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‘Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’ Achievements, Explained: Can You Achieve 100% In The Game?

Welcome back to yet another entry of our can you 100% series. The game we’ll be looking at today is Bandai Namco’s “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.” Developed by CyberConnect2, “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” takes us through the entire story of Son Goku and his friends, which was penned by Akira Toriyama and adapted into anime form for the legendary series that needs no introduction, Dragon Ball Z. If you are an ’80s-’90s kid, then you know what this series is about, and it needs no explaining; if not, then what are you doing, guys? Go and watch it right now! The game is awesome, and the achievements are simple and self-explanatory for the most part, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting that sweet 100%. Let’s take a look at them.

The Game

We have a review for this one on our site, so feel free to check that out, but the long and short of it is that the game is an open-world action RPG that aims to tell the story of the entire Z saga. That means you’ll begin the story when Raditz arrives on Earth and end it when Goku defeats Kid Buu. They did a fantastic job of recreating the entire story and putting it in game form with all the key moments present(almost) and delivered painstakingly accurately with a bunch of added flair on top. The combat here is also downright phenomenal, as the game plays like a 3D fighting game chock full of all the signature moves and lightspeed battles that the series is known for. Even though it’s called “Kakarot,” the game also gives you control over other characters like Vegeta, Piccolo, and Gohan, each with their own unique move sets and animations. As I mentioned above, if you want a detailed analysis, then feel free to check out our review, but in case you want the short version, then yes, this game is well worth your time and is just plain fantastic. They recently also released a free next-gen patch alongside the first DLC from their second season pass, which is all about Bardock. The game runs at 4K and at 60fps with upgraded visuals on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 now and is truly the definitive Dragon Ball experience. Onto the achievements now.

The Achievements Structure

The game features 42 achievements for you to unlock, none of which are particularly missable, grindy, or hard. This is an RPG and a fighting game, and the achievements follow the trend and pattern that these games usually set and are pretty self-explanatory. Since nothing is too special, demanding, or difficult here, I’ll write and describe all of the achievements of this game in one single section.

The Achievements

The first five achievements listed here are for just progressing through and completing the story of the game. The first of these achievements is titled “Former Foe,” which you’ll unlock after beating Piccolo in the simulation battle, aka the tutorial. After that, as you progress through the story, you’ll unlock “Worse for Wear” to complete the Saiyan saga, “Emperor No More” to complete the Frieza saga, “Earth’s New Champion” to complete the Android/Cell saga, and finally “Bye-Bye, Buu” for beating the Buu saga. With that, the story stuff is done, so onto the other achievements.

The game also features tons of side missions, a lot of which are missable, and completing one of these sub-stories will unlock “Helping Hand,” whereas completing 10 of these will unlock “Do-Gooder.” Don’t fear the word “missable” here, as there are plenty of these, and you’ll get these achievements without even realizing it.

Some random stuff/ open-world shenanigans now. Once you meet King Kai, he’ll randomly chime in at any time and give you hints and messages as you roam the world. Getting one of these messages will unlock “The Voice in My Head,” whereas getting 20 of them will unlock “Who Needs A Phone?” These are random, and they’ll happen without your even noticing it, so don’t worry. Then we have “Excavator” for destroying a boulder blocking a cave and  “Demolition Artist” for destroying 10 boulders blocking caves. You’ll find these in the open world, so just do as the description says when you see one. Simple. “Not Worth My Time” unlocks for getting an instant victory, whereas “Can’t Touch This” unlocks for getting 50 instant victories. Okay, so you’ll see groups of enemies hovering around the open world, and once you approach them, they’ll chase you and start a fight with you. In order to get an instant victory, you’ll have to fly into a group of enemies at full speed while you are at a much higher level than them, and poof, they’ll get destroyed without you even fighting them. These will come naturally as you level up.

Speaking of fighting and beating enemies, there are four achievements that revolve around villainous parties. Sometime after progressing through the game, you’ll get introduced to villainous parties, which are tougher variants of the basic enemies you fight. Once you beat them, you’ll encounter these enemies in the open world, and they are easily differentiated from the normal enemies as they have a red glow surrounding them. By defeating one group, you’ll unlock “A Dark Omen.” “Evil All Around” will unlock for defeating 20 groups, and “Purging The Plague” will unlock for defeating 30 villainous parties. Once you have defeated all the villainous parties scattered around the world, you’ll have to face a secret level 100 boss named Mira and beat him to unlock “Down With The Demon Realm!” and this section will come to a close with that.

