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‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ Achievements, Explained: Can You Achieve The 100% In The Game?

A new year begins, and we continue here on our mission to give you a brief overview of some of the games that I have personally completed. This time, we’ll be taking a look at “Watch Dogs: Legion” and see if you have what it takes to achieve 100% in this game. Right off the bat, this game is incredibly fun and is one of the easier ones in which you can unlock all the achievements/earn all the trophies in a decent amount of time. The base game here comes with 39 achievements, none of which are particularly difficult to unlock. A couple may require some luck or RNG, while a handful will ask you to run around the map, collecting various items as you go; again, nothing too difficult or extremely time-consuming, just generic open-world stuff. If you put in the time, then this game will be a fun completion on your profile!

The Game

“Watch Dogs: Legion” is a third-person open-world game set in a near future rendition of London, where you play as a member of a hacker group called Dedsec. We have a full review of the game here on the website, which discusses many aspects of the game in detail, so feel free to check that out. The game is developed by Ubisoft and is the third title in this series, with quite an ambitious take on its gameplay this time. You don’t have a designated playable character this time around. You can recruit anyone off the streets of London to join your hacker group; yes, you heard that right, anyone from the street! This means the NPCs that you once mindlessly drove over can be a valuable asset to your team, so you better be careful around them. Each person has a unique skill set and brings different weapons, vehicles, or abilities to the playing field, which keeps the hunt for building the perfect team all the more exciting! The open world itself is gorgeous and painstakingly detailed, with tons to see and do. There is tons of action and stealth here, and you have full freedom to choose how you want to play. Go in guns blazing, sneak your way around, or never set foot inside the building and hack your way in from a distance—the choice is yours. It’s quite a unique open-world experience and a game you’ll have a blast playing,

The Easy/ Story Achievements

Roughly 10–11 of the achievements here are unlocked by just playing and progressing through the story, with achievements like “The Future Is Bright” for completing the 404 storylines and “Hacker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” for completing the SIR’s storyline. There are 2-3 more storylines here, each with its own achievements, all of which you’ll have to do to beat the main campaign. Once you complete the main story, you’ll unlock the “Divided We Fall” achievement, and you’ll also unlock a post-story mission, upon completing which you’ll unlock the “The One That Got Away” achievement.

There are three more achievements here for completing all the side missions that you get from characters you meet across the campaign. Once the introductions are done, you’ll find them inside your hideout, so go and talk to them and complete the missions they send you on. The first of the bunch is Kaitlin Lau, who has six missions that, once you complete them, will unlock “The Nick Of Time” achievement. The second is Nowt, who’ll also give you six missions. Complete them, and you’ll unlock “A Roof Over Your Head.” One of her missions is awesome and features the popular British rapper STORMZY premiering his now-famous song “Rainfall.” Finally, you have Hamish, who’ll give you eight missions. Complete them, and the “England For Everyone” achievement is yours. The side missions in this game are quite fun to tackle, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

There are a couple more achievements here that you’ll get more or less naturally with things like “And Stay Down” for knocking out or killing a Dedsec adversary. “Making Friends” for recruiting your first operator after completing the first mission; “All About The Aesthetic” and “Re-Wrap My Whip” for buying a new color for your gun and car, respectively. Technically, this section is the longest, as it requires you to complete all story and side missions, so you should have all of these in 20–25 hours.

The Miscellaneous Achievements

There are a ton of miscellaneous achievements here, but luckily, all of them are really easy, very straightforward, and self-explanatory, with only a couple requiring a bit of RNG, so you should be able to blaze past them in no time. “Every Walk Of Life,” asks you to have 20 operatives in your team, each with a different occupation. “Death from Above,” asks you to kill five Albion guards at once using the Dive-Bomb ability, which is exclusive to the Drone-Expert. “Hack the Planet” asks you to propagate a hack between eight or more people using mass hackability and is exclusive to the Hacker class. “Down to The Wire” for performing five stealth takedowns as a professional hitman. “Shaken Not Stirred” for disabling five weapons at once using the Spy Watch. “NO NOT THE BEES” for neutralizing ten enemies using Bee Swarm as The Beekeeper. “Throw The Book At Them” for performing five arrest takedowns on enemies using the handcuff ability. “Power To The People” for having your followers take down 3 Albion guards; you’ll get followers by using the special abilities of either a Protestor, a Stage Magician, or a Football Hooligan. The last three here are “The Royal Tour” for infiltrating the grounds of Buckingham Palace as the Royal Guard, “You Don’t See Me!” for escaping a level 5 pursuit by turning into a human statue, and finally, “Paint Me Like One Of Your…” for stunning 5 Clan Kelley members with a paintball gun headshot. 

