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An Influential Event Of The Tech World: A Guide To CES 2023

Considered to be one of the largest tech shows in the world, CES 2023 is back with a bang and will be held in Las Vegas. If you are a technology enthusiast, then you have the idea that at CES the big hitters of the technology world unveil their latest gadgets. The event was hampered by COVID-19, but this year it is expected to occur in full swing. Read the full blog to get an idea of CES, from its origins to the companies present at the 2023 event.

What Is CES?

Conducted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and is an annual trade event that occurs in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, in Winchester, Nevada. The event allows space for several tech companies to showcase their latest innovative products.


CES started as a spin-off to the Chicago Music Show and was first held in New York in 1967. With more than 100 exhibitors and over 17,000 attendees, the event became a cornerstone for the technology world. As the show progressed and saw growth every year, from 1974 onwards, it became a bi-annual event. The Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) was held in Las Vegas in January, while the Summer Consumer Electronics Show (SCES) was held in Chicago in June. The summer show, however, saw a sharp decline in attendance over time, and it was held at several different locations beginning in 1994. Several strategies were incorporated for the success of the bi-annual pattern, but it failed. In 1998, the annual pattern was chosen, and Las Vegas became the permanent location for CES.

Timeline For Key Innovations Displayed At CES 

From its beginning in 1967, the CES has helped unveil many innovative technologies that have changed our lives for the greater good. 

1979: For the first time, Bill Gates appeared at CES and introduced the Apple II, the first BASIC compiler.

1981: The first CD player was introduced to the world, which was jointly made by Sony and Philips.

1984: Ryo Kawasaki, the famous jazz fusion artist, performed with the Commodore 64 (8-bit home computer), which was introduced in 1982.

1993: The MiniDisc and 3DO Interactive Multiplayer were announced at this CES, along with the arrival of Mega Man X in North America.

2001: The final design of the Xbox console and controller was unveiled by Bill Gates.

2003: This year saw the introduction of Adobe Photoshop Album, with which one can edit, import, share, organize, and search digital photos.

2008: Panasonic made headlines with its introduction of a 150-inch plasma TV.

2011: Various companies introduced tablets, with Motorola’s Xoom winning the competition. Along with tablets, this year saw the introduction of 4G smartphones like the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Motorola CLIQ 2, HTC Thunderbolt, and Samsung Infuse 4G, among many others.

2014: LG introduced its webOS on the 77-inch curved OLED ultra-HD smart TV.

2018: One of the standout innovations of this year was Sony revealing Aibo’s new model.

CES 2023

The main event of the CES 2023 will begin on January 5 and end on January 8. However, prior to that, during the “media days” that began on January 3, most companies announced the news of their new products. CES has confirmed that it will have more than 3200 exhibitors from 173 countries, consisting of startups and large tech corporations. More than 4700 media houses have also registered to cover CES 2023. Managing such a huge crowd requires a large and compact space, and rightly so, it is understandable why the Las Vegas Convention Center is chosen as the venue for CES. With over 2.5 million square feet of exhibition space, the venue is regarded as one of the world’s largest convention centers. 

Can Everyone Visit The CES 2023?

Technically speaking, “NO” the CES is not open to the public for visiting and checking out the latest technological innovations. CES has laid out in its mandate that it is a “trade only” event and anyone “affiliated with the consumer technology industry” can attend it. The people who can attend can be divided into three sections: exhibitors, industry attendees, and media. Industry attendees are required to show proof of their employment in the consumer technology industry or a business card. Media attendees can show their published articles or any proof of working in the media house. The exhibitor process is handled a bit differently, and they have to go through a few stages of registration.

Prices For CES Tickets

After completing the registration process, you will be required to pay a fee for tickets if you are eligible to attend.

Digital Only Pass: This ticket costs $279 and provides access to the CES digital venue. Access all the live-streaming keynotes, digital activations, and conference sessions with this ticket.

Exhibits Plus Pass: All the contents of the digital-only pass, along with the in-person presence in the venue on the show days, can be utilized using this ticket, which costs $300.

Deluxe Conference Pass: Costing $1,275, this ticket permits you to attend over 175 sessions, partner programming, and CES Conference programming.

Wrapping Up

CES was severely hampered by COVID-19, and in 2021 the event was organized digitally. In 2022, the event even ended one day earlier due to a sharp decline in audience and exhibitors. But in 2023, the event is going to reach its full potential and get its previous glory back. Eminent tech giants like Google, LG, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, Asus, and Nvidia will be present at CES 2023, along with keynote speakers like Jeremi Gorman, President of Global Advertising (Netflix), Gary Shapiro, President and CEO (CTA), Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management (BMW), Dr. Lisa Su, Chairman and CEO (AMD), and many others.

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