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‘Farzi’ Cast And Character Guide, Explained: Everything About The Major Characters In Amazon Prime Series

The moment you see “Raj and DK” as the names of the creator and director, you know you are in for a real treat. The duo kept their charm alive with their latest hit on Amazon Prime, “Farzi.” The eight-episode series is about counterfeit money. Although the plot seems very simple, like an open-and-shut case, Raj and DK have incorporated some creative crossovers with “Family Man” that you just cannot ignore. Also, it is really difficult to point out the central characters as everyone; however little they had to contribute, they made their mark in the series. Sunny (Shahid Kapoor) and his friend-turned-family Firoz (Bhuvan Arora) gave commendable performances, as did Michael (Vijay Setupathi), Megha (Raashii Khanna), and not to mention Mansoor Dalal (Kay Kay Menon). We can say that these characters are primary in the series, as most of the story revolves around them. However, we cannot deny how they are interrelated by characters like Nanu (Amol Palekar), Yasir Chacha (Chittaranjan Giri), Minister Gahlot (Zakir Hussain), and of course, Saira (Kubbra Sait). We are not new to the idea of a multi-star cast, but unfortunately, not all turn out as great as “Farzi.” So, instead of beating around the bush any longer, here is everything you need to know about the characters.

Spoilers Ahead

Shahid Kapoor As Sunny

You can call Sunny “chor ka beta chor,” but it will just oversimplify his character. Losing his mother at a young age, Sunny was forced to shift from one place to another because of his fraudster father. Finally, the father abandoned him on a running train. The poor little guy was forced to live at a railroad station. Sunny was a good artist, so he started drawing on the platforms, hoping his father would find him someday. Unfortunately, his father didn’t, but he found a way to earn money and also met Firoz. The two instantly became best friends; Sunny used to draw, and Firoz used to collect money. Lucky for the duo, Nanu found them and rescued them from their misery. Nanu trained Sunny to be a true artist. We know nothing about Sunny’s teenage years, but as an adult, Sunny earns his living by selling the first copy of famous paintings and making five-minute portraits for rich people. Sunny had seen the dedication with which Nanu kept publishing his “Kranti Patrika” magazine with the ideology that Nanu thought would one day change the world. The ideology of Nanu did not get under the skin of Sunny. Sunny keeps on wooing rich girls and wants to live a life of luxury. Thus, when the time came to save the publishing house, Sunny decided to print fake notes. He knew he could master the art of making fake notes, for he is a true “artist.” Sunny kept on saying he was doing it for Nanu, but deep down, he was always a sucker for luxury. The greed that Sunny had soon took over, and he was no longer someone who printed “sandwich notes.” Instead, he created “supernotes.” However, it is hard to deny that no matter how self-centered Sunny might seem, for two people, Nanu and Firoz, he always had his heart in the right place. Thus, when he realized that his greed had cost Nanu’s life, he sent Firoz away and stayed back to avenge his death in a bloody and fiery way.

Bhuvan Arora As Firoz

Much of Firoz’s early life is unknown. We know that his father abandoned him too. Firoz was always a support system for Sunny. Firoz did criticize Sunny; on several occasions, he warned Sunny that his ideas were insane, but Sunny never backed down from executing those intensely insane ideas. While Sunny was the master artist, Firoz was the master technician; he knew all about printers, ink, paper, and technologies. At the same time, he was the accountant and skillfully negotiated every counterfeit currency deal. However, more than any of his skills or flaws, the most striking part is his undying loyalty to his friend. Firoz wanted the same things Sunny wanted in the same capacity. But he was happy to survive, take each day at a time, and aspire. He supported Sunny’s ambition but was never thirsty for opulence. He knew Sunny thoroughly; he knew how emotionally vulnerable he gets while in love and how he creates problems for himself. Yet he stayed by his side. There were only two instances where we saw Firoz opposing Sunny’s ideology. The first was when Sunny misbehaved with Yasir Chacha. Firoz told him no amount of money could earn them a family, and Yasir is family; thus, he has every right to stop them and question them. Towards the end of the series, however, we saw a jittery Firoz; the fear and the tension made him voice his opinions before Sunny, admitting that greed and ambition had truly made them lose sight of the bigger picture. Although Firoz boards the train at the end, we have a feeling he will find his way back to Sunny (if and when the next season comes).

Kay Kay Menon As Mansoor Dalal

There are certain villains you can’t simply ignore. Mansoor will remind you about a lot of villains you have known previously. But Mansoor, throughout the series, will not fail to charm you with his unique style. Mansor is what you can describe as the Mafia of counterfeit currency, and he has been doing brilliantly in his trade. He hates disloyal people, he looks out for those he cares about (for as long as they need them), and he has a unique vocabulary of the English language. Mansoor is not an emotional person; he barely understands family ties, emotions, or any such feelings. He understood that money is power and that money is everything he needs. He also had a taste for being a daredevil while simultaneously being a coward. This paradoxical nature surfaces the moment his name goes out in public, and he burns down the Kranti Press, which unfortunately kills Nanu. However, Mansoor is not all-powerful; he, too, is answerable to the “High Command” and their representative, Saira. Thus, every time Saira came by, Mansoor’s face lost its color. But Mansoor had cleared up the idea that he is not a criminal you want to cross, for he will smile at you and still, without any remorse, kill you in the blink of an eye. Thus, towards the end, no matter how helpless we see Mansoor, we hope to see his commendable comeback (if it comes).

