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Must Have Apps If You Are Visiting FIFA World Cup At Qatar 2022

Hopefully, your bags are packed, and you are ready to fly to Qatar to watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It is a mesmerizing experience to watch legends of the game take to the field and show off their magical skills on this big stage. Now, along with you, millions of fans will travel to the same destination. This can create a bit of commotion in several fields, ranging from booking hotels to getting suitable transport. If you want to avoid such a commotion, then this blog is for you. Divided into multiple sections, this blog will help you equip yourself with the best apps in several fields that can save you from many troubles.


When you visit a new place, the first thing that comes to mind is accommodation. Relaxing after long flights and enjoying a calm stay after fabulous World Cup matches are yearned for by everyone. To get the best deals and safe hotels you can check out apps like:

  • Agoda 
  • Tripadvisor 
  • OYO

These are legitimate apps that can help you find both budget and luxury hotels with ease. If you want to rent an entire apartment or prefer staying in homestays rather than hotels, then you can opt for Airbnb. Try to get hotels or homestays near the stadium where you will attend the matches. This can help you save both time and money on transportation. If you are attending multiple matches and need transport, then go through the next portion thoroughly.


Moving around the city can be a great concern, be it going to the matches from your hotel or going to your hotel from the airport. Worry not, we have got you covered! To find the best and most reliable transport, use these apps:

  • Uber
  • Karwa Taxi
  • Qatar Rails
  • Karwa Bus
  • Salik

Uber is one of the most popular transportation apps on this list, providing premium services all over the world. If you want a bit of pocket-friendly rides, then you can surely check out Karwa Taxi and Karwa Bus, which are extremely popular in Qatar. If you want to further cut down on your costs and travel safely, you can avail of the metro services using Qatar Rail. The maximum cost, regardless of how many rides you take, is QR 6 ($ 1.65). For renting luxurious cars and limousine services, you can opt for Salik.

Restaurant And Food Delivery

Watching the fabulous World Cup matches and traveling around the city will surely give you pangs of hunger. To tackle that, you can either opt for local cuisines or go for safe options like:

  • KFC
  • McDonald’s
  • Pizza Hut
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Burger King

You can also try Snoonu, Rafeeq, Deliveroo, and Talabat for delivery of food and groceries to your hotel rooms or homestays. These apps can also help you get information about the local cuisine and nearby restaurants, which is an added advantage.


Every citizen and visitor must have the Etheraz app to enter any public or private space. From showing the vaccination status of the user to accessing updated information about COVID, all can be done using this app. Medical emergencies are things that cannot be predicted. It can happen after long hours of flights or due to severe weather conditions or a change of diet, and the list goes on. You can easily save yourself from such concerning situations by having apps like:

  • Kulud Pharmacy
  • MyNextcare
  • Care n Cure Pharmacy
  • Wellcare Pharmacy

Using these apps, you can get a range of things done, from getting online medicines delivered to your doorstep to having lab reports on your health.


Before and after watching the World Cup matches, you will have time on your hands. If you are an explorer, Qatar has plenty to offer. Some apps that should be on your smartphone are:

  • Hayya
  • Qatar Events

Hayya is an all-rounder app that not only helps you get tickets and find suitable accommodations but also provides free public transportation and a list of locations to visit. MEETUP is a similar app like Hayya, which lets you connect with locals with similar interests and also helps you find events occurring nearby. To get major updates about any concerts, shows, workshops, and much more, Qatar Events is the ideal app.



With millions of fans cheering for their favorite teams, stadium washrooms are bound to get crowded. You can easily save yourself from this queue by having the Flush app on your phone. This app lets you find the nearest toilet facilities and their rates. 


Navigating in a foreign country can be quite difficult. You are neither familiar with the language nor the streets. Having apps like Waze and Google Maps can help you easily reach your desired destination. To make contact with the locals, you can use the Qatari Phrasebook, which translates Arabic phrases like “travel,” “greetings,” “emergency, and “transportation,” among many others, into several languages to help you navigate through the city.


The mobile applications mentioned in this blog will help you explore and experience the tournament and the city like never before. From fulfilling basic needs to enjoying local events, everything will be at the tip of your finger if you have these apps on your smartphone.

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