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Top 7 Anime Similar To ‘Death Note’ That You Should Add To Your Watchlist

Anime has a rich library of series that offers a unique blend of action, mystery, and psychological thrillers, and “Death Note” is one of the most popular anime series in this genre. It has been loved by audiences for its captivating story and complex characters and has inspired much other anime series that are similar in theme and style. Here are the top seven anime series that are similar to Death Note:

Code Geass

One of the Most Popular Anime Series, “Code Geass” combines political drama, robot combat, and supernatural abilities. Lelouch Lamperouge, a high school student who acquires the power of Geass and can order others to do his bidding, is the main character of the novel. Lelouch wants to use his newly discovered power to destroy the oppressive Holy Britannian Empire and make the world a better place for his sister Nunnally. He meets both friends and foes, wrestles with moral challenges, and fights in epic battles with his mecha, the Knightmare Frame, along the way. The show is renowned for its intricate storyline, well-rounded cast of characters, and powerful emotional scenes.

Sword Art Online

Popular anime “Sword Art Online” is set in a futuristic society where playing virtual reality games is a common activity. The story focuses on Kirito, a talented gamer who is one of the fortunate few to gain entry into the beta testing of the eagerly awaited new game “Sword Art Online.” When the game is eventually made available, Kirito and a huge number of other players get stuck inside the virtual world and are unable to check out. The tower’s 100 floors must be cleared in order to find a way out. The action-packed fight scenes, the investigation of virtual reality and its effects on society, and the exploration of topics like love, friendship, and betrayal are all characteristics of Sword Art Online.

Death Parade

In the anime “Death Parade,” spirits are judged in a fantasy afterlife according to their conduct during this life. The narrative focuses on Decim, a judge who resolves souls as they enter his bar, Quindecim. New souls who haven’t realized they’ve passed away are introduced in each episode, and Decim has them play a game that reveals their actual selves. The pasts and feelings of the characters are revealed as the games go on, and Decim ultimately evaluates them. “Death Parade” is renowned for its original idea, controversial subjects, and examination of the human condition. Additionally, it offers striking visual aesthetics and exquisite music.

Attack On Titan

This anime series takes place in a depressing world where the Titans—giant humanoids—threaten humanity. To survive and learn the truth about their planet, the main protagonists must depend on their intelligence and abilities.


The futuristic anime “Psycho-Pass” is set in a society where each resident is under constant surveillance by a potent computer system that evaluates their mental health and predicts their chances of committing crimes. The plot follows rookie police officer Akane Tsunemori as she looks into the instances involving criminals who have committed more crimes than their “crime coefficient.” Akane must navigate a corrupt system, uncover sinister secrets, and face the effects of the Sybil System’s ruling with the help of her colleague, the mysterious Inspector Shinya Kogami. The popular television series “Psycho-Pass” is renowned for its complex characters, moral confusion, and social criticism of technology. Additionally, it boasts a distinctive cyberpunk style and a mournful soundtrack.

No Game No Life

An anime series called “No Game No Life” tells the story of Sora and Shiro, two gamers who have been named among the greatest in the world. They are taken to a place known as Disboard, where video games are used to settle disputes and humanity’s future is at stake. Other players confront Sora and Shiro, and they use their gaming expertise and strategy to win. The anime is renowned for its visually gorgeous animation, clever screenplay, and distinctive personalities of the characters. It examines issues including humanity, the nature of games, and the value of friendship.


It is a horror anime that takes place in the imaginary village of Yomiyama, which is plagued by an unexplained curse. The narrative centers on Koichi Sakakibara, a transfer student who comes to Yomiyama and starts to learn the dark truths about the town’s past. He has a relationship with Mei Misaki, a shy and odd girl who appears to be linked to the curse. Koichi and Mei are forced to deal with the town’s horrific past as well as the dreadful effects of the curse as the series goes on. “Another” is renowned for its creepy atmosphere, thrilling story, and graphic images. Additionally, it boasts an eerie soundtrack and a distinct visual aesthetic.

In conclusion, these anime series offer a similar blend of action, mystery, and psychological thrills as Death Note and are sure to satisfy fans of the genre. Whether you’re looking for a dark and brooding look at the afterlife or a lighthearted take on the genre, these anime series have something for everyone.

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