The two RNG-related achievements are as follows. “Meta-Gaming” for finding and recruiting a video game designer can take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the character’s spawn. “A Dish Best Served Cold” for rescuing a kidnapped operative. This is random, as you need someone who hates Dedsec, and then they have to move in to kidnap your operative for you to rescue them. Clan Kelley members will be your best bet here. This takes care of the miscellaneous achievements, and as you can probably see, all of them are very fun and require you to use different abilities of different operators. This section can be completed in about 5 hours and, again, is incredibly fun.  

The Somewhat Grindy Achievements

Now we have arrived at the final section for the base game, and while none of the achievements here are particularly grindy, it’s still a Ubisoft game, and it asks you to get a tick mark on just about everything, so let’s take a look at these really quickly. “Bullseye” and “Bottom’s Up” for completing a game of darts at every location (you don’t have to win) and drinking at every bar. “Piece De Resistance” for completing all paste-up locations. “Dedsec Delivery” for completing 20 Parcel Fox missions. “Could’ve Made National” for completing the kick-up challenge up to Intermediate 1. “Oral History” and “Magpie” for finding 50 audio logs and relics, respectively. “Fresh Threads” for buying 100,000 ETO worth of clothing. “Fully Kitted” and “Locked And Loaded” for unlocking every character and gun upgrade in the game. Finally, “Rise Up” and “Take Back London” for turning one borough and all boroughs into defiant states, respectively. None of these achievements require explanations, as they are incredibly simple and somewhat time-consuming. You should be done with this section in about 10–15 hours. Pro-tip: use a character with a drone to fly around the city, as most of the upgrade points are on rooftops, and the drone will help you get from location to location quite fast. With all of this completed, you should have the completion for “Watch Dogs: Legion” in about 40-50 hours max, but there’s a little more in the form of the achievements they added with the game’s DLC, “Bloodline.” This DLC is very fun and very straightforward, so let’s take a look at it really quickly as well. 

The DLC Achievements

“Bloodline” adds a total of 9 new achievements to the game, 3 of which are related to the story. Here, you play as Aiden Pearce from the first “Watch_Dogs” and Wrench from “Watch_Dogs 2” through a short, sweet, and memorable campaign. Once you have completed the campaign, the achievements of “Breaking The Ice,” “Switcheroo,” and “One Big Happy Family” will be yours. You’ll meet four side characters here, each of whom will have 3–4 side missions for you to complete. This is how you unlock upgrades and better tools in this expansion, and completing all side-missions from each of these characters will net you one achievement each. Complete Connie’s three missions to unlock “Viva La Résistance.” Angel’s four missions unlocks “Community Service.” Claire’s three missions unlocks “Off The Record” and Freddie’s three missions unlock “Supply And Demand.” These side missions are short and worth doing not just for the achievements but for the upgrades you get. Once you have completed all these missions and unlocked all the upgrades, you will also unlock “Fully Kitted 2.0.” Finally, in order to get “Packrat,” you must collect 50% of all data drives scattered across this expansion. An easy and menial task. As I mentioned in the beginning, this expansion is short and sweet, and you can unlock all of its achievements in 10–12 hours easily.

There is one last achievement here that is not tied to the expansion itself but was added as a title update with the addition of Resistance Mode. This is by far the hardest challenge in the game, but at the same time, it isn’t that bad. In order to unlock “Long Live Dedsec,” you must beat the main game once again, this time in Resistance mode. Now, this is a pretty big task, you may be thinking, but frankly, you can get this done in 6 to 8 hours easily by skipping past all the cutscenes and speedrunning the game. Resistance Mode is not easy by a long shot, as it puts the game on the hardest difficulty, the AI becomes more aware, aggressive, and relentless, and permadeath is on. So, if you lose all your characters here, it’s game over. If you have the expansion, then Wrench and Aiden will do most of the work for you; if not, get 4-5 operators quickly and blaze past the campaign. Remember, stealth will be your best friend here, so don’t turn into a gun-toting maniac. With all of this done, you’ll have the complete game for “Watch Dogs: Legion” and its DLC. 

Final Thoughts

I have said before that open-world games are my jam, and I love completing games in general, so this one was a cakewalk for me personally. “Watch_Dogs: Legion” is incredibly fun to play and is one of the most underrated big-budget open-world games in recent memory. The cherry on top here is that this game is very easy to complete, so you bet I had a blast getting all of its 1195 gamerscore. Below, you’ll find my competition rating for this game, and before I leave, I’d highly recommend playing and completing this one. The score below is not for the game itself but for its completion and is a mixture of difficulty, skill, and time consumption.

3/10, 50-60 hours.

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