays the part with full responsibility. Asia Ortega is known for her roles in films such as “When Angels Sleep” and “Sky High.” She was recently seen in the Spanish web series “The Boarding School.”

Luis Tosar As Rogalio

Spanish acting heavyweight Luis Tosar stars as Rogalio, the stolen goods trafficker, who, amidst controlling his business, also has to be concerned for his newly widowed daughter. Luis Tosar is an acclaimed Spanish actor with performances in films as diverse as “Cell 211”, “Take My Eyes,” “Sleep Tight,” “Even the Rain,” and “Mondays in the Sun.” He was recently seen in the compelling drama “On the Fringe” alongside Penelope Cruz and in the comedy flick “Canallas.”

Alvaro Rico As Fernan

Alvaro Rico plays Fernan, the undercover cop who is disguised as the suave robber in Sole’s gang. Alvaro rose to fame with the T.V. series “Elite,” portraying Polo Benavent. Apart from “Sky High: The Series,” he has starred in series such as “Holy Family,” “Madres,” “The C.I.D.,” and “Alba.” With good looks and acting skills, Alvaro plays Fernan in style.

Fernando Cayo As Duque

The Spanish T.V. and film veteran Fernando Cayo plays Duque, the police officer who is hell-bent on busting Rogalio and Sole’s heist operations in Spain. Fernando Cayo is one of those reliable actors in the Spanish entertainment industry whom the directors have relied upon for decades to deliver the goods when required. Here he plays the role with determination and grit. He was seen in the Netflix superhit series “Money Heist” as Colonel Tomayo and has done some good work in the past few years. Having started his career in the 90s, he was recently seen in the series “Travesuras de la Nina Mala ” and the film “La Fortaleza.”

Alana As Rosa

Alana plays Rosa, the cousin of Estrella, who was murdered in the film “Sky High.” She is curious about her cousin’s sudden death and eager to find out the killers. With the help of Estrella’s cell phone, she comes in contact with Sole, and the story unfolds. Alana, a makeup artist by profession, tried her hand at acting with this series, making it her acting debut. She does a stellar job considering this is her first.

Patricia Vico As Mercedes

Patricia Vico delivers a strong performance as the cunning lawyer Mercedes, whose loyalty remains a questionable one all throughout the series.

Vico, who also happens to be the spouse of series director Daniel Calparsoro, is well-cast in the role. Apart from this series and the original film it is based upon, she has appeared in several other projects, such as”La casa de los los,”, “Hospital Central”and “Rabia.” Her most recent works include “Parot” and “Operation Marea Negra.”

Tomás Del Estal As Ferran

The voice of wisdom in the series is played by the syndicate’s advisor and longtime friend of Rogalio, Sole’s father. He guides Sole in key moments, leaving it up to her to make her call. Tomas is a longtime character actor in the Spanish entertainment industry, having played supporting roles in films such as Alejandro G. Iárritu’s “Biutiful,” “The Vault,” “Julieta” and “Everybody Knows.” Recently, he was seen in the hit series “Presumed Guilty.”

With such star power and a thrilling plot, “Sky High: The Series” offers a follow-up to the 2020 film of the same name, delving deep into the world of crime but this time with a strong female character in the lead. Containing a healthy dose of heist sequences, car chases, and the emotional lives of the characters, this adrenaline-fueled story encompasses what it means to be an action thriller. With surprise betrayals and newfound loyalty, the series keeps one hooked until the end. Do catch it; it’s streaming on Netflix.


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