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Best Productivity Apps To Help You Achieve More In 2023

The rapidly changing world has almost blurred the line between how we spend our personal and professional time. The demanding work schedules often become tiresome and are responsible for burning us out. To get our minds off the work, we often engage ourselves in mindless scrolling on various social media platforms, which leads to procrastination and as a result, it also hampers our productivity. After years of research and study, many companies have come up with several apps that will not only help you avoid burnout and procrastination but will also help you to manage, organize, and prioritize your personal and professional lives tactfully.

Top 5 Productivity Apps

These are the top 5 apps from the ocean of available tools that will help you to boost your productivity.

Forest: Forest is probably one of the most innovative and productive gaming apps on this list. With 1 crore+ downloads on the Play Store, the app lets you plant virtual trees and helps your mind focus. The logic behind the app is simple yet magnificent: Forest lets you plant a seed as you get ready for work and sets a timer. As you work and stay away from other distractions, your tree grows; whenever you exit the app to access anything else on your device, the tree dies. By staying focused on your work, you can grow an entire forest with this app. Not only in the virtual world, but the app has collaborated with the Tree of the Future organization to plant actual trees, which in turn benefits our mother earth. The app is available for both Android and iOS and can even be accessed via a Chrome extension.

Todoist: Maintaining a professional and personal life balance, as well as remembering everything on a daily basis, is truly difficult. For this reason, many people often use sticky notes, emails, or notepads. But what if there was a dedicated app to manage these things properly? Todoist is an app that helps with management in an organized manner and is compatible with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS. With this app, you can set due dates, collaborate with others on projects, and track your progress, among many other things. Some striking features of this app include location-based reminders, adding tasks with color codes, transferring email to task lists, and seamless integration with Dropbox and Google Drive.

Freedom: Do you often get stuck on social media platforms or websites and suffer from procrastination? Download the Freedom app and literally achieve freedom from such situations. The app allows its user to block time-wasting and distracting apps or websites for a fixed period. The users have the option to customize both the time period and the websites or apps they want to block. If you can manage your work without the internet, you can even block internet access to focus solely on your task. The app is compatible with all kinds of devices and has extensions for Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Firefox. It offers a free trial and then the option for in-app purchases at $8.99/month and $159.99/year.

Tide: Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? It is a time management strategy developed by Francesco Cirillo where the work segment is broken down into 25-minute intervals and then a 5-minute break. This is highly effective for productivity, and the Tide app uses this strategy to help you focus on your daily schedule. The Tide app also allows you to increase the length of the time frame with suitable soundscapes and provides daily inspirational quotes for motivation. You can also track your progress by accessing the data journal, and soothing color cycles are provided for peace of mind. You can either download and enjoy the free version or get the Tide membership for $1.99/month, $4.99/quarter, and $15.99/year.

Habitica: Incorporating good habits into your life is essential to being productive and efficient. Habitica is an app that can help you do so in a fun, role-playing game-like manner similar to Forest. Habitica is not like your daily habit-tracking app, which often fails to impress and causes you to discontinue your good habits. Firstly, you need to input the tasks and habits you want to incorporate into your daily life. The app then allows you to create an avatar, which gets upgraded and gains good health as you maintain your good habits. You can even unlock cool features and “level up” by completing your daily tasks. These rewards and punishment strategies keep you occupied and help to build a sense of accountability and competition. Habitica is compatible with both iOS and Android, and even its Chrome Extension is available. 

Wrapping Up

The term “productivity” is an extremely personal term, and the app that fits you perfectly may not be a seamless fit for another person. However, the apps mentioned on the list are the best-curated ones that have helped many people improve their productivity. As most of them are free to use, you can download and try them, and if it does not work, you have easy access to remove them from your device.

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