As you progress through the story, you’ll be notified that you can find the dragon balls and make a wish for yourself, just like in the show. There are three achievements tied to this that are pretty simple and ask you to find all dragon balls and summon Shenron once to unlock “Wish Maker.” After that, repeat this and summon him 5 and 10 times to unlock “Getting Greedy” and “Shenron’s Favorite,” respectively.

This is Dragon Ball Z after all, so there are bound to be some achievements tied to training. These are simple as well and will ask you to complete 10 challenges in the training grounds to unlock “Push It To The Limit,” three achievements tied to Turtle School Training. These are simple challenges like “defeat x number of enemies” or “find x number of resources that are given to you by none other than Master Roshi,” and completing 1, 20, and 50 of these will unlock “Turtle School Trainee,” “Turtle School Master,” and “Turtle School Legend,” respectively. A thing to note here is that you have to go back and turn them in at Master Roshi at Kame House for these to progress or count. There is one last achievement tied to training, and this one asks you to do a little bit of work. “Tough Enough” unlocks after completing a level 10 challenge in the training room, and you’ll have to find tons of resources to upgrade the room to level 10. The room is located inside Capsule Corp, so check the requirements and always be on the lookout for these resources.

With our training arc complete, let’s go and grab something to eat as there are two achievements titled “There’s Nothing Like A Home-Cooked Meal!” and “Only The Finest” for enjoying 1 and 5 full-course meals. These meals are made by Chi-Chi at Goku’s house and require you to find the right ingredients.

We are approaching the end, so let’s talk about some of the remaining achievements. “Medal Madness’’ unlocks for collecting 10 D medals, and “Heavy Medal” unlocks for collecting 100 D medals. These medals can be found scattered around the world or can be earned by completing side quests and are pretty easy to come by. 

The next three achievements are simple once again and ask you to acquire skills or attacks from the skill tree. Acquiring one will unlock “Newfound Power,” acquiring 50 will unlock “Highly Skilled,” and acquiring 100 will unlock “A Super Warrior Is Born.”

Then we have three achievements for building stuff. “Let the Building Begin!” unlocks the building of a machine part. “Get Out Of My Head And Turn Into My Car” unlocks the ability to build a hover car, and “Robot Rider” unlocks the ability to build a bipedal robot walker. These can be done by visiting Bulma at Capsule Corp., and she’ll be kind enough to build them for you, given that you can supply her with the materials required.

Now we have three achievements tied to the Z Encyclopedia and ask you to unlock your first entry in the encyclopedia, which will unlock “Tell Me More.” Unlocking 200 entries unlock “Thirsty for Knowledge,” and unlocking 400 entries unlocks “The Fountain of Knowledge.” I don’t know what else to tell you other than that you’ll get these done and unlock these achievements without even knowing or realizing what’s happening as you play the game.

The last three achievements are, once again, simple and self-explanatory. “Power Of Friendship” unlocks performing 10 super attack assists, which means having someone in your party and commanding them to use their special attacks during a fight. Next up, we have “Z Combat Zealot,” which asks you to perform 10 Z combos. To perform a Z combo, you’ll need to command your friends to use special attacks during a battle. As they do that, you’ll notice a ring slowly filling up around their picture on the side of your screen. Once that ring is full, you can perform a Z combo, which is a flashy tag team takedown of sorts. Do this 10 times, and the achievement will unlock. Finally, you will have to unlock “Flashy Finish,” which asks you to win a battle with a super finish. This is going to sound complicated, but this achievement is super simple. In order to trigger a super finish, you’ll have to enter surge mode, use a transformation on top of that, and finish the fight with one of your special moves. So, for instance, you can do this as Goku in his Super Saiyan Transformation while he is in surge and finish the fight using a Kamehameha. You’ll know you have done it right when you see an animation of a ki blast leaving Earth and blasting into space.

Once all of these achievements have been unlocked, you’ll finally unlock “Dragon Ball Master” for unlocking all of the achievements in this game. Congratulations! You have 100% of “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot.”

Final Thoughts

As you can probably tell, the achievements for this are rather simple and self-explanatory. So much so that they didn’t even need their own sections. Do I recommend you complete this game? Yes, because it’s simple and easy and doesn’t ask a lot from you. Licensed games are ones that I always love to get a 100% on and proudly display on my profile. Besides, the game is a blast to play anyway, so what’s the harm in going the extra mile to get that sweet 100% after all? The score below is not for the game itself but for its completion and is a mixture of difficulty, skill, and time consumption.


Roughly 40 hours.

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