Vijay Sethupathi As Michael Vedanayagam

Somehow, Indian cinema and television series have made it a point that top-ranking civil servants (especially police) can never balance their personal and professional lives. Michael is no different. He has an estranged relationship with his wife, Rekhs (Regina Cassandra), which eventually leads to divorce. Keeping aside his personal life, we see several shades of Michael. His nemesis is Mansoor, whom Michael has sworn to finish with all his might. He is a drunkard, which has affected his personal relationship, which has a backstory. He and his best friend, Dave, were on a mission; however, things went south, which raised questions and allegations against them. They were demoted and charged with crimes Michael would never think of committing. Unable to bear such harassment, his friend commits suicide, and Michael begins drinking. But Michael is immensely loyal to his work and to his country. He is a manipulator who even manipulates the minister to get his work done. He has a sharp mind to identify criminal psychology and sabotage their operations (but doesn’t understand silent operations). Sunny and Firoz, however, were successful in getting away from under his nose, but it appears they would not make it far. Sethupathi is undoubtedly a brilliant actor; however, you might just end up loving him a lot more after this series.

Raashii Khanna As Megha Vyas

Megha is a character you might be confused about. A brilliant RBI officer who can touch a note and decide whether it is fake or real and has programmed a device that would help recognize fake notes and wants to serve the nation, but she suddenly lacks all her judgment when she meets Sunny and falls in love. Another striking thing about the character is that despite being so brilliant, she could not recognize that her phone was hacked, which leaked important intel about her department. But we cannot overlook the fact that Megha is persistent about what she wants and what she believes. They say people turn blind in love, so we might cut her some slack. But Megha has an appetite for adventure and action. She wants justice, and like her boss Michael, she too wants the best for the nation, but at what cost? Towards the end of the series, you would be lying if you said you hadn’t prayed or hoped that Megha wouldn’t find out the true identity of the man she loves. However, in the very last scene, you would again hope that she finds out and Sunny and Megha have a one-on-one confrontation (yes, we all hope there is a second season).

Amol Palekar As Nanu

Nanu is each of our grandparents. A man who strongly believes if you share the right piece of mind with others, someday they will reverberate and will bring the most necessary changes around the world. He is not worried about embracing change but is worried that the change is not always a good one. He is a man with strong ideologies and a lot of pain inside. The pain of losing his daughter for marrying a fraud, the pain of Kranti not being read or taken into consideration, and ultimately, the pain that his grandson is doing something wrong for his life changed like a fairytale. Nanu is a man who is not afraid to take risks, a man who never turns down hard work, and a man who would not turn back just because he loves you. Unfortunately, his medical conditions made him lose his memory, and he did turn blind to what his grandson Sunny and his friend Firoz were doing. Strange as it is, he kept on having nightmares that Sunny had taken the wrong path. Nanu is a character who leaves a lasting impact on you with his powerful words.

Chittaranjan Giri As Yasir Chacha

Yasir had dedicated his life to Kranti Magazine and to the service of Nanu. He, along with Nanu, raised Sunny and Firoz as their own. He is also a man with a strong moral compass. For a while, when Sunny and Firoz began printing sandwich notes, Yasir started working with them. You might think another soul is lured by greed. But soon, you know, it was all for the magazine. He kept on telling Sunny and Firox to stop what they were doing. He is not a man who lies fluently; he stammers and says everything that would give him away as a liar. But he is a man of his word. Since his fight with Sunny, where he said that he would move aside from Sunny’s path, he has maintained his distance. You could see the sense of guilt building up inside him and how difficult it was for him to face Nanu. Yasir Chacha is like any common man who calls for desperate measures at desperate times. But can we shun someone for one false step? It is for the audience to judge.

Zakir Hussain As Minister Gahlot

Raj and DK have cut out a politician from any country you can name and have placed him as Minister Gahlot. A man who just cares about his images says “Jai Hind” like it’s a ritual but never means it. He can be easily blackmailed, for he has engaged in a lot of shameful activities and forgot to erase the tracks. He only wants a strong position and power; the rest, the country, the people, or for that matter, any department trying to fight crime, does not make a difference. There is only one way to play with people like these: feed their egos, manipulate them, or blackmail them—but not too harshly. Michael knew exactly how to play him, and thus he permitted a team that would fight and stop the counterfeit currency from entering the system. Gahlot may not be a prime character, but his presence makes the series more intense and firmly keeps the narrative accurate and close to reality.

Kubbra Sait As Saira

Saira had a very limited screen presence, but each time Kubbra Sait set foot, we knew something big and memorable was about to happen. She appeared to be someone you would always want on your team, as the great Mafia Manssor feels tormented by her. She adds to the ominous ambiance of the show, and we know her contributions are not just limited to threatening and warning Mansoor. She works in close proximity to Mansoor’s boss, so we know she possesses immense power. However, in this installment of the series, we just see glimpses of her power when she tells Mansoor that he can be easily replaced. Will we see her take full control? Well, as for now, we can just hope.

All these characters were backed up by other very talented actors, and it is fair to say each one complimented the other. The series has wonderfully crafted a very serious plotline with people from both Bollywood and Pan-Indian fraternities, making it one of the most interesting series of the year